[Editor: This has been reported on a few conservative TV stations.]

In the most astonishingly bone-headed move since nominating Mitt Romney for President, the GOP establishment spent major cash to help elect Democrat Conor Lamb in last night’s highly contested PA-18 special election.

Yes, you read that right. Failed Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan and his Congressional Leadership Fund pushed a Democrat to victory over a Republican with direct mail advertising touting support “for our Second Amendment Rights.”

I’ll repeat that again. A so-called GOP PAC led by Paul Ryan spent thousands of dollars in a direct mail campaign to convince voters that Conor Lamb was a conservative who would protect American’s gun rights in Congress.

Here’s the shocking mailer:

There you have it. A mailer, paid for by Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership Fund, portrays a staunch defender of gun rights and would confuse many independent voters. It makes Conor Lamb looks like Charleston Heston. It’s almost as if Ryan’s PAC was trying to help the Democrat win. Making the move even more idiotic (or potentially sinister), the entire Democrat strategy was selling Lamb as a “conservative.” In a district that voted for Trump, the Dems knew that their only hope to win the seat was to trick enough voters into believing that Lamb wasn’t the typical leftist. And it worked, thanks to Paul Ryan.

For more information GO HERE...Big League Politics Go there and you will see another photo of democrat flyer showing the Paid For label posted above.

Running against Ryan again this election, Paul Nehlen:

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Are there any prominent politicians from PA who could call out Ryan publicly and loudly on this?

Paul Nehlen.

Think he will?

How do you know that this was really paid for by the Congressional Leadership Fund?? The Dems do this all the time -- putting fake labels on mailers that they send out.    It is my understanding that the Repub leadership didn't put ANY money into this race, which is the real problem.    We will be seeing a lot of the un--establishment candidates being totally ignored this election in favor of letting the Dems have the seat.  The lesson here is that Lamb ran as a RINO and people bought the deception.    

The establishment would like nothing better than to scuttle the 2018 election to get rid of Trump and all the fly over little  people who dared to buck their cushy life style.  The only way to keep our  Republic is to drag everyone you know to the polls for every election.  Soros just put $18,000,000,000 into play to help the establishment  continue the NWO. We, the People can't even hope to come up with that much money but we can come up with the votes on election day. 

And how do you know he didn't?  Did you not notice during 2016 Ryan did this then.  He never denied it.  McCain, Ryan's evil twin, does it every election.  They did it in Mississippi and other places.  Why is that hard to believe?

Because the Democrats have done it here in CD 2, previous CD8, and also in Statewide races.  So did McShame's Arizona Grassroots PAC. I doubt it because the Repub leadership rarely puts out any advertising of any kind in elections they don't feel are "critical" for an establishment candidate.  Saccone was not establishment.


Ms. Daley, I'm not quite sure I follow your reasoning.  You say Mr. Saccone was not establishment, which I do believe is quite true.  It would seem that there was adequate polling within the campaigns to show just how close the race was going to be.  I do think just because Mr. Saccone was not establishment that they could not take any chances that he might win.  I have seen this, like you, Ms. Daley, many times in both parties. None have any shame and would do this.  Mr. Ryan could say what you suggest, which is, "I didn't do it. The democrats did it."  Oh, yes, it is so very hard to find the truth in politics these days.  I just would not discount this for one minute.

Very true and I wouldn't put it past him in a crucial general election of  an "anointed" elite like Martha McSally. but this is small potatoes and Saccone was polling 6+ points behind Lamb.  This election is for a very short duration-- until November then there is another election.  I heard that anyone wanting to run in November has to have their paperwork in by May so  could be that a good viable Repub held off running in this election to run later.  

Lamb ran on the Repub platform, pro-life, pro-gun, anti Pelosi, so I wonder how many voters thought that Lamb was really a Repub vs a lying Dem and that's why they voted for him.... not to mention the Mailer.....

Is it not illegal to state 'paid for by' when it may not have been?

Campaign laws require a "paid for" disclaimer.  Who is going to determine if it is the truth of who is sending them??  Once they are mailed and out in the public who is going to do anything about it?

Your point here, Ms. Daley, is just right.  That is what is such a problem in our politics.  No one does anything about the misdeeds and illegal shenanigans at all.  There are ways to find out the truth here but it would so require someone to file a claim. I don't believe that "someone" exists.



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