It's not always easy to find the real message behind the pretty face or nice sounding statements.  There are usually key words to look out for.  If you see a message from a Republican that is often used by the democrats, be suspicious.  We are suspicious of this phrase: "white nationalists."  What is the real definition of this phrase?  Let's break that down: nationalist =  "a member of a political group advocating or fighting for national independence, a strong national government, etc."  What is a "national government?  According to "devoted to one's own nation, its interests, etc.; patriotic"  Sounds good, yes?  Not so fast!  The democrats are famous for re-defining everyday words.  We can start with "gay" that no longer means a happy, carefree person.  Use that word to describe your happy friend and then duck and cover... there may or may not be a shoe incoming!

It is with that in mind that we take YUGE exception to this action by Sen. McSally and one more reason rational Republicans will not show up to vote for her.  While on the surface, it seems like a rational thing to do.  But remember what we started with.... the real definition of nationalism.  We should be embracing that concept instead of letting democrats get away with redefining the word.

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Sen. McSally Working on Legislation to Make Domestic Terrorism a Federal Crime

Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona is drafting legislation that if passed, would make domestic terrorism a federal crime. The republican’s hope is that this bill will help to prevent future mass shootings in America.

“If you were supporting ISIS, we would take you up on that charge. But we don’t have that unique domestic terrorism charge,” she said on Thursday. “It’ll give (prosecutors) more tools, for sure, for them to not have to be creative about bringing them up on other crimes.”

According to the discussion draft, it would become a federal crime to commit a vicious crime, “with the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or influence, affect, or retaliate against the policy or conduct of a government.”

“We should not tolerate white nationalism. We shouldn’t tolerate racial violent ideology. We should all stand together on that,” McSally said. “We should look for ways on how we can ensure that people who are violent, people who are mentally unstable or have terrorist ideology, do not get access to deadly weapons.”

The senator believes that even though the two political parties are constantly clashing due to different points of view, that they will both back this bill to come together against gun violence.

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Yep, McSally is a failure, besides murder is already on the books.  She's a control freak.

For all those in Rio Linda. Genesis Chapter 10-Table of Nations, Genesis Chapter 11-Nationalism and Patriotism which God Demanded in the Old Testament-Demand Daniel McCarthy, thanks

Yes time to primary McSally. Demand Daniel. McCarthy is NOT a polished politician I think of him as a diamond in the rough. He has not hit his stride in speaking but he will grow into that must.

I have to admit, she had me fooled for a short time but when I thought about  her always going on about

her military record (her only accomplishment) past, another Mc shame we DON'T need!

Let's face it. When she abdicated challenging the situation that happened in the 2018 general (I heard judicial watch was wanting to challenge that for her) we knew something was up.  Despite the waltz around the issue, we knew Ducey would appoint her... McCain candidates always get priority.  BTW, "white nationalists" means YOU/US/ME   WE are the target of that legislation.

Another phrase of which to be aware is "common sense".  Very leftist and used often.  Rarely is their solution either common or makes sense when carefully examined.  Altering the meanings of words has been part of the Left/Socialist/Communist operating basis for well over a century..

And always remember, guns are inanimate objects which do not act of their own accord.  To blame the gun is speak utter nonsense.

This is very bad legislation. There is no definition of "domestic terrorism" so the government can determine solely on their own what that means.  This legislation also takes discretion out of the hands of the judges and makes mandatory prison sentences.  I thought the "judicial reform' was going in the other direction.

There is nothing in this legislation that would stop any future, or past, acts of violence. Nothing in this is a deterrent to anyone bent on causing mayhem.  

More government we don't need.  Thanks for nothing Martha.

The people that are espousing terror and encouraging it are already breaking the law. Many if not all of the purveyors of death that have been at the center of mass killing in the past have shown their stripes and been ignored by the people whose job it was to intervene and stop this before it happened. Like what happened at World Trade Center in the 90's the agencies tasked with stopping it became co-conspirators and made it a deadly event when it could have ended with no death or destruction at the end of the day. We still have no solid count on the guns turned loose on Mexico and the USA by the DOJ in Fast and Furious operation and there are deaths on both sides of the border, guns still surfacing to this day. Our problem lies with the agencies trying to steer the agenda and create incidents which get them more power and money to prevent what they themselves have caused and participated in to get that power and money. Why do they never propose a law that punishes those DOJ personal that get involved in these schemes. It was proven that one of guys they tried to prosecute was a whistle blower and working for them at their order to make a real bomb instead of a phony that would have caused no death or destruction. He kept recording of their orders or he would be in prison or dead now, why aren't they in prison? How many of the shooting incidents are the same? These guys in the FBI and DOJ that worked for the Clinton Bush and Obama administrations have no compunction about putting our lives on the line to get what they want such as the Patriot Act and the gun control laws they are continually proposing after one of these shooting incidents.

My point in the above rant is that we should not be voting for any of the McCain/McDucey/McSally's of this world if their answer to everything that is wrong is restriction on our rights. The primary problems in this country and across the world is government intervention and interference in the lives of the people. Miseducation and indoctrination by the government and those who want us to worship it and them instead of God are the root of the problems. Let us never again elect one of these by what ever name, or party, they go by.

Precisely what I've spoken to here.  WHEN WILL THOSE ROGUE FBI PEOPLE BE ARRESTED?  CHARGED?  I had hoped Barr would act, but that seems a failed hope.  The Clintons?  So many others.  All walking free and uncharged.

Eric, I have always side. and so have others, don't hold your breath, gee we would have long ago turned blue and died already. One thing for sure is that the powers to be will protect their own. Hope Barr proves me wrong but I a thinking not. I think whatever nuggets come from the AG will contain ingredients for the dems to save face. 

One of my rules is to always question the fav candidate the RNC and the elite r's pushed for candidate.

Patricia, I rather think you're much closer to reality than I.   I keep hoping that Trump will push a bit harder.  (I also believe in fairy tales! LOL)





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