Authored by Clair Van Steenwyk, Candidate for LD22 Senate:

LD22 Senate candidate Clair Van Steenwyk: Primaries Are Needed to Keep America Free - Official Petition Signature Challenges were lodged against CD8 Candidate Sandra Dowling, a Marine Vet, Teacher and Constitutional Conservative. The GOP Elites are also challenging Brenda Barton, and have succeeded in LD 22 with a challenge from Gang of 5: Rep. David Livingston, Appointed-Rep. Ben Toma, want-to-be-elected Frank Carroll, the Paid Lobbyist for a National Popular Vote, CQ, along with former LD 22 Chair Eric Morgan.

     I wonder why they challenged Mrs. Engen and not Mr. Bullock, with only 13 more signatures than Mrs. Engen, wife, mother, nurse and new to LD 22 Politics; believe a woman on the Ballot was almost certain to win, which would leave one seat for men. So, they came out to remove a newcomer from the ballot! . . . GOP meetings are all-about helping each other, as we’re encouraged to get younger people, to become PC’s and run for office, however apparently not ones GOP can’t control, so the GOP once again EATS its’ Own.

     I’ve never witnessed this behavior in the AZ GOP; why now? Well, AZ Senators Shooter, Yee, Burgess, Dial, and Allen sponsored the NPV, as did Reps. Mesnard, who’s now attacking Rep. Stringer for simply stating Facts when it comes to Illegal Immigration. We all know it doesn't sound Politically Correct for the Cowards that want to hide behind Political Correctness while selling us down the River.

     These are the Facts in AZ. Well just how close the NPV came to passing, for me the game plan is get Mesnard, Boyer, Gray, Livingston, Allen in the AZ Senate and others in the House, to try again. As all of the previously named in the House Voted for it, and Allen, along [with] Shooter, Burgess, Yee, and Dial, all sponsored it in the Senate. It would have passed in the Senate if Sen. Biggs hadn’t tabled it. Be careful, as History matters--like the report cards we took home so our parents knew we'd been truthful about our grades by what the report card proved we got.

       Defeat the ones who Supported and Voted 4 the National Popular Vote! If we had this as law, we’d have had Gore and Clinton in the White House; we wouldn’t be concerned about the Economy, Borders, Freedom etc, as we’d have none! They’d have been working overtime to make America a Socialist Slave State!


Editor:  NOTE:  Andrea Kadar, Sedona establishment activist, has successfully run Brenda Barton out of the Senate race against Sylvia Allen with a lawsuit to challenge Barton's signatures.  That is the only way Allen could win and everyone knows it.  We presume, but we are only guessing, that Ms. Barton didn't have the money or want the uproar to challenge the lawsuit.

In LD22, Mr. Van Steenwyk is the only conservative running for this Senate seat.  David Livingston was once a conservative... until he got into the House several years ago.  There, he threw in with the establishment members of the House.

Yes, yes, we know.  Van Steenwyk runs for something every election cycle.  Normally, we would not support a gadfly candidate.  This time, he is actually running for a seat he can and should win.  He continues to be a fierce defender of the Constitutions of the U.S. and Arizona.

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Drain it

I realize that many in the GOP Establishment don't like their dirty laundry washed in public, however many as stated in my article Voted 4 NPV and believe will do it again, I'm hoping voters throughout AZ realize it's those Career Politicians at all levels who are the True Enemies of We the People and hope all of you where possible will vote for the challengers and where you don't have a choice try to mount an effective Write In Campaign and yes this would include one against S. Allen as she's voted against us and with them more times than I can count. I'm also glad to say that the challenge against Dr. Dowling has been withdrawn and also they removed the challenge of my not being a Republican so my signature counted on her petitions. I hope others who are active will begin to step up and run, realizing that the sidelines are a comfortable place to voice ones opinions they aren't the place where you can effect Constitutional change and we need all of you to join us in the Battles that lye ahead of us. 
God Bless You All; Van 

Wel well and more well.  Van hit the nail on the head.  Also, the editor's note about the Kadars was spot on.  So, the only way to stop a conservative is to file a lawsuit against them so the incumbent can hold that seat.  Dwight Kadar is the person who did the filing to stop Brenda Barton the conservative.  Where did he get his monies for this nasty deed?  Wonders of wonders.  This couple has mesmerized/owns the republicans of Sedona who are now establishment and don't give a fig about what happens to the state or country.  Those two somehow got themselves elected delegates to the National Convention in Ohio and guess what., Mrs. Andrea Kadar GOT appointed to the platform committee.  How did that happen?  Guess having friends like C.Q. gets you a seat at the table.  Also, how did Ms. Kadar get to give the invocation at the rally for Donald Trump in Prescott Valley,with no credits, except she is friends with C.Q?  Huuum again wonders of wonders.  Now, these two people can stop an opponent from running and support, beyond any doubt, establishment Sylvia Allen and has their groups (sheeple) support their candidate of choice also.   Talk about corruption in the first degree.  I would like those two to dispute anything I have submitted in this comment.  

The challenge against Dr. Dowling has be canceled as to many signatures to remove, I've found over the yrs. of dealing with the GOP Elites and Career Politicians like Flake, Franks and McCain if you get so many signatures it's no longer an issue, this is what Dr. Dowling did and they finally had to stop. I know that I was asked to drop out against Flake and Franks and now both are gone, I keep hoping all those who Truly Support the US Constitution will one day support Candidates they know are like minded and no longer allow personal feelings to get involved and then we'll be able to Reclaim not only AZ but America as well, but it does take steadfastness against the odds to remain in battles you know you may very well lose, so you can win the War.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk /

The importance of your candidacy, is that you will actively carry out what you run on if elected. I cannot believe, McCain ran against Obamacare, then killed the repeal vote.

Flake wrote a faux Conscience of a conservative knockoff, not worth the paper it was printed on. It is highly infuriating, that the Republican party actively fights individuals who would go amongst their ranks, and dare to actually want to carry out what they ran on.

The RNC like the DNC, is a machine, that furiously fights against anyone that doesn't fit the script. Bernie didn't make it cause he didn't have resources to defend himself. The reason Trump did because he has vast resources. Depression and disappointment doesn't describe my pain over the RNC.

If you get in, they'll kick and scream, it would be satisfying to hear, I would say!

We'll do our part to help Dr. Dowling win over Lesko and hope others in AZ will join us as well, check out the votes on SB 1469 and HB 2184 and more Lesko did what she was told to do by the GOP Leadership and the Bills were and remain Unconstitutional, but seems no one cares about that as long as the Gov. gets what he wants. God Bless You; Van 

Adam: agree with just about all you say and definitely about the two major parties aka Uniparty wearing different colors and nothing else. I don't donate a penny to any other them anymore.  I do disagree about your assessment re: Bernie.  Bernie has much more resources than you think.  He has the entire socialist party behind him and maybe they just didn't want to use their resources for that.  He also is pretty wealthy living in a multimillion $ house and driving a $100K car.  Not exactly the "siege mentality" of the downtrodden.  The fact is that he was a terrible candidate appealing only to the immature college crowd and some disaffected dems.  Even the lefties in this country would not support a declared socialist.... yet.

Just a note: in the Kadar household, Andrea runs the show.  She may have had Dwight to sign the papers but believe me, she is the perp.  All the questions you asked, Jacqueline, can be answered by two words: Doug Ducey.  She has sucked up to him big time.  politics of the left, as usual.  I have to wonder what Allen has promised them to get their support.  Allen is not the kind of candidate many people would go out on a limb for.  She's a little, shall I say, seedy.

GREAT WORDS, Pat!!! And here we thought just Jacque and I knew the truth about these two individuals. For years we've tried to let people know about these two individuals but they are so smooth and folks get mesmerized by them that it has fallen on deaf ears.   You and the rest of the readers might want to write to the Mingus Mountain Republican Club in Cottonwood and perhaps the people that make up their CC4A group in Sedona and let them know they've been had, hook, line, and sinker. 

Initially, the Kadars were going to support David Stringer in LD1. Instead, they chose to financially support Chip Davis. While I like Chip and he did do a good job as County Supervisor for our area, after losing the race to Stringer he went to work for the Democrat, Tom O'Halloran, whom these folks are trying to defeat.  Is it possible that these two individuals can't tell the difference between the two parties? And they are called on to serve on a committee that writes the Republican platform? What is wrong with this picture? SCARY!!!

There's a difference between the two parties?  I don't think so.  The difference is in the grassroots activists trying to make the GOP into the great Party again #MRGA.

I have not always agreed with Claire on everything, but he has always been honest and above reproach.  If he needs some financial help with his campaign, I will be glad to help.



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