We've heard it over and over - AZ Senate is wasting money on a forensic audit because the Maricopa County true-red Board of Supervisors already conducted two such audits.  It's odd, isn't it, that they conduct two full audits in a matter of days when the current audit is taking months?  And that, dear reader, is why the AZ Senate is conducting an independent audit!! 

Well, here's why:



Wait Till the Citizens of Maricopa County Realize Their Board of Supervisors Wasted $100K on Bogus Audits to Help Cover Up the Real Results in the County

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) must be sweating it right now.  They know they blew $100,000 or more on two bogus audits that they knew would give them a clean bill of health in the 2020 Election.  They and the Democrats and their lawyers also know that a thorough audit of the 2020 results will uncover massive fraud.

It doesn’t take an international executive auditor to determine that the results in Arizona, and especially Maricopa County are suspicious.  Joe Biden is the first Democrat to win the state since Clinton and the first Democrat to win Maricopa County since Truman, but Biden and Harris couldn’t fill a parking lot for one of their events less than a month before the election: [Indeed, the only "parade of cars to the rally were rented cars driven by staff!]

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And that, dear reader, is why the AZ Senate is conducting an independent audit!!

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There were hardly an y people in attendance at any Biden campaign stops.  Hence, the steal by the Democrats--as many as six or seven ballots mailed to individual voters, ballot harvesting, no signature or ID requirements, and so on.  President Trump still almost won the election anyway.  And he'll be back in 2024 . . . !

If the Fraud is proven ... the electoral college votes could be de-certified ... and then all bets are off IF proved so in the other battleground states. The election in 2022 will prove pivotal if Liberty & Freedoms DIES.





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