[See ALERT for tomorrows meeting of the Board of Supervisors meeting.  You must submit your questions before 8:00am tomorrow morning because you are not invited to attend!!]

Click HERE: BREAKING: Arizona’s Legislative Leaders Call For Audit of Maricopa County Dominion Election Software and Equipment

We will be interested to see, too, what this Board of Supervisors comes up with at this meeting:

Update: December 7, 2020 9:30am 
Board of Supervisors Informal Meeting
Following  CDC guidelines and Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-09 regarding  recommendation to limit social gatherings, no residents will be allowed  in the Board of Supervisors‘ meeting rooms.
Residents can submit comments related to the December  7, 2020, Board Informal Meeting agenda before 8am on Monday, December 7 by emailing Agenda.Comments@Maricopa.Gov or calling 602-506-3766.
Residents can watch the Board meeting live-streamed at Maricopa.Gov or Maricopa.Gov/324 when the Informal meeting begins.
Residents can also watch via GoToWebinar.com, and entering the webinar meeting ID 274-462-875.  Pre-registration may be done prior to the meeting using this link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2104129216404853264 
For  residents without a computer, dial 1 1 (562) 247-8422 on your phone,  and enter the Audio Access code 595-649-902#.  (Long distance charges  may apply.)  No PIN is needed.

AFA and others have been calling on legislative leadership to hold a HEARING at the Capitol to discuss, interview and consider the facts from the Nov 3, 2020 election in Arizona, particularly in Maricopa County.  So far, crickets.

Suddenly, Speaker of the House, Rusty Bowers, has decided to take a peek at the wealth of testimony surrounding the election (Senate President, Karen Fann, is in favor of this hearing).  Did someone take Bowers out behind the woodshed to have a Come to Jesus discussion?  Did the guv give him orders as to how to conduct this hearing?  Will it be an honest effort to get all the facts on the table, HOPEFULLY UNDER OATH?  Will Adrian Fontes be interviewed under oath?

Hopefully, you saw the press conference a couple of days ago where Gov Ducey was willful, on the defensive and looked like he was constipated, totally stuck with a load of lies and resistance.  The Governor and the Speaker and EVERY other elected official serves US, THE CITIZENS!  It's  a sorry situation that Bowers and Ducey have no understanding of that concept and neither should be in elected office... in our considered opinion.

So let's see what actually happens with this new meeting aka hearing or whatever Ducey wants to call it!!


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Ducey is a RINO and the rest of his round robin circle of ass kissers are like him.  He rushed to sign off on the Certification, but then again, like Kemp in Georgia and Wolf in Pennsylvania and the odd fellow DemonRats in Wisconsin and Michigan and Nevada - he takes his orders from dominion, the Chinese and the Corporate swine.  I suggest that many illegal ballots were manufactured in the confines of a number of the Schools that were shut down and not being used to teach our children.  I noticed that during the height of this man made hoax, any number of school Teacher Parking Lots had 50 to 75 cars in them.  WHY?  And, Ducey is kissing the backside of the Teacher Unions.  Quid Pro Quo?

What happened to the Open Meeting Law!?  Arizona Revised Statutes  Title 38, Section 431, et.seq.  Pretend-Republican Brnovich's opinion [published by AZ Capitol Times] on Open Meetings during the Covid-19 smokescreen state of emergency gives the BoS the greenlight to ban We, the People from their public meeting!  [Interesting that the notice equates the meeting with a "social gathering!"]  Letting the legislature pass "laws" allowing public bodies to liberally use electronic means to conduct their meetings, has metamorphosed into insulating those bodies against the citizens they are supposed to serve; circumventing the organic intent of the Open Meeting Law! . . .

McCain protege, Ducey, has usurped power from the beginning of his tenure occupying the governorship of our Great State!  [State Superintendent's Chief of Staff legitimately fired two employees and Emperor Ducey usurped judicial power to decree them reinstated, with his oath of office still dancing in the air!]  His tyrant's nature has repeatedly been displayed in various acts clearly evidencing his kinship with his mentor, John McCain.  This is the latest example of just whom We, the People have accepted to run the Executive Department of our state government...

Ducey, Hobbs, Brnovich, Bowers, and Fann have shown their true colors, from Ducey's Covid state of emergency to the blatant and brazen attempt to steal the election for the deep state and one world government; tyrants one and all!  The first three state officers, along with the county supervisors, certified obviously fraudulent election results.

Bowers' call for a forensic audit smells bad!  It may appear to be good news, but, looks more like part of a plan to deflect attention from the Constitutional mandate to state legislatures to direct the selection of presidential electors, as he and Fann stall as long as possible with time-consuming busy work.

Further hearings are uncalled for before a quorum of the legislature meets to select the electors!  They must perform their Constitutional duty now!  Pursue the specifics of the fraud separately!  The enemy is deliberately running out the clock; we can't let them get away it!  The Future of the American Republic depends on it!  The Future of the World depends on the American Republic's survival!

You are right on target, Itasca.  This is simply a stalling tactic and they have no real intent to do anything.  Money and power talk and both have been spent to keep these people in power.  We will be urging our House members to vote for Mark Finchem for Speaker when the session convenes in January.  Bowers has a flaw in his "moral" DNA

The Patriots and others need to be reminded that Article 1, Section 4 and Article 2, Section 1 and 2 - gives the Legislature of each State the sole authority to conduct and determine the outcome of elections that involve Federal Offices.  Not the Gov, or the SOS, or the County Boards, or the Election Departments, etc - JUST THE LEGISLATURES.  Federal Elections are NOT like State and Local elections and as such - the Legislature has a Federal Constitutional duty to act - and the Arizona Legislature and its Patriotic Legislator's MUST not evade the responsibility of performing their Duty to the role they play in the election of Federal Offices, i.e, President and Vice President.  The fact that the leadership of the Arizona Legislature is playing patty cake with this serious election fraud - is reprehensible.  Bowers should be removed for incompetence and Ducey, the SOS, the AG and the County Boards of Supervisors MUST be told to shut up and sit down.  They play NO Federal constitutional role in this matter and if they continue their obstruction, then it is the Duty and the Obligation of WE THE PEOPLE to RECALL THEM FOR THEIR BLATANT OBSTRUCTION.  SCOTUS will be and is on OUR side.  I suggest that Bowers be commanded by We the People to convene an Emergency Session of the Legislature (simple majority required) to address the fraudulent Certification given by the RINO Gov. and his communist SOS.  It is fully within the authority of the Legislature - and they would agree, if a few of them were capable of reading the Federal Constitution and developed a spine.  If they don't, a Government wide RECALL is in order.  If these Legislator's don't do what is right in the face of abject fraud - then the message they are sending is one that reinforces their desire to kiss the butts of the demonRats and RINO's and their Deep State masters.  WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN.  May God have Mercey on their souls.  Amen.





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