In 2009, after Obama took office, there was an awakening of conservatives, mainly Republicans, Independents and a few libertarians.  It was the birth of the tea party movement and it was populated by folks who were simply "not going to take it any more."  

We are at the stage again.  The Republicans by and large are cowards.  We see in Congress, even when Republicans had both chambers and the White House, what did they do about all the deep state corruption?  Perhaps that deficiency emboldened local politicians to follow the Congress and Senate.  Some of the Republicans in legislatures and assemblies around the country forgot why they were elected.  It's an epidemic, even, we dare to say, a REAL pandemic!

To illustrate our opinion, we can point straight to Heather Carter and Kate Brophy McGee in the AZ Senate.  Democrats love them because, even though they wear the red shirt, they are surely color blind because they vote with the blue shirts much of the time.  Always, it seems, on critical bills.

There is now going to be a pause in that structure locally.  Rep. Nancy Barto bravely gave up a safe House seat to try to knock off Carter.  Carter, the darling of the deep state on our local level, well-funded,  accusing Barto of being a career politician when she herself fits that description, suddenly conservative.  Let us repeat what we have said before at the risk of boring  you to death: money is not always enough to buy a seat in government.  Sometimes, you actually have to have morals, a belief in the Constitution and a sense of right/wrong.

Today we celebrate two election triumphs!

In LD15, Rep. Nancy Barto will become Senator Barto.  She was once a bit over the establishment top but she got over it pretty quickly.  Congratulations, Nancy!  Hit the road, Carter.  All we want to see of you again is your backside going out the door.

Another, but less obvious, triumph was the Republican win by Jerry Sheridan for Maricopa County Sheriff.  His opponent, a man he's known for many years, a man who urged him to run and he would get lots of funding that never materialized.  Joe Arpaio.  Rumored to have had quite a tiff with his wife, Ava, for running actually held a campaign event last night, the day after Election Day.  Scratching our head wondering if he was a bit late for the 2020 Primary or just getting a jump on the 2024 Primary.

We mean no disrespect for Joe for his illustrious career.  He was the best.  What he was not good at was knowing when to stop.  Congratulations, Jerry Sheridan.  Win by 10-12% to overcome the cheating that Fontes will do to keep the truly ineffective current sheriff.

Tonight and for a while, we can all sleep easier with Barto and Sheridan on the job.

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I added this to my website today

If you expect to be free and have your posterity and enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty, it is imperative you stop immediately supporting the government and its unconstitutional wars on everything. You must “just say no” to the source of your addiction. You can do so by refusing to vote for any candidate, for any office, who supports welfare, (this includes open borders) and the wars on drugs and terror. To do so will require more courage than most people possess—so don’t hold your breath.

This from Rebel Madman Home. I learned this is true. Not popular, but true.

Okay, that's all well and good. I'm sorry but all my website does is pout ( To exhibit displeasure or disappointment; sulk) problems. We need to be organizing. Get to know your neighbors. Let them know that you stand with Freedom and Liberty. And that you understand that the way the framers of 1776 made America, has not worked. And that you/we needs to come up with a better way.

We have to make Sheridan accountable to the Constitution. My last conversation with him he stated that the Trump election more important. We have to reminded him of his duty to the Constitution and our freedoms

I don't mean full blown disrespect but I often find myself shaking my head of choices made by Maricopa County LD's. Once in awhile it appears that some get it right of course that means they got it right the right fitting my right.

Sheriff Joe just didn't get that one must know "when to fold them and walk away".

Nancy Barto & her amazing spouse & supporter, Joe, are such hard working, constitutional, Godly people & very good friends.  We couldn’t be more proud for Nancy & Joe!  Well done for kicking Carter’s A$$ out of “your” office.  I’ll even offer to help Carter pack - if it will expedite her disposal - I mean removal :)!  Whew!! This was a critical win!!!   

I love Joe and wish him well but think Jerry will do a great job for Maricopa county and quite possibly bring Joe in, in some capacity. Joe would do well to stand vigorously by Jerry's side at this time.

I belonged to a networking group many years ago and we invited Joe Arpaio to speak. It was his first campaign. He was running to replace the previous Sheriff who had been there for a long time. Joe promised he would be a one-term sheriff. It's about time it ends.





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