REVISION:  You may know that the legislature is trying to help Fontes cheat and corrupt the elections by all mail in ballots.  Coronavirus is a convient excuse for something he has tried to get on the books for weeks.  Do you know that early ballots, whether mailed in or dropped at the polling location, is 4-6 times more likely to be miscounted or manipulated in some way.  If you care about your vote, show up at the polls on election day or at an early voting center and cast your vote by putting your ballot through the machines yourself.  No, it may not be convenient.  Voting was not about convenience, it's about Art IV, section 4: we the people have the right to elect our representatives through fair and honest elections! (paraphrase)

Since Adrian Fontes, Democrat extrordinaire, was elected as Maricopa County Recorder, there has been an undercurrent of odd, if not illegal, activities based on the whim of one man who truly believes he is "the one."  When will this willfulness stop?  Only when an honest broker is elected to run elections in Ariozna.. at all levels.

BREAKING: Former President of the corrupt Arizona Board of Regents calls for Governor and lawmakers to be shot if they don't approve all mail in ballots!  Stay tuned for this story.


Sent in by Republican Recorder candidate, Stephen Richer:
Lawsuits, angry letters, blatant violations of the law, press conferences abandoned mid-sentence, preliminary injunctions, chaos.
All of this happened Friday afternoon as a result of Adrian Fontes going rogue.
Yesterday, Fontes stated that "If it were up to me, we'd have already mailed ballots" to voters not on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL).
Perhaps an admirable idea. But...
  • The Board of Supervisors told him it was unlawful
  • The County Attorney told him it was unlawful
  • The Secretary of State told him it was unlawful
Secretary Hobbs, a Democrat, wrote to Fontes that "I want to reiterate what I communicated to you on the phone this morning... This is clearly not the law in Arizona. Apparently, sometime between that tweet and this morning, you decided it is up to you, despite the fact that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors determined otherwise."
But none of that mattered to Fontes. He ignored all of them.
That caused Attorney General Brnovich to seek a temporary restraining order in court to prohibit Fontes from breaking the law.
Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, and liberals alike criticized Fontes:
Liberal columnist Laurie Roberts (Arizona Republic) wrote: "Adrian Fontes is making up election law as he goes along. This won't end well."
Republican state legislator Warren Petersen asked "Is Fontes going rogue?"
Tom Collins, director of the Clean Elections Commission, told the Arizona Capitol Times, "To have the County Recorder ... acting out of uniformity with other counties ... and without apparent authority is not consistent with good voter education practices, let along public health practices."
But this is not the first time Fontes has pretended to play dictator and go around an inconvenient law. As the Capitol Times wrote, "Fontes is Gonna Fontes."
We cannot have elections run by somebody who has no respect for the law.
Help us fire Fontes so we have no more of this.
  • Volunteer! Join us on our weekly volunteer calls to find out how you can get involved! (reply to this email for details).
As always, thank you for your support.
-- Stephen
(We promise to continue being respectful of your email inbox. We're averaging one email every 1.5 weeks or so (this was a special one!).
Editor's note:  Early ballots are very good for one thing: manipulation.  Do you know how such manipulation is done right out in the open?  When your early ballot shows up at the recorders/elections officials tabulation rooms, they are mis-handled.  Two people of different registrations, such as on Democrat and one left leaning Independent open your ballot and check out you voted.  If there is a flaw in that ballot - an extra mark on the paper or a crimped corner or other such thing, they can re-vote your ballot to "be sure it goes through the machine."  Do you really want someone to re-vote your ballot?  What about the reports that the early ballots are not secure, that ballot envelopes were separated from their ballots, that early ballots were dumped in the hopper along with all other ballos and on and on.  If you go to the polling location and put your ballot through the machine, you have the best chance of having it counted the way you voted it.  That is the only real way to assure you ballot is counted, is counted accurately, that your ballot is counted on time and that your ballot is kep secure and not stacked in piles around the room.  
The Election Integrity Project® Arizona, LLC is the only organization that has the legal standing to ensure ballots are properly handled after it arrives at the tabulation rooms.  They recommend, and we agree, get off the early ballot.  Sure we know it's not as convienient as voting in your living room.  Decide: what is you vote worth to you?

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Time for a revolution

When the Lawmakers break the law, then there is no law.

Indeed, Gary.  The issue is they are poised to create a new law to do this. This is exactly how California got to be in the fix they are in.  When citizens complained about unlawful activites by elections officials, their Assembly just took the laws off the books and replaced them with new laws that are allowing voters to run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution.  The ballot harvesting law is a good example.





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