The AZ Senate stood firm against the Board of Supervisors on auditing the 2020 election ballots, machines, tabulators and other materials.  They prevailed BUT, now there seems to be a massive back-peddling and what they want to do with this great success.  This is important because the whole country is watching.

Watch this video by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer start to finish and pay very close attention.  If this is their plan, we wonder why they stayed the course to get this equipment and paper ballots.  If this is their plan, Arizonans better rally the troops to protest until they dispense with the excuses and do what Arizona expects: a full and complete forensic audit.

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Yep more BS. The GOP is our enemy. They won't do anything right unless they get an tremendous amount of continuous pressure

I for just One am tired and pissed that our "representatives" cow tow to these EVIL lying vipers for not doing the common sense actions for "We the People"!!

To not do what makes common sense .. is to be representing KNOWN liars.  We don't pay them to sit back .... we EXPECT THEM to get the answers that ALL of America wants ... a fair election process ... that will derail the DEMONcrats agenda that WILL CHANGE our voting process forever .. by HR 1.

This is about the survival of our Capitalist economic system ... not the Fascist one the establishment wants to stuff down our throats !!!

Ah but you hit the nail on the head, They WANT the democrats to win; even the "Republicans" want the Demoncrats to win. They are all part of the one-party system.

The GOP has always seemed more content being second fiddle.  I can remember when there were once only 135 Republicans in both houses of Congress--and they didn't mind one bit.

I've just been made aware Jovan Pulitzer is not on the team doing the audit.  Ok, so they don't like him.  Pulitzer is the leading expert on this technology and process.  Please contact Senators and respectfully request he be included and it is a 100% Forensic audit! 

I agree! But, good luck with that. They don't REALLY want a legit audit

Understand and agree!

We have to keep the pressure on the AZ Senate over the next few days. 

Key Person:

Tell them deep dive on 100% of the ballots and untie Jovan's hands and let him work for us.  We will never believe any results by any one else.  Jovan has the only plan that makes sense from the start!  No one else offers the technical details or the transparency Jovan displayed even before he is paid a penny, not that he's asking for money.

What the heck, email the whole legislature!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thank you!  DONE!

Way to go!  Thank you!

This was posted on FB.  Who can you trust? And what "friends" does she reference.  Sounds like McCain who always used that terms even though he had no friends.

What "secret ballot" is our "friend" Fann referring to?  The ballot the Senate casts to select auditors?  Or the ballots we cast on Nov 3rd where we wrote our names right over there upper right corner like in the 8th grade?





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