Here in Arizona, in 2011, one of our team discussed the problem of ballot harvesting with then Senator Michele Reagan.  We told her about the Ballot Parties that happen, particularly in the southwest part of Maricopa County's democrat stronghold.  The ticket into these parties is your unvoted ballot and your signed envelope.  Parties were about the three Ds: dinner, dancing, drinking.  These ballots would then be boxed up, voted and dumped into mailboxs.  The Maricopa County Chairman that year witnessed this dumping at the County Recorder's office collection box.  It was caught on video that was distributed around.  If we remember, lawsuits from the democrat party ensued against the witness to the dumping!  It was during the legislative session but too late to get a bill to stop this.  In 2012, Sen. Reagan ran a bill for us to stop this practice.  In its infinite wisdom, the legislators buggered up the bill and it went no where.  When Sen. Reagan became Secretary of State Reagan, two AZRA members, one of which was the original petitioner, went back to Reagan and asked her to run that bill again and sheperd it through the process.  That year, the bill was passed and signed by Gov Ducey. Today, ballot harvesting still goes on and contributed to the election of democrats.  The bill needs to be amended with penalties added.  Maybe these same two folks will go back to the legislature again!  Many states do have laws against ballot harvesting.  No one can say for sure if the ballots harvested actually belonged to legally registered voters.


California looks like a lost cause for Republicans, given how Democrats clinched the midterm with a series of new laws.  Maybe no big deal, given that California has been a solid blue state for something like 20 years.  But are Americans aware of the potential for California vote-rigging to come to their states, making them so blue that no conservative will ever be able to win an election?

A California political operative, Edward Ring, writing in American Greatness, lays out the coming spectacle:

Come to California to see what's going to roll out across America in time to guarantee a progressive landslide in 2020.  It may be perfectly legal.  But it's so rigged it would make Boss Tweed blush. ...

The way they did this was to pass laws designed to rig the system.

Three laws in particular combined to stack the deck against Republicans.  First came the Motor Voter law.  [Thank you, Pres Clinton] This meant that as soon as any California resident acquired or renewed his driver's license or state ID, he would be registered to vote automatically.  Second, the state legislature authorized counties >automatically to send absentee ballots to voters, even if they had not requested those ballots.  Third, the rules governing ballot custody were changed so that anyone could turn in absentee ballots, not just the actual voter.

The opportunities presented by these three laws were fully exploited by Democrats.

Ring warns that Democratic legislatures in states that went all blue in the last midterm – Democrats picked up six new houses and several governorships – were watching California very closely. 

Continue reading to find out what Dems are doing to capture America the illegal way.

But if you think this is outrageous sneakiness for Democrats, you won't believe "rank voting" that turned the highest voter getter into the loser.  [LINK]

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AZ Legislators love passing bill with no teeth, this has been pointed out to them several times by us and other asking them to fix the problem with of course no takers. Ballot Harvesting is an insult to all who've died to insure our Freedoms and hope that those in AZ who know this will bring it to the front in January Meetings and extract support from all Elected Officials in attendance and make those who speak Pledge to fix it, and no more Political Theater by passing Bills with No Teeth, as was pointed out in the 2016 Election Cycle by Helen Purcell but no one wanted to listen and once again how did Penzone get over 100 thousand more votes in Maricopa County then Trump?
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Swamp is refilling

AZ's Septic Tank has never been drained, just Career Politicians Re-Elected and or Promoted one election after another, this is the Voters Fault as all they ever do is complain and never change the way they vote or for that matter who they vote for, like complaining about bad service and food at your FAVORITE Restaurant but continue to eat there as it's easy to remember the name, until the Voters Change nothing else ever will.
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

If we don't re-establish voter integrity, it is over for Republicans across the board. The country will be gone. This is the most serious breach of the electoral system, we have ever faced. Maricopa has been stolen and they are laughing up their sleeves that they were able to get away with not even opening at least one polling place, open late, assure there were no vote counting machines in mostly Republican polling places and open Emergency Voting Stations (when told not to) in migrant areas, while working hand-in-hand with Sinema, allowing her door-handle-notices to remind them they needed NO ID IN ORDER TO VOTE. It appears no one is doing anything about these actions. I'm afraid Republicans have missed the boat and we will suffer super losses from now on.

The Legislature can fix the Laws, but only the Voters can correct their Behavior and that will take everyone on board to speak out on issues and against the Career Politicians who brought us here, and know from experience most don't like to hear it and end up attacking those who have the Political Courage to carry the message, in that lies the real problem, as even if you fix the system that won't change the Voters.

When I became a citizen lobbyist in 2001, I was told by many lawmakers that if I had not brought my issue to the attention, they would not have known about it.  It's the same today.  We must be proactive in getting our message out, to the lawmakers and then pressure them to get out from under their desks and correct the massive problems we have with voting. We ALL know with Andre Fontes became the Recorder, there were going to be problems galore.  Where were our lawmakers on this?  What about the feckless AZGOP under Jonathan Lines with a McCain sycophant runnind the show?

Since you asked, Delores, Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) is working with the Election Integrity Project in Arizona to take on some of the worst issues that are giving elections to democrats.  If you are interested in helping with that, send email to and put Integrity in the subject box. Someone will get back to you.  This project will need committed people, committed to save the Republic.  We all grouse about the problems but most of us are too busy to take them head on.  Everyone can do something!

I just sent a composed email to and it was returned 

Address not found

Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

So here is the message I sent

I reside in Yavapai County. What happens in Maricopa County affects our voters. We can not depend on AZGOP to change a darn thing about voting irregularities for under Lines AZGOP has no integrity. The Republican leaders in our state seem hell bent to take AZ down the purple brick path.
I have a lot of slack time however I do not know how I can help change the calculus. I would be humbled and honored to join with others to return integrity to AZ elections.
With that said feel free to ask, guide this little "old lady" activist.

I sent to that address as well and mine came back. Please advise. Thank you.

Well, it's important to use the correct email address:

We respond to all emails but it may take a day or two to get to yours so please be patient with us.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

We will get back to you sometime this weekend, Patricia.



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