AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend Successfully Pushes For Financial Audit of Zuckerberg and Shady Dominion Acquisition

Maricopa County used big tech money to steal this election and now big tech is covering it up with censorship of the truth.

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend initiated another investigation into the 2020 election with requests for the Arizona Auditor General to investigate the $3 MILLION in Zuckerbucks that was used to fund the Maricopa 2020 Presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on this shady donation from Mark Zuckerberg and the lack of transparency that came with it.

HUGE: Maricopa County Was Given $3 Million of ‘Zuckerbucks’ Before ...


This requested audit will show us exactly how private grant money like the $3 million in Zuckerbucks was used and more information about the shady Request for Proposal (RFP) and the process of acquiring Dominion as an election vendor.

Facebook is known to interfere with American elections through content algorithms and censorship of certain information. We will now know how radical leftist Secretary of State used Facebook’s money to combat “misinformation and disinformation.”

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Kelly Townsend is a keeper!

Oh yesss! I thought all those "donations" to election bureaucrats were illegal. How naïve of me. Good for upholding the law. This cretin has too many powerergrabbers in the SpaceKook bag. Hate to keep bangin on this, but if this is a state crime, where are the county & state law "enforcers"? In the same bag?  

You nade my day Glenn.





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