My, my.  The 2020 Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) annual meeting is in the can.  That is the best we can say.  The dust-up continues.   The meeting yesterday, comprised of nearly 1000 actual precinct committeemen,  had over 500 proxies.  This is an important meeting for Republicans everywhere because Maricopa county is the 4th largest in the country.  This meeting needed to shine in this critical election year and PCs needed to show up!

To start the day, we were stunned to learn that Senate candidate, Daniel McCarthy, arrived to set up the table he had purchased.  His staff got the table number but could not find the table assigned to that campaign.  Candidate tables were set up all together in a very wide area at the main entrance (there are several entrances to that church) and this one was immediately off a small parking lot. It was also where the food trucks would park for lunch and where most everyone congregated.   There were also three tables set up in the actual parking lot, where cars were parking.  That is where the McCarthy campaign found their table... off in hinterland, away from the madding crowd.

Perhaps a lesser candidate would shake out a heavy sigh and set up at the assigned table.  Not so for the McCarthy campaign.  Interested onlookers waited to see what would happen.  A well deserved howl went up against the organizers who then conveniently found a spot front and center in the area with all other candidates.  

Despite the hew and cries of hordes of precinct committeemen, unelected Sen. McSally was given special guest speaker status.  Our interviewer could not find anyone who thought the short speech she gave was worth the angst that developed over favoritism.  McCarthy was roundly ignored by the committee chair.  One PC declared Gov Ducey had demanded this violation of protocol, a tradition within the Republican party in Arizona...and other states, as well..

That set the stage for the rest of the day.  Volunteers assembled at 6am to gather signatures to get three resolutions on the agenda... resolutions like NO RED FLAG (gun grabbing without due process), No more Refugees by any name and a comeuppance against ABOR (Arizona Board of Regents) that rules over colleges and universities in Arizona and gives tuition discounts to DACA but not to American kids.  These three issues are heartfelt issues for our Governor, Doug Ducey.  He wants those.  He expects the legislature to give them to him.  He wants no flack from the rank and file tiny PC.  This is going on in the State Republican Committee leadership as well.  Both the state and county party leaders caved to Ducey and gave the back of the hand to the PCs who do all the work as volunteers!

MCRC Chairman, Rae Chornenky, ran a very slipshod meeting.  Much stalling to keep from getting to any of the resolutions.  Dithering in epic proportions - "off the railsl" said one PC.  Silly nonsense commentary from the podium as though this was the meeting of the Maricopa County Flower Club.  The woman in charge of the balloting, Diane,  took 20 minutes to instruct PCs who have voted for years how to vote and how expensive (.18¢ per copy, repeated ad nauseum) the paper ballots were.  Everyone seemed to know what she was doing and why.

It worked!  Between the dithering early in the day, useless commentary, the excruciating McSally speech, downtime and the length of time it took for three votes and over two hours to elect five Members-at-large on the Board... time conveniently ran out.  Chornenky had too few counting machines to quickly expedite the results.  It was after 4:00pm when the meeting adjourned.  PCs arrived as early as 7am to credential in.    Some of them told us they had to get up at 3:30am to drive over an hour to get to the location.  And all that was accomplished, that we could see, was the election of five  members-at-large for the Board.

If that was the only agenda item going to be allowed. it seems to us they could have voted online for these candidates and saved $1000s on the meeting.  

Stand by.  We will see a repeat of this on January 25 since it's been made clear that Ducey is running the state meeting his way behind the scenes.  What Arizona needs is a right-minded governor and people with true convictions to run for leadership in the Republican party before it's too late.

This is a critical election year!.  Republicans are stuck with bad or incompetent leadership.

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AFA we who are constitutional conservatives who registered as R's believing we could make a difference in our county and state GOP's sadly seems an impossibility. Feeling hoodwinked and disillusioned I now now transforming to "mad as hell" and yes "not going to take the blue dog establishments blue dog crap anymore". These people do not own our vote and not deserving of our allegiance.

  • Demand Daniel McCarthy AZ U.S. Senator and primary McSally
  • Work to make your county a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, contact, 

    Contact Drake Mitchell at (928) 451-1697 or via email at

  • So NO to Blue Dog Ducy's Red Flag Law. Let your LD and CD reps understand what such a vote for means to their career

The State GOP mtg will be a lively one for sure. We need to stand our ground.

If McSally is given the stage to speak demand Daniel. Let your demand ring loudly.

It is not conservatives of AZ who are the problem instead it is the manipulating blue dogs of the R establishment they are the dividers in chiefs aka members of the ever expanding R swamp. 

I worked as a volunteer for Wards U.S. Senate bid. I encouraged her to run for AZGOP Chair and voted for her. Chair Ward you have broken our trust in you. Get a grip and recognize who put you in to ofc and abandon the R swamp --- we of the right are NOT embarrassment to the party, the R party owns that legacy. The handling around the resolution committee proves my points. 

Ducey is corrupt.  In the meantime I receive all these emails telling me how great he's doing.  I'm guessing he's campaigning to keep his job.  I think he's eyeing the Presidency. 

Do not forget about the Resolutions that Russell Pearce tried to get through which were denied by Kelli Ward.. The most important one, in my opinion, was in support of traditional family values. This was on the MCRC Briefs yesterday:

1. RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF GODS PLAN OF TWO GENDERS * Kelli's Concern: more than half of GOP primary voters in AZ support gay rights; this would put the party out of touch with our own voters. (From Russel Pearce: So now God's plan is inflammatory and divisive in our party)". My comment was show me the data that supports this Kelli. The Republican platform supports traditional family values and is pro-life. Why would she oppose such a resolution??

Did you know according to this study that only 4.5% of Arizonans identify as LGBTQ+: I personally feel that protecting ALL God-given rights of Arizonans is what the Republican party should be promoting. The vast majority identify with their biological sex and it is the platform of the Republican Party to support traditional family values.

Correct, Jennifer.  NO Resolutions were heard, including the three the governor DID NOT WANT to be heard that PCs pushed onto the Resolutions list on Saturday.  None. Period.   To be clear for those who are not precinct committeemen, resolutions are mostly vanity issues and in fact, are mostly meaningless in terms of having any power.  But... we still remember what happened when a resolution to censure John McCain was passed.  All hell broke out in the media!  That is the principle reason resolutions have any impact and that is exactly what Ducey was afraid of!  And by the way, on your stat on LGBTQRVYZ... (the dems have identified 57 genders!) that higher percentage pertains to our larger cities like Phoenix and Tucson.  In most of the "bedroom" communities, it runs to about 2.5%.

Nice descriptive article  and very accurate except for one technical issue. From what I had read about the resolution condemning ARBOR that "special category" of discounted tuition rate applies to ANY person graduating from an Arizona High School and has been a resident of this state for a certain time period (I forget what that number is) is eligible for the discounted tuition. This would include any and all ILLEGAL ALIENS regardless of their their being a DACA recipient or not.

I believe AFA is right. It's why there is so much animosity against ABOR now.  DACA gets preference on tuition over OUT of STATE American students. They are from OUT OF COUNTRY.  That detail should be in the article but DACA is  treated better than our kids.  When my granddaughter comes to go to school here to be near family, she will pay more than DACA kids from anywhere.  "Arizona regents make discounted DACA tuition rate available to more students.  The Arizona Board of Regents on Thursday unanimously voted to expand access to a tuition rate paid by immigrants who are living in the country illegally but graduated from Arizona high schools (wherever they live now)."  aug 2019

Glenn, You are right to think of the results of unrestrained proxies as s*** on the floor. I also think of it as a need to restrain ballot harvesting. In my county GOP I refer to one harvester as the proxy queen. When unrestrained the establishment R's, the RINO's or if you will the Blue Dog Republicans by hook, crook or cunning intention put true constitutional conservatives to the sidelines.

A very lively exchange occurred at a recent county meeting where a bylaw change would result in limiting proxy's to two. The meeting had no real control by the Chair. The meeting was eventually  closed. Incompetence to control or intentional lack of asserting control. I'm thinking the latter.





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