We reckon the dems figured the cheated would cry and wail for a while over the steal and then go back to sleep.  If so, they were wildly mistaken.  This topic will be Topic #1 until 2022 and 2024 and no matter how many "variants" of C-19 they dream up, that won't change.

There are video's from Election Integrity Virtual Conference hosted by Regent University Dean Michelle Bachman and there are very informative video speeches from Peter Navarro, Dr. Ben Carson, John Fund, the Gateway Pundits guys, Mark Steyn and other high profile hosts.  You will be familiar info but also some info you have not heard before.  This is important because it flows into other info to give us a peek of the hidden activities of the biggest corporations in the world that came together in 2017 to ensure Trump would not have a second term!

Mark this page in your browser because this is like a scintillating book you can't put down!

Click HERE to get started.

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The cabal steal is fresh in my mind and confident it will still be for 2022 and 2024.

As I said to Glenn, the recent performance of the American voter leaves me less than encouraged about this.

They count on us having short, or diverted, memories. Election fraud was & will remain the #1 issue. They will try to destroy our collective memories about this, using Communistic tactics such as creating other man made disasters, such as immigration, gun rights, etc. We know what the common denominator is to save our system of govt.; we will not be distracted.

Hi  Glenn,  Yes the fascist will do as you said. No  we will not forget.

I hope you are right--but the American electorate historically has a very short memory and retention.  And the moral standards of that electorate has been in steady decline for years (e.g., tolerating abortion and electing an adulterer {Bill Clinton} president in 1992).

So, what is being done to get rid of the Dominion voting machines in our state?? I have contacted our state senator and representative, just gave me the run around! Don't know if that will solve the problem, but it is a start....

They do have a contract with Dominion I suggest they take to loss and payoff the contract. Seems a simple problem to solve. Lesson learned.

Try contacting your district Board of Supervisor with that Question.  Senate President Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Peterson.  You MIGHT get one of them to answer you but they mostly forget they are REPRESENTATIVES who only represent themselves and their best interest.  Good luck!





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