"Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that!”

These were the words allegedly said by Dominion vote counting software chief programmer Eric Coomer to ANTIFA members and cell leaders on conference calls. Once this revelation broke, Dominion scrubbed all of Coomer's ties with the company, but not before it's attempts were captured by eagle eyed netizens. Among his academic credentials, Coomer holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering, as well as 12 US patents, all of which are related to election software and voting machines. At the time of this revelation, Coomer was a programmer who wrote the main code that is used in Dominion software supplied to all states that employed it to collect and count the ballots during the 2020 Presidential Elections. The revelations were unveiled when the chats between Coomer and his ANTIFA contacts had been intercepted by a data company employee named Joe Oltman, who had infiltrated ANTIFA and were able to capture their most confidential communications while posing as a supporter of the extremist group.

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To learn the breaking news as it appears, go to Google News and search Eric Coomer to get a full list of the media reporting on this news.

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Well, the conservative blogs are popping up all over. Thanks for the heads up.

Sounds like it's time we went back to paper ballots!

Russell: Maricopa County uses paper ballots.  When these ballots are put through the tab machines, the machine creates an image.  The Recorder is mandated by law to maintain the images for two years.  In 2018, he ditched the images shortly after the count was concluded.  This time, we are told he is banned by the court from being anywhere near the tab rooms or the machines.  Fontes has not be know to be interested in the laws he doesn't like nor does he think much of the courts. The images will tell the real story as to accurately counting the ballots but not how many unqualified ballots went through those machines.  Only an audit can determine that.  And forget ever being able to count or investigate ballots in a particular precinct. With voting centers, precincts don't matter!  That makes it impossible to ever check if a particular precinct was mis-counted, over-counted, under-counted or anything else.

I hate to say it but I believe they have more than one way to steal the votes. The tabulation software is likely the most productive but it looked to be in 18 like they had changed the voter acceptance software to simply read the barcode and to display the written equivalent on the screen which would give the Judge the impression that the "voter" was legitimate. They did a complete reprogram mid election that year. I saw it stop and restart about 45 minutes later midday of the election and we were told it was a county wide reprograming of the systems.

You might be right, John.  However, it's not the paper that is counted, it's the images.  Each ballot that goes through the machine creates an image.  An audit of the machines would reveal all the images.  The law requires these images be kept for 2 years but in 2018, Fontes dumped them after 2 weeks.  You can guess what the BoS did about that.  

Fontes should be prosecuted for his crimes and the election rerun or recounted, at his expense, to get to the truth of the actual vote. But from what I know about this the paper ballots are the original documents of the election and the most reliable document to be recounted not the images that may or may not have been manipulated electronically from within or without by persons or organizations known or unknown. Any digital image can be easily changed to be almost unrecognizable from original. I will try to post one here taken with "snap chat" on a cell phone which is much less expensive than the election software we are talking about here. Oh and by the way I voted, I believe it was the last day of  "early voting" at the vote center in Surprise at the city hall and they shut it down while I was there to do a reboot or reprogram of the computers while I was there this time. I took a photo of them messing with the printers. No voters voting in the photo, so I did not violate anyones privacy in their vote,  just the workers wandering around with extra ballots in their hands from the printers that print the ballots now. Of course from the distance it is not easily seen what they were doing but I have had training and done the job of working the polls.




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