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Phil Lovas was appointed to a term in 2013, he wasn’t elected by the people to represent them. In my view, his history has not demonstrated dedication and loyalty.  He used taxpayer money to run two additional terms, and then in April, 2017, quits on his commitment to the people during his second elected term to take a job with the federal government that paid more.  Shortly after accepting this, he quits to work on Trump Campaign for Arizona.  Was this a calculated political move?

While a legislator, he put forth bills and resolutions to increase requirements for constitutional amendments from a simple majority to 60%; change Arizona to Day Light Savings time; and mandate Arizona tax payers fund “emergency” responses that affect military operations to local bases. (This is federal jurisdiction, not ours) I honestly don’t understand this logic as do others since they were held in committee.

Mr. Lovas demonstrated great confusion in his second term by proposing two separate bills, one violating the constitutional boundaries of government in HB2103.  This bill gave continued recognition to federally strict constraints on firearm ownership and carry, and was signed by Governor Ducey.   HB2517, an excellent bill, acknowledged 2nd amendment rights and government limitations on registration and permitting.  HB2517 was vetoed by Governor Brewer, who endorsed Debbie Lesko.  Does accepting an endorsement show agreement in policy of those by the endorser?  Political greed maybe?

Then in 2016 with HB2446, (Signed by Governor Ducey) Phil Lovas and Steve Montenegro, again hand over control of your 2nd amendment rights to the Federal Government and the IRS, by conceding to the dictates of the National Firearms Act.

This is yet another demonstration that these people aren’t constitutionally aware and pose a danger to your freedoms and liberties.  I am beating a drum that needs to be heard because Washington is out of control and needs knowledgeable, strong, committed people that understand the risks we face in today’s political arena.

Phil Lovas is running a campaign on the coat tails of President Trump.  He hasn’t been endorsed, yet litters our streets with images of him standing next to the president.  He brags about being the first supporter of the Trump Candidacy and his ads duplicate his rhetoric.  Where is the originality?  How does this override his acts as legislator and qualify him to be a Congressman?  Was this a calculated political move?

Here we have in my opinion, a candidate that has no loyalty or commitment to the people he represents, instead choosing pay over purpose.


Randy Miller


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Editor's note: Lovas wanted us to post a campaign piece for him.  We requested additional information including his voting record while in the legislature, a short bio and work history and information about his wife's bundling activities for McCain.  We got no response.

I forgot about the activities of his wife and McCain.  All the more reason we need to move on.  Unfortunately, he and a couple of other establishment types get most of the attention.

The Lovas' close connection to McCain has been long and consistent.  He is an opportunist at best and more probably a sleeper McCain/establishment acolyte.  Not trustworthy for Congress.

I question if Americans have a 2nd Amendment right. In ratifying the U.N. Charter as if it were a Treaty, the U.S. Senate committed the U.S. "to take joint and separate action" to comply with U.N. policies. This Act climaxed the silent revolution. In Senate testimony on May 11, 1955 former ABA President Carl Rix stated that "Congress is no longer bound by its Constitutional system of delegated power. Its only test is under the obligatory power to promote human rights [not to be confused with the unalienable Rights cited in the Constitution] in these field of endeavor: Civil, political, economic, social and cultural."  The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ratified in 1992 shredded our Bill of Rights. Though some became privileges, it eliminated - by virtue of omission - our most important Right; the Right to keep and bear arms. This was fortified by State Department Publication 7277 and continues to be supported by the ongoing onslaught agains our 2nd Amendment.

To MAGA three pivotal issues must be acted on; the U.S. must get out of the U.N., our current ungodly, unconstitutional and enslaving monetary policy established by the privately owned, deceitfully named Federal Reserve Banking system must be revised and brought into compliance with the Constitution, and the fraudulently created debt resulting from this policy must be eliminated (repudiated). Without favorable action on these issues, America cannot control its own destiny and with all due respect to President Trump, he's dreaming.

No argument about your post, Howard, but what does that have to do with the topic of this page?  The topic being why voting for Phil Lovas would just add to the situation you describe above.

I know myself many State Candidates have used clean elections monies to run, and some so called professional campaign managers encourage and use it to make their livings, and get those who may get elected to feel obligated to them and collect from them by having them sponsor and vote for bad bills like say the NPV.  Phil and I don't see eye to eye on some issues such as PROP 123 the bills mentioned in this article and of course his signing a letter to AZCC along the other two Reps in LD 22 which we believe aided the rate increase on the Seniors in SC, SCW and Youngtown.  However  I've never found any history of Phil ever using Clean Elections Money, and actually wish the process was ended as it enables for very little work many to run who have no idea of what they're doing but with no skin in the game run and if elected then stay on to make a Career of it and pass some really bad bills and fool voters into believing all types of things. I still believe to this day anyone who had anything to do with getting the NPV voted on by even sponsoring it should be boycotted by any LD, as if you look at the GOP Platform it opposes the NPV, this of course means several would lose their cushy careers and the Lobbyist that promoted it would lose plenty of clients. God Bless You; Van

Take a look and see if your Rep. either sponsored it, voted for it or both, some sponsored and then took the Politically Correct Cowards way out by NV = Not Voting, others Voted No so why sponsor it, fooled or owed Lobbyist either way need to be gone.

House Third Reading

AZ House Bill Number: HB2456 / National Popular Vote; interstate agreement

Action Date: 2/4/2016 / Action: Passed


Member Short Name            Vote                       Member Short Name            Vote

ACKERLEY                         Y                            LARKIN                               Y

ALLEN J                             Y                            LAWRENCE                        N LD 23 / Sponsor

ALSTON                             Y                            LEACH                               Y

ANDRADE                          Y                            LIVINGSTON                       Y LD 22 /Sponsor

BARTON                             N                            LOVAS                               N

BENALLY                           Y                            MACH                                 Y

BOLDING                            NV                          MCCUNE DAVIS                 Y

BORRELLI                          Y                            MENDEZ                             Y

BOWERS                           N                            MESNARD / House Leader   Y

BOYER                               Y LD 20                  MEYER                              Y

BROPHY MCGEE               N                            MITCHELL                           N

CAMPBELL                         Y                            MONTENEGRO                   Y LD 13

CARDENAS                        N                            NORGAARD                        N

CARTER                             N                            OLSON                               N

CLARK                               Y                            OTONDO                            Y

COBB                                 Y                            PETERSEN                         N

COLEMAN                          Y                            PLUMLEE                           Y

ESPINOZA                          Y                            PRATT                                Y

FANN                                 N                            RIOS                                  Y

FARNSWORTH E                N                            RIVERO                              NV Sponsor LD 21

FERNANDEZ                       Y                            ROBSON                            Y

FINCHEM                            Y                            SALDATE                           Y

FRIESE                              Y                            SHOPE                               Y

GABALDÓN                        Y                            STEVENS                           Y

GONZALES                         NV                          THORPE                             Y

GOWAN                             Y                            TOWNSEND / Whip             NV / Sponsor

GRAY                                 Y LD 21                  UGENTI-RITA                      N

HALE                                  Y                            VELASQUEZ                       Y

KERN                                 Y LD 20                  WENINGER                        N

KOPEC                               Y                            WHEELER                          N

Ayes: 40 Nays: 16 Not Voting: 4

 You can’t always trust some who say they’re conservatives, then sponsor & vote for Legislation or not vote against it, who do they really serve, also recall all of our legislators also pushed Prop 123, does this make them Conservatives ?

The only unfair thing about this is that there were "conservative" Senators who were committed to supporting NPV but the bill did not come to the floor for a vote so they are skating as if they were opposed.  That affects one of the candidates in this race.

Except it did pass in the House and Montenegro voted FOR it and still would. It only died bc Biggs put it in the bottom drawer and forgot it was there. That tells me he did not have the votes to defeat it. So why should we give money to these people?

Why should you vote for any of them, and believe LD 23 Legislator also sponsored it, which for me means CQ in the bushes somewhere.

75% of House and Senate legislators sponsored/co-sponsored the bill.  LD23 legislator did  not vote for it in the House vote. He is controlled by CQ but most of the 75% are. The same CQ getting paid by soros funded group pushing NPV

Vote them all out and solve the problem, it's a simple concept if you can find those who'll run and you can trust to stay straight and believe if we'll put these paid for legislators out the new ones will get the message, it's worth the chance. God Bless You; Van 

It wasn't brought to the floor because it would have passed and Biggs knew it, that's why it got killed would have been made him look foolish in his run for the House, so killed it, question would the Gov. have signed it as he pushed the PROP 123 and stripping Supt of Constitutional Authority and signed onto them, don't trust any of these people, and while we're at it Lesko get endorsed by AZ Republic and Brewer couple of good reasons not to ever vote for her as well as her record. God Bless You; Van 



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