There are times in life that things happen and you found out too late to know what went on.  This is not one of them.  Mike Lindell is holding day 1 of his Cyber Symposium and it is streaming on Rumble.  It's worth your time to send this to you friends who are curious what is being said and what will be shown later.  Aug 10-12. Lindell says he's already been attacked by the MSM but he expected that and he is in the middle of switching to their back up plan to the back up plan.  Smart man and very serious.  Take a look:

Lindell swears what he will present will "change the  world."  Could be!

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The sad reality is that if today's American sheep were around in 1776, we'd be singing "God Save the Queen" today.  Americans have totally surrendered their rights and freedom in name of this coronavirus without so much as a whimper--and this is just the start.  Things will be getting a lot worse, folks--more lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports.  Why?  Because of a virus that is far less severe than the flu?  Why?  What does that say about we a people?

I believe B. Franklin said, in effect " Those who would exchange liberty for safety deserve neither"  I think a term that was commonly used when I was young to describe cowards will do: punk.

We to this day still don't know anything about Obama's college records (their now sealed) but we can now surmise that it is he who is behind all this demise of our nation. He listened to Jeremiah Wright for 20 years in that Chicago black liberation church, and probably Sat in the classroom of  Cloward & Piven at Columbia University as well, for his actions all point to it.  It is the overwhelming of our social system and Culture. An Executive Order dated December 17 2009 by Obama ... grants full diplomatic immunity to INTERPOL, the International Criminal Police Organization. This Obama Order immunizes INTERPOL from "search and seizure," from all tax laws, from the Freedom of Information requirements, and puts INTERPOL above the jurisdiction of American Law Enforcement, American Courts, and the Constitution itself. ... and that was just the beginning !!! It was the Obama plan for "migrant invasion" was the result of a March 2014 Meeting Of The Americas in Costa Rica where the Presidents of those nations who make up the Americas, was convened to implement the flow across Mexico and INTO our nation of illegals of all nations. So today we have a President who purposefully infects America with a "COVID variant". My security is in what I can control by my personal protection, not what the government of today tells me is "good for me", for I trust but verify.  Remember what President Franklin D. Roosevelt told us "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way".

1st day great! Listen folks.

I'm doing a lot more than watching from my living room.  I'm out there, often at the rallies and protests.  I'm involved in groups, Arizona Stands United, We the People, Tea Party, anti-Mask, anti-Vax, I email Governor Ducey and offer advice, like "the Governor of Florida just signed a Bill to give vouchers to parents who want to home-school; why don't we do that in Arizona, Gov. Ducey? 

What are you doing.

The voting machines are only part of the problem. With early voting, and ballot drop boxes it is easy to stuff the ballot box with fake ballots. And, even THAT is only part of the problem. There are so many ways to cheat in our elections without getting caught. People have to start caring enough in order to change things and that caring has to constitute the majority.

Great stuff!

In the meantime, pretending nothing is wrong, I continue to get email pleas for money from Republicans all over the country, mostly "do not respond" (unless you fill out the form and donate).  They are not interested in what we think!  As I have mentioned, it is immaterial to them.  They only want our money, based on their lying approaches -- often about "standing with Trump" who they now seem to love after they helped to throw him out of office and refused to pass one single bit of his proposed legislation and other government action when they could have 2016-2018.

So...prove the fraud, reinstall Trump as the rightful occupant of the White House and form a new party which will represent those who remain as Republican voters as well as all those who left the party in disgust to re-register as "independent".

Clearly Jeff you are capable of ignoring those who make a money plea and dwindle down to candidates you have vetted so far. All have a right to try for contributions. Delete works well as an option.

Now your point of "they do not want to know what you think" one may have to resort to extra effort but worth it to get your burning issue heard.

I'm aware of my options.  My "burning issue"?  You can't find one?  Our representatives are unaware, after our election of President Trump what "our burning issues" are?  The country is burning!   ...And the congressional GOP is throwing logs on the fire.





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