Next Up, Vaccine Resistant COVID Lambda Variant From Central and South America, The 2022 Mid-Term Lock-down and Mail-In Ballot Variant

Old COVID narrative = A “Delta Variant” transmissible regardless of vaccinated status, but presumably with the vaccine you won’t get as sick… or so they say.  However, not content with the vaccine results so far….

…Now we get the new COVID narrative – A “Lambda Variant” that is not only infectious and transmissible regardless of vaccinated status (just like Delta), but the Lambda Variant is also resistant to any antiviral immunity, meaning the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t work against it.

New York Post – As the US struggles to suppress the rapidly advancing coronavirus Delta variant, new evidence has emerged that the latest Lambda mutation — ravaging parts of South America — won’t be slowed by vaccines.

In a July 28 report appearing on bioRxiv, where the study awaits peer review prior to getting published, researchers in Japan are sounding the alarm on the C.37 variant, dubbed Lambda. And it’s proven just as virulent as Delta thanks to a similar mutation making them even more contagious.

Editor's note: it's up to we the people to RESIST yet another all mail in ballot which is what this is really about. States around the country are, like Arizona, preparing to tighten the election laws to prevent cheating for in-person day of election voting. Some states are also tigtening mail in ballot voting. Some are considering banning ballot harvesting now that the Supremes ruled it's illegal. Whatever, the issue is that the dems will find a way to co-opt another election. In our opinion.

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We don't just need to tighten voting regulations and laws. I'm actually for a national voting regulation, which would mandate paper ballots and election day voting only. Mail in ballots would need to be requested 45 days prior and returned by the Monday before. Only those traveling out of their state or in another country could request them. The fraud has been going on for far too long. In 2008, people in Texas bragged of their voting multiple times at different locations.

They are laying the ground work.

After watching Mike Lindell's symposium, there is not a doubt in my mind that the 2020 election was  fraudulent , rigged, stolen, and definitely treasonous! The RINO Governors and Secretaries of State that certified this fiasco, need to be ousted from office and sent to prison, to await their trials for treason. A great place to start would be our own once great state of Arizona! Arizonan's may not be able to clean up the entire nation, but we sure can start by cleaning up our own mess at home, by force if necessary! The McCain Machine needs to finally be silenced! 





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