This is from the Yellow Sheet.  If you don't know what that is, it's a private report put out by the Arizona Capitol Times and sent to those who can afford the high price with info that is not generally put out into the public domain.  From a recent copy:

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Then, there is this opinion and we don't disagree with much of it.  We disagree on Barto's "solid conservative" description.  We would better describe her as occasionally conservative. AZGOP is irrelevant by their own doing. LD's aren't doing much besides holding Pancake Breakfasts.  A few LDs are doing the work of the party, but very few.  That leaves no one watching the store:

American Post-Gazette
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona
April 11, 2018
The Arizona State Senate is at serious risk of turning liberal next session. Right now Republicans hold a 17-13 majority over Democrats, but it’s a tenuous majority. Tenuous because two RINOs, Kate Brophy-McGee of central Phoenix and Bob Worsley of east Mesa, are part of that majority and they have no expected challenges to their re-elections this Fall. That’s unfortunate.
The makeup of the Senate could turn decidedly left because there will be a larger than normal turnover of Senators come January 2019. At last count, eight sitting Republicans and five sitting Democrats will not be in the upper chamber next year. Some are term-limited out and others are running for other offices. The makeup of the Democrats doesn’t matter because they vote in liberal lockstep on all conservative vs. liberal issues. Seven of the outgoing eight Republican Senators are expected to be replaced by current seatmates who are considered equally conservative or even more so. (If any of the expected switchers lose to a more moderate candidate, the Senate will be at even more risk and the State of Arizona will be in serious trouble. That’s why winning elections is important; [emphasis added] elections have consequences.) One of the expected changes will be the difference between another tenuously conservative Senate and a certain liberal Senate. That one change is current Representative Heather Carter of district 15.
Mrs. Carter is expected to switch seats with current Senator Nancy Barto. Mrs. Barto is a solid conservative on most issues, especially on family values issues. Mrs. Carter will join Mrs. Brophy-McGee and Mr. Worsley as RINOs. Assuming Republicans maintain their current slim majority – and that’s a fairly safe bet – on many issues where conservatives will clash with liberals, these three will often join Democrats in supporting liberal issues and opposing conservative ones. They will caucus with Republicans in body only; their ideologies are anything but Republican and certainly not conservative.
At the Capitol there are three numbers that drive everything: 31, 16 and 1. 31 votes in the House; 16 votes in the Senate; and one vote in the Governor’s office. With a Carter/Worsley/Brophy-McGee cabal, that 16 will be much harder to get to for good conservative governance to prevail. The three will work together to drive the Senate to the left; and the Democrats will relish every minute of it. Watch for no tax cuts, an expansion of the welfare system, more caving to the teachers’ union, and more vitriol all around.
The Arizona House of Representatives will need to grow a stronger backbone. Led by a new Speaker, whether that is Rusty Bowers, Darin Mitchell, or someone else, the House needs to up its game, get Governor Ducey to join them, play some hardball with the Senate and hold the line on any liberal shift.
The Watchman
But if the Watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the Watchman's hand. (KJV) Ezekiel 33:6

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It is the bias by the AZGOP during the primary campaigns, not any of the candidates, that has put us in the bind we're in. As a result of the domination of the state party by RINOs, we ALWAYS end up with a choice of the least of two or more evils. And here we are again, today, discussing the merits of Ward vs. McSally, when both of them should be outright dismissed, because neither can be counted on to serve the people--or the nation--once in office. 

We will never correct this pernicious problem, as long as RINOs control our party. Getting them out? An impossibility. We've tried in innumerable ways, and been made fools of, each time. Working from within the state party is a losing game, and we need to acknowledge that. 

The RINOs are controlling our state party, and--I have reason to believe--every other state GOP, for two reasons.

1) It's how they keep us at bay, by holding us to the absolute minimum of elective offices, be they in the state party, itself, or local, state, or national positions. This is how they were able to pass the Omnibus Spending Bill over objections by Trump, and why they had the insouciance to add the stipulation that NOT A DIME of that money could be spent on the border wall. 2) It allows them to continue destroying the GOP by

---Alienating voters to the point they leave, or stop voting

--Weakening the party through A) various types of deliberate mismanagement, when they are in office.  A current example of this is the one you just cited--the $23,000 fine for incorrectly following FEC regulations. A mistake? Give me a break! B) Voting--as RINOs do--with the Dems  C) Destructively influencing sitting committees to not pass important conservative legislation, such as just recently happened with Archie's bill to limit party proxies. I must add that the speech given at that committee hearing by Kathy Petsas was hugely revealing of the attitude of total confidence that these people have in their ability to dictate to sitting legislators, as to how they will vote. Kathy Petsas scolded them. She indulged herself in a diatribe about how things should be. And she instructed them, in no uncertain terms, as to what should happen to that bill. Be sure to bring popcorn, if you look up the clip and watch it. You may want to watch it a few times, to get the full effect.

I am ashamed to say it, but we are all utter fools to continue to allow them to treat the party AND its members in this way. it is the key reason that Trump cannot accomplish all that he has in mind. We are literally watching his first 4 years burn away, with many key issues unsolved. This first 4 years is, perhaps, the most precious, because we are not guaranteed the second 4. If we are not doing every single thing possible to free ourselves to act definitively, and stop wasting our time fighting these creeps, then we deserve to lose. 

The bias that AZGOP and other RINO/CINO's hold against Dr Ward was so glaring that much like the likes of anti-Trump-sters (McCain, Flake and members of the uniparty) I had to take a real hard look at Ward. I am unabashedly aboard the Ward train.

With that said I have not witnessed real concerted efforts from conservatives to identify and push better candidates. Appears to me always late to the table. Plenty of goings on to hush the mouths of conservatives. McCain was astude at cleaning the house of any smell of a conservative. Makes the effort by conservatives hard.

Once Dr Ward is the next Senator from AZ it is up to all of us to ensure she lives up to our expectations.





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