Bad News: Pima County Supervisors OK Replacing Election Precincts With Voting Centers

See the story HERE.

It's understandable for one to imagine this person just might have something to do with it:

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The story at says "The board’s decision makes Pima County the last county in Arizona to adopt e-poll books and the 12th county to adopt voting centers."

Thank you for adding that article.

Do we know if the other AZ counties use this procedure for elections?

Guys like Fontes never go away. 

Pima County, with the help of a good many RINOs, seem to be all in to ensure at best that the county is  "light shade of purple". Disgusting!

This is just another way to have an UNVERIFIED election process.

When a jurisdiction opts to use vote centers, voters may cast their ballots on Election Day at ANY vote center in the jurisdiction (isn't that in the precinct), regardless of their residential address. How do you verify voter identity off old country records that have not been gleaned from possible fraud? The computer is only as good as the programmer of it. I smell Fraud coming and disputes about a legal address.

Fontes knew he was on the outs in Phoenix government so he stealthily arranged and maneuvered for Stephen Richer to take his place.  He had Richer pretend to be a conservative Republican, always denouncing Adrian Fontes and spouting all the talking points that you would expect from a conservative Republican.  After the election, Richer was called to the floor about his claiming that there was no fraud and he was laughed at at our Glendale Tea Party.  Upon leaving the meeting all the Tea Party members turned their backs on him much like the U.S. military did when Biden drove by after his "victory". 

Richer always wears some sick looking grin on his face that somebody should remove.





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