The recalcitrant Maricopa Board of Supervisors are apparently, to the occasional onlooker, to be mired in controversy.  Why?  We can only suspect they are worried about having to cough up routers and voting logs to the Audit team, which they have refused, so far, to do.  This is under subpoena that requires them to do so.  The AZ Senate will likely have to strong arm them in court again to comply.  Think about the money they are robbing from the taxpayers by their stubborn behavior.  Sooner or later, they will be compelled to hand over the rest of the voting information and equipment.  Maybe they are making plans to leave the country to go to a safe haven??  Anything is possible in this climate of theft, fear, corruption and... we can go on, but won't!

At this point, the hand counts and ballot inspections are done and ready to put in the report.  It's possible we will get that report publicly soon.  In this context, "soon" means weeks from now.  Knowing they will be sued again, the Senate has to be certain they have complied with every iota of the statutes, dotted every i and done everything possible to be sure their report is accurate, complete and to quote a famous car commercial, "has everything they need and nothing they don't!"

But here's the thing we all must embrace: there is nothing in legal documents,  including the Constitution so far as we can determine, to overturn the certification of the electors Gov McDucey so quickly performed.  The same will be true in every state that Audits their 2020 election.  Do not hold out false hope that the election will be overturned no matter the audit report.  And remember this: the Senate has always said that is not their intent but is their intent to close holes in our integrity of elections.  Period.  No August inauguration for Pres. Trump.  Just sayin'.

In the meantime, the AZ BoS are probably in a death spiral of fear waiting for the other shoe to drop.  A life of crime doesn't seem to fit them well!

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 RED 2022 Remove Every Democrat  2022.

  They will  steal it again ..

DNC the party of voter fraud,,

Wake Up Arizona!!!

Arrest Katie Hobbs Now!!

 Arizona elections will never be legit until Katie Hobbs is in Jail ..

AFA's "Do not hold out false hope that the election will be overturned no matter the audit report." sounds more like 'don't hold any hope that the election results will be overturned.' 

Why do you have to call it "false", AFA?  I'm sure a number of people got demoralized when they read that.  You make it sound futile.  That wasn't your intention, I'm sure.  Just letting you know so you'll be more careful with your words.

BTW, my God says there's ALWAYS hope ....... because He IS our hope.  There is never a time or circumstance when or where He cannot act and open a Way ...... whether it be a Red Sea or a seemingly immovable Governor.  God Creates Ways. 

Please read the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence written over 240 years ago. Our Founding Fathers had a plan B. We don't need them to overturn the election. We don't need the Supreme Court to  resolve the problem. We don't need Congress, the Justice Department, or the White house to make our bed for us. "Silence in the face of Evil is itself Evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to ACT if to ACT." Detrich Bonhoeffer, 1906-1945, German Lutheran Pastor. Praise the Lord,......., We shall all be Free! Long live the Republic, and take the dirty word "Democracy out of every Politician's and TV personality's Vocabulary" The last time I checked we are still a Constitutional Republic, until Hell freezes over. and warroomlisten 

Good point in that last paragraph there Larry!

Pat's wife here:

Sidney Powell says President Trump can be reinstated.  I'm no lawyer, but I hope she's right. I've had enough of the Biden foolishness. 

Sidney Powell says Trump 'can simply be reinstated' (

To Larry: we did not say there is NO HOPE!!  We said "Do not hold out false hope that the election will be overturned no matter the audit report."  We did not say things are hopeless as there are other ways to move forward.  Nullification is one but has not been used often.  We always try to couch our words but words on a page are easily misunderstood.  But thanks for the dressing down.

To Mark:  Dietrich Bonhoeffer was one of the more remarkable men who ever lived.  He had a chance to be freed from prison due in part to his family's station in the world.  He turned down the offer.   He did not want to leave his fellow comrades, as they were called then, or others imprisoned with no hope.  The Germans executed Bonhoeffer.  If you are reading this, you should read Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas  Do not read the abridged version.  To get the feel for him, read the book cover to cover.  You will experience joy, sadness beyond measure, wonder, hope and gratefulness among other emotions.  It's a long and thoughtful book so give it the time it deserves.

To Pat's wife: Sidney Powell, a great lady and terrific lawyer, may have a different method in mind but there is still nothing in legalese except perhaps nullification to put Trump in the WH in August.  Powell did not quote a legal opinion/law on her statement. If she needs the court's help, she is unlikely to get it.  At the same time, Trump may have a method in mind himself and he's doing yoemans work on dissing the Biden Admin already.  Moderate Democrats are furious with Biden and who knows what they will do at some point. 

We are in uncharted waters here!

Thank you for the information about the Bonhoeffer Book. I have a signed copy from Eric Metaxas from November 7, 2017 when he spoke about Bonhoeffer in Scottsdale at an event. I have read it and am very familiar with Bonhoeffer, his life and his battles. He realized when he returned to Germany from America, that the Christian churches in Germany were dead, and they could or would not stop Hitler from his deeds, because the Holy Spirit was not with the People in the churches in Germany. The churches became scholarly and legalistic in the 30's. Metaxas is a great writer and a great man. Check out his book on Martin Luther. My uncle did not die on the beach in Normandy for ideas and groups such as BLM, Antifa, LGBTQ, Critical Race Theory, and a fraudulent election. He died for Freedom and Liberty. God has a plan, and it has nothing to do with Q. Stand by!





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