With no time to spare, gubernatorial candidate, Ken Bennett, pulled a miracle by rousing so many people to his side that he got the $5s he needed with even a slight cushion.  When verified, he will get a payday of $800,000+ for his campaign.  That means he can pay off the debt he incurred, if any, and use the balance to compete in the General.

On behalf of the Bennett campaign, we thank each of you who rose to the challenge.  It's so hard to get enough $5s for Clean Elections that few succeed.  Most pull out early, knowing the hill is too steep.  Bennett has staying power, didn't give up, went to court to regain his rights to the full deadline and prevailed.  If he will do this to win the primary, think what he will do for us as Governor.

Please, Lord....

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You can't keep a good man down! We have a choice.

Miracles don't happen every day and certainly  not in politics. So Clair can't you just drop the negativity and celebrate a massive undertaking. I'm told that only 2 of several candidates even got to this point and only Bennett needed 4000+ $5 and he had only 3-4 months to get them.  NO OTHER candidate did that.

WAY TO GO, MR. BENNETT.  I'm behind you all the way and yesterday, I helped 12 people decide how to vote.

§16-953. Return of monies to the citizens clean elections fund

  1. At the end of the primary election period, a participating candidate who has received

    monies pursuant to section 16-951, subsection A, paragraph 1 shall return to the fund all monies in the candidate's campaign account above an amount sufficient to pay any unpaid bills for expenditures made during the primary election period and for goods or services directed to the primary election.

  2. At the end of the general election period, a participating candidate shall return to the fund all monies in the candidate's campaign account above an amount sufficient to pay any unpaid bills for expenditures made before the general election and for goods or services directed to the general election.

  3. A participating candidate shall pay all uncontested and unpaid bills referenced in this section no later than thirty days after the primary or general election. A participating candidate shall make monthly reports to the commission concerning the status of the dispute over any contested bills. Any monies in a candidate's campaign account after payment of bills shall be returned promptly to the fund.

Congrets Bennett for overcoming. Good luck for winning in the primary.

Mr. Bennett is dedicated and hard working. He personaly made calls tonight to get his $5 donations needed. I was with a friend talking when his phone rang. Guess what, it was a personal call from Ken Bennett letting them know they had time to make their donation to his campaign and they did.

He worked tirelessly while Doing Ducey ran the other way. Who do you want?

I voted Bennett all the way.

Well deserved! Good Luck Ken! :)

NOTICE:  To those of you who are asking why the judge re-opened the Clean Elections website for Bennett since he was more than 1000 donations short, let's get some actual info out there.  A local newspaper in the Verde Valley, Bennett's stomping ground, reported that they had checked the records for the number of $5s still needed and said it was over 1000 short despite what the Bennett campaign reported. In reality (a concept more and more lost to news organizations), when the judge ruled, Bennet was only 50 donations short.  He and his team and many others out here in electionland got on the phones and called people they had not seen in years.  They got the job done with a small surplus.





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