We would really like to move away from reporting on the forensic audit.  Many are sick of hearing of it, even sicker than hearing about C-19.  But we are seeing historic events take place.  It's not often that happens on such a large stage.  So forgive us if we continue to track this until the very end!  Interesting twists and turns will continue because there is so much fear about the outcome from a few - maybe not so few - politicians and their handlers!  They know if the outcome is that cheating went on, dozens of other states will be doing audit's too.  Several have already investigated the Arizona audit and pronounced it very efficient and fair.



....On Ridiculous Question: “NEXT QUESTION” (VIDEO)

On Wednesday afternoon, Former Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones and former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik received a walkthrough of the legendary Arizona audit process.

Then they absolutely DESTROYED an Arizona far-left reporter during a presser outside the audit center.

Rep. Jones is running for Governor of Georgia to replace the crooked Gov. Brian Kemp, to stop the asinine Stacey Abrams, and put Georgia first.

He has been a staunch promoter for the audit in GA.

Bernard Kerik was the Commissioner of the New York Police Department during the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and he aided America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the Arizona election hearing last November.

After examining the process of the audit, the two held a press briefing. Far-left Arizona reporter Jen Fifield just about cried as she got roasted for asking a biased and foolish question.

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The real question remains: will the Arizona forensic audit lead to meaningful election reform?  If so, will a majority of other states follow suit.  Otherwise, this stuff is useless and only being done for show--to placate the masses.  The GOP has become an expert at that, sadly.

Governor Ducey vetoed the election integrity law passed by the GOP legislature...along with 21 other they passed.  He claimed it was because they didn't support his budget.  Is he that big of a baby, that egotistic?  Perhaps.  But I'd lay odds that his Establishment handlers, McCain and Crow, told him to do that so that the laws didn't get publicized and spark similar legislation nationally.

For the record, not at all sick of hearing about the audit!  Thanks so much for hanging in there with it.  It's hugely important!  Covid-19?   No more important than flu...just more useful for our political opposition here and abroad.  And yes, I'm really sick of hearing about that!

I, too, am tired of getting hit constantly with Covid-19 updates, briefings, and the like (including those annoying commercials pushing the deadly vaccines that have already killed thousands that the media refuses to cover).  Covid-19 is being used as an excuse for all sorts of stuff.  The beach my wife and I have been going to sinc e 1988 is blaming Covid-19 for a shortage of lifeguards and supervisors--resulting in the beach being open only Friday through Sunday.  The coronavirus is helping bad politicians and other executives and managers to get away with being bad at their jobs (such as hiring staff).  They simply blame the virus.

Has the video been removed?  the links inside the still photos don't activate a video but seem to be in a loop that reverts back to the article

We have again tested all links in the article and they work fine.  For Jen Fifield, you have to sign in to your twitter account if you have one.





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