[Editor:  Perhaps you got an email message from one William Heuisler making untrue statements about U.S. Senate candidate, Alex Meluskey.  Our AFA team has researched every candidate in that race and some of our team members have personal knowledge regarding the mail piece included in that message because it was sent in their district and they got it.  AFA addressed that at the time and actually got the true story from several recipients of the mail piece and we met with Meluskey - who was not running for anything at the time except PC - as to how that mail piece came to be sent.  We confirmed with others involved to verify the story we got from Meluskey in 2014.  One of our team members also contacted the election department as to whether there was a violation and it was dismissed.  Our team can assure everyone that there is nothing to this.  That letter full of lies and distortions is the very reason Republicans are fed up with this kind of campaigning and yellow reporting.]

Here is the Meluskey response: 

Dear friends, supporters and dignitaries:


I usually make it a strong habit to ignore internet trolls and their lies, but since more than a few of you on this email sent this to me to be sure I saw it, I wanted to take a brief moment to reply clearly to the inane and libelous rantings. 

I offer my apologies for bothering you with such nonsense, but since we all understand that even unfounded lies can do damage, it is best to nip them in the bud and then be done and satisfied with the matter.


It is regrettable Kelli Ward, her husband and their supporters take to social media and email with personal attacks, lies, innuendo, obfuscation, slander, libel, and gossip rather than sticking to substantive issues. Nevertheless, such do require serious rebuttal from time-to-time.


Allow me to briefly reply to these accusations, if they can even be called that.

First, that I, my business, or perhaps my campaign has done anything illegal.  Ludicrous. There are more than enough government regulatory oversight entities to address any legitimate violations if they occur at all. In this particular charge, they have not.


The single document provided as an alleged illegal activity was nothing but a paid print job by my company.  All logos and names used were in control of and compliance rests with the client.  The charge of any illegal misdeeds is libelous and false.  Notice is hereby given that anyone who further persists in spreading such lies may be brought to court for their actions.


Second, that I or anyone associated with my campaign or business is being paid for by McCain is also ludicrous, libelous and a downright malicious lie. My donations to my campaign are my personal life savings. Kelli has also donated her own money to her campaign. So have Trump and Cruz and pretty much anyone who has ever run for any office.  That is a non story.

Why am I spending my savings?  Because, I so strongly believe our country is standing on the verge of either great reform or impending disaster, I could not stand by living a comfortable life while my nation and the future of my children’s nation was in such jeopardy. It is put up or shut up.

Third, that my campaign staff or supporters are establishment insiders.  Do these Ward liars not know how to use Google very well? My Campaign Manager has indeed worked on five Presidential Campaigns, and far too many other national and federal campaigns to even count, but did they bother to look up the persons for whom he worked and his titles?

National Political Director for Ron Paul 2008:  Who was Ron Paul running against in 2008? Oh, that’s right, John McCain.

National Operations Director for Alan Keyes 2000.  Are Alan Keyes and Ron Paul establishment insiders?  Does anyone believe this lie?  

He is also a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and a renowned conservative documentary filmmaker whose film “UnFair: Exposing the IRS” was released in 700 theaters nationwide last year. 


How did I meet such an establishment insider?  I was the state theater captain leader for his movie!  He came through Arizona two years ago while filming the IRS abuses for his documentary, we met and discussed the importance of this race.  At the time I had no idea the criteria we discussed for the candidate we needed to recruit to defeat John McCain in “the year of the outsider” would end up being me.

You can check out his movie or book on Amazon and see for yourself.  http://www.amazon.com/UnFair-Exposing-IRS-Craig-Bergman/dp/1939447593



In addition to Craig and his experience, I have a former Reagan Whitehouse staffer in Washington D.C. who is advising my campaign, along with several well known and influential Arizona activists locally.


Lastly, the ridiculous charges that I am not a conservative at all, or I am dropping out of the race, or somehow joined the Tea Party, the Republican Assemblies, or ran for Precinct Committeeman as part of some secret plan to thwart the conservative movement as a whole.


I am the State Director of the Fair Tax.  I am on the board or a member of several prominent national conservative organizations. I am the only 100% full spectrum conservative in this race.  Unapologetic on the three legged stool of the Reagan Platform:  Social Issues, Fiscal Issues and Strong National Defense.


My slogan of Principles not Politics is all the more self-evident when we consider these wicked, selfish and misleading attacks in the context of the real world consequences of the bills actually written by Kelli Ward.  A despicable record she no doubt loathes to defend—instead resorting to these debase less tactics of the establishment.  “You shall know them by their fruits”.

Thanks to the efforts of Kelli Ward, who was the primary author of the bill in the Arizona Senate stripping the power and authority away from Diane Douglas; powers that may have prevented the introduction of liberal sex education standards to children as young as kindergarten. This serves as a reminder that this is a serious election with serious and long-term consequences.


There is no place or time to engage in or support candidates who engage in such contemptible politics. I strongly condemn the malicious lies spread by Kelli and Michael Ward and their supporters or any other liars.


McCain does not fund me.  My staffers are long-standing proven conservatives and national leaders. I raised all my donations legally. I am a 100% true Reagan conservative and the only candidate with deep, detailed, and articulate positions covering every issue in the Republican party platform. I was the first filed candidate for this office.  Kelli Ward filed months later. She is the spoiler. Lastly, I am not dropping out of this race because I refuse to trade the old establishment for a new one. 

These are serious times for serious people. The Ward campaign has proven that it is not a serious campaign of issues, but an unprofessional gathering of disreputable liars.

Most sincerely & respectfully,

 Your humble servant,

Alex Meluskey

The Principled Conservative Candidate for US Senate

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Absolutely.  The video of her Education Committee last year where she makes false statements and is confronted about them.  There are screen shots that demonstrate her prevarications as well as documented subsequent testimony that clearly outlined that she was misleading the public and her fellow senators.

The false charges against Alex is consistent with the modus operandi of the Ward clan.  Arizona would be ill-served if she did win, as we would be subjected to McCain tactics by a person half his age.  Ramp it up, Alex and take her out of this race so she can return to her medical profession in the hinterlands. 

Ben F,

This old windbag applauds your courage to criticize someone anonymously - three times in a row! Your inability to look things up when given the sources is pathetic and your knowledge of me could well be painfully inadequate when we meet. Grow a pair of stones and use your name... or just be quiet and stop embarrassing yourself.

Bill Heuisler - 5264 N. Placita Del Pensador, Tucson AZ - 520-403-2939 

William and Ben F: no one is censored on this site so long as they follow the very few rules we have posted on our Home Page.  We also have a policy about attacks on other conservatives. It serves no purpose.  There are many sites that encourage food fights.  We are not one of them.  Please cooperate with that rule.  Thank you.

Wait a minute, DO YOU HAVE PROOF TO BACK UP YOUR ASSERTION THAT MELUSKEY WAS A PENNILESS PRINTER??  This is twice you have been asked to back up your charge and you have not provided the proof.  There is an old saying "Put up or shut up" that may be applicable in this case.

You are the one who has made an ad hominem attack without sourcing it. 

As to your last pathetic statement, the last time I checked, you have no authority to tell others to be quiet.  I do agree with your definition of whom you are.  It was not necessary as it was obvious, but it is good that you are aware of it.

I stand 100% with Alex Melusky. His principles and intentions are

those we need in our friends and our elected officials. I am proud

to call Alex and Roberta my friends. I consider any slanderous

remarks made against Alex an insult against me and against all

true conservatives who are fighting corruption in government. We,

who are fighting against dirty politics,surely recognize when the lies

are circulated in an attempt to change our focus away from the bad

records of the opposition. Remember Alex as one who wishes to

"Take the High Road".

Most sincerely,

Elizabeth Shoemaker

Ms. Shoemaker,

I respect your opinions and encourage you to take your case of Slander/Libel against Meluskey to a good attorney. The first thing he will do is research (which you have obviously not done). Ask the Toschiks in Precinct 59 BRONCO about Meluskey's High Road.

Best wishes, Bill Heuisler

Printed accusations of "fraudulent" actions by a citizen who was not a "public" figure has been declared libel in many cases.  Bye for now.  Keeping up your very biased personal attacks may backfire to the detriment of Ms. Ward.

Elizabeth and William:  this is one of the most curious threads I have seen in a while.  Clearly, Meluskey has a lot of support but, William, you did get me to wondering about the Toschiks and the fraud you say was committed, twice. It does answer that in the Meluskey post, he accepted a job to print from a customer and he printed it.  I do not see that any printer is required to do legal research before they print a job.  It seems you are asking more than any court would consider "reasonable."  I do know a number of people who live in Meluskey's district and I eventually found one familiar with what I believe you refer to.  It was widely known throughout the PC system because of one or two existing female PCs who were trying to purge conservatives.  Neither Meluskey nor his wife were PCs so I am told.  Since I do not know anyone named Toschik, I relied on my good friends to inform me.  What you call "fraud" is a stretch because one has to prove intent.  That is unproven but not unaddressed at the time.  Slander is a very strong word, nearly impossible to prove in court but very easy to throw around.

What I don't understand is why you are so intent in maligning Meluskey.  And for the record, I did go to the FEC to find out about filings and Meluskey did, for certain, file well before Ward.

Mr. Goat,

You have obviously not read My Report, '"Will Meluskey's "Principles" re-elect John McCain'". Had you taken the time you would have found the Election Laws broken by Alexander Meluskey and the copy of the Meluskey "Voter's Guide" as prima facie evidence.

There is no doubt of Meluskey's authorship of the Guide. He admitted it, AFA admitted it, and he apologized for it at a Precinct meeting. As to his alleged wealth, Corporation Commission Records in New Jersey and in Arizona - along with his State authorization for Fair Tax fund raising in New Jersey and business records from Pennington, N,J,. all show him to be of only modest means. Widely known in the PC system? Edward Toschik told me he was surprised when he lost his PC position in 59 Bronco.

Please take the time to read the Report and revisit your understandings of Fraud. Slander is easy to show in court (it involves deliberate untruths) and I look forward to the charge by you or Meleskey.

Bill Heuisler  

Mr. Heuisler: You have insulted my goat.  My last name is Taylor.  And I was sent a copy of your letter but found it very convoluted and somewhat desparate.  There may be no doubt in the mind that is closed but what I was told is exactly what has been said here several times by others I do not know.  Which is what makes this such a curious thread.  You are one of those people Reagan spoke of: "the trouble with some people is they know so much that isn't so."  I do know what fraud is, thank you.  I also know that this is an individual citizen and it's clear the elections officials declined to find fault.  Which makes me wonder: what is this really about?  This is much ado about very little and no fraudulent intent it seems.  What is obvious to you - based on your first 7 words - is not obvious at all nor is it true.  But I find this circular discussion to be of no value.  So I will leave it at that.

Mr. Taylor,

This discussion is about the character of Mr. Alexander Meluskey. Let's keep it simple for you.

Meluskey and PT Burton of Robert Morris Group collected money for an event that failed to occur. They failed to return the Republicans' money. Next, Mr. Meluskey distributed a false PC Slate to Precinct 59 BRONCO instructing voters to "Please vote for all 14" when he knew there were actually 16 candidates (including the Conservative Edward and ChristineToschik).  [Editor: There is no proof Meluskey was involved with an event with PT Burton.  Burton alone did abscond with other people's money. Printing a flyer of a slate of PCs is not illegal. if it were, the courts would be over loaded as this is common practice. Further, our team member contacted Mr. Toschik since you have started to circulate your letter and he has no idea what this is about and is not upset about the printed slate.  "It is no big deal," he said.  The Toschiks are currently PCs in their precinct.] 

This is "really about" who we Republicans want to elect to replace the treacherous John McCain. 



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