It's only half way to 2022 but already the fields for certain races are crowded and anyone getting in the Governor's race or the US Senate or Secretary of State are competing with a crowd with good (some!) candidates on the Republican side.  Now... the Republican party better do a better job of ensuring the election is clean and fair!!  The Audit MAY make a better election in 2022 but we know the dems (and too many R's) are canny and wily about ways to cheat! 

We will bring you information on as many candidates that we can between now and the end of the year.


Another right-wing populist funded by Peter Thiel is trying to reach the halls of Congress by 2022.

Blake Masters, the COO of Thiel’s investment firm, announced his candidacy for the US Senate in Arizona last week. Masters wants to take action against ‘Big Tech’ and corporations that ‘think they’re too big for America’. Masters’s populist agenda is similar to that of another Senate candidate, Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, who reportedly received $10 million from Thiel.

In an interview with The Spectator, Masters explained how he intends to reform US manufacturing policy, prioritize onshoring, restrict legal and illegal immigration and engage in a trade war with China, if necessary. While his policy suggestions are ambitious, Masters’s low name recognition in the Grand Canyon State makes the election an uphill battle against more seasoned Arizona politicos such as incumbent Democratic senator Mark Kelly or potentially Republican representative Andy Biggs. The 35-year-old venture capitalist, however, believes his limited political experience is an asset, not a disadvantage.

PN: Should billionaires pay more in taxes?

BM: I’m open to it.

PN: Should Peter Thiel pay more in taxes?

BM: I’m open to it. Look, I know a lot of wealthy people. Obviously, I know Peter really well. Everybody tries to pay the legal minimum, right? Nobody’s trying to overpay their tax bill. What I hear from a lot of rich people is they would be happy to pay more in taxes if the money was used well. These people are used to running businesses. They’re used to being efficient. They don’t like throwing money away. And so when they see a federal government that is so horribly run, there’s tons of waste, fraud and abuse. You know, maybe it doesn’t make sense to pay a boatload of taxes to just have your government go and start dropping bombs randomly in Syria. We’re paying for illegal immigrants to be put up in hotel rooms.

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