Donald J Trump, President: While he may have no political experience (a +) and he was brash and bombastic during the primary, he has not denied 600 requests for security for Benghazi, is not responsible for the deaths of four Americans, did not sell out any part of America for his personal benefit, did not get rich without ever holding a private sector job. It's been proven that he adhere's to the Constitution without ever crowing about how Constitutional he is! He has the right strategy for rebuilding our economy, our infrastructure and the military. And he's NOT Hillary or a politician! Donate at Strangely, a survey of democrats after the first debate showed they overwhelmingly thought Trump won that debate! We have to remember – Hillary has had 30 years of lying and cheating and honing her skills at those two qualities. She sounds good if you don't listen carefully, she excels at bomb-throwing but is very short on substance. Look past the gloss and see the real person underneath. Do the same for Trump, look past his lack of being able to lie with aplomb and see the real person underneath. The difference between the two is stunning. Yard signs available by calling 602-833-2200.  And by the way, Trump won every MSM poll on the debate and all the conservative polls!  Clinton supporters on social media were livid with her for being, you know, her!  See them here:

Sheriff Paul Babeu, CD 1 House:  We always wish that voters would think through the Primary into the General when they vote for seats that are statewide and federal.  We are always disappointed.  While we have nothing against Babeu at all, he comes with a boat load of baggage and it took the Democrats about 30 seconds after the results were announced to get that out.  This is our chance to take back a seat for the U.S. House for the Republicans and we believe Babeu would be a solid conservative for us.  Getting him elected will take a lot of work in a district that spans the state from south to North and from east to west along the upper part of the state.  It includes nearly every Tribal reservation.  They tend to vote democrat.... correction, they do vote democrat if they vote at all.  This race depends entirely on whether Babeu can get out his vote.  He will need your help to do that.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: We don't care if he has made you mad or has gotten in hot water with Judge Snow – although we wish he hadn't – can you imagine how many illegals Penzone will round up? Can you imagine Penzone now opening up the flood gates to illegals? Can you imagine the burden on the taxpayers this will be? As far as we know, George Soros has NOT contributed $millions to the Arpaio campaign but he has to the Penzone campaign. We are in a war, folks, so put your antipathy aside and vote for the better candidate for Arizona.  Please, resist your urge to excoriate Arpaio on this page!  Think beyond YOU and about ARIZONA.  He will be far and away better than Penzone on every level!

Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Recorder: Although we know for certain that Aaron Flannery was by far the better candidate and most qualified to be the Recorder based on the ideas he discussed for updating the office, we also know that Purcell should be re-elected now. How many illegals do you think will appear on the voter rolls under a Democrat? That's right, countless!  Who do you want to manage the voter rolls?  A democrat or a republican?  How much MORE voter fraud will become part and parcel of Arizona elections in the hands of a democrat?  They commit fraud like the rest of us breathe.  The path is clear.

Darryl Glenn, Colorado, US Senator: it's possible that Colorado has had enough of democrats and are ready to elect a conservative veteran to the Senate from that state. The RNC has so far refused to help Glenn with any money for his campaign. Glenn is right with Trump on all of the big issues that matter most to Americans. If you are so inclined, here is how to donate: and here is the link to his Issues page: Everyone from CNN to the WaPo to Media Matters is after him so he must be as good as he looks!

Frank Schmuck, AZ LD18 Senator gave Sen. Jeff Dial a conservative big time whooping! Every conservative in the state celebrated! Schmuck would eliminate the state income tax, replacing it with a consumption tax that would largely be paid for by tourists instead of citizens of Arizona. A former Marine, he is currently a pilot with SW Airlines and an inductee in the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame. Frank is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, free markets that work, lower taxes for a more vibrant economy, anti-common core and believes all immigration should be legal and protecting our borders is paramount. You can contact him at

Kate Brophy McGee, LD28 Senate: In response to Sparky Smith's post in the Comments section, she gave up a protected seat in the House in order to try to get rid of the dreaded Dr. Myers who is among the worst Democrats in the Arizona Senate.  She certainly deserves our support.  For more, read details below in the Comments.

Arizona Corporation Commission: to be frank, we don't find anyone outstanding in this field. We do think Andy Tobin should be sent home as the worst candidate in the field in either party. Other than that, throw a dart!

Scottsdale City Council [This analysis was done by team members in Scottsdale]: Normally, we don't even get into City Council races. In this case, there is only one real for-the-people candidate in this race: Councilman Guy Phillips. All other candidates, including the new one recruited to defeat Phillips, are sold out to the highest bidder already. In our opinion, Virginia Korte has been the most destructive Council person ever to serve in Scottsdale. She is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce and every out of state developer and the LGBT community, which is very small in Scottsdale. Nonetheless, she attracts block voters in exchange for promises. She has been, and will continue to after the election, push for the LGBT ordinance. She has pursuaded Suzanne Klapp and two other council members to vote with her to enact an ordinance after the election is over. Phillips single-handedly defeated the 2013 Bond election and gathers many like-minded people to help him defeat most of the 2015 Bond issue. Neither was necessary. Phillips is against commercializing the Desert Discovery Center in the Preserve that voters paid nearly $1B for to keep as a preserve. That will cost nearly $90,000,000 to the taxpayers plus at least $1M more for annual maintenance. Phillips believe the citizens of Scottsdale who own the property should vote on that

CAP Water Board

There are several people running in this non-partisan election, two are democrats.  We recommend the slate of Mark Lewis, Michael Brown and Jennifer Brown. Mark has extensive experience on water issues in Arizona.  While not as conservative as we would like, these three are the most conservative in the field.

Phoenix Special Election to fill a City Council seat [This analysis was done by team members in Phoenix]:

Chris DeRose the REPUBLICAN running for Phoenix City Council seat #3 --- formerly held by Republican Bill Gates in the Phoenix Special Election Nov 8. This is also "SPECIAL" because it being conducted by Maricopa County Recorder's Office, instead of the City of Phoenix.

Chris DeRose has unusually broad support from Republicans across the board. He is enthuistiacially being helped in his Phoenix City Council race by founding Precinct Committeemen of the "City of Phoenix Committee" members who are responsible for electing Republicans to govern the City of Phoenix. This enthusiam stems from his positions on the 3 MAJOR issues facing Phoenix Taxpayers and Citizens:

JOBS--Blue Collars --- Committed to Phoenix being # 1 city to create a business

Public Safety--- Blue Uniforms 500 more police on the streets during the next 5 years

TAXES--- Phoenix has increased Taxes 25% and the projection is still for major deficits

mainly because of unfunded PENSIONS and LIGHT Rail losses.

Chris has done his part, he has reached out to ALL Republicans---he is working hard in this City Council race that lies inside,AZ LD 15, LD 20 and LD 28.

I ask you join the City of Phoenix Committee efforts to return Phoenix to a Self Governed City that HONORS the Social Contract. A City that represents the expectations of Phoenix Citizens and not be being run by the whims of a few politicans who are kept in office for the benefit of their UNION puppet masters.

Otherwise, there is a stunning lack of contested races in Arizona or interesting federal races. We suggest you support your Republican Senator ONLY because of the Supreme Court. Do we think someone like John McCain deserves re-election or would he be better than Ann Kirkpatrick? Are you kidding? Of course not. So you follow your conscience on this one!


Yet another school bond issue and bond override:  Scottsdale Schools are as voracious as a teenaged boy just home from football practice!  There is just never enough.  Scottsdale taxpayers voted down a $212Million bond issue in 2013.  Not to be deterred, it floated another School Override in 2014 that passed.  In March, 2016, voters passed Prop 123 putting $1.3Billion into the schools. Collectively, Arizona schools have $10M in unreported cash. The legislature did their best to force schools to reveal the amount of money they have stashed in hidden accounts but that never made it into law.  Now, Scottsdale Schools will have a proposal on the ballot for a $229M Bond issue  and a $8.5M Capital Override issue.  How much is enough?


PROPOSITION 205, by Dr. Richard Rutkowski
Proposition 205 will be on the November 8 ballot.  If passed, Prop. 205 would legalize the "recreational " use of marijuana in AZ.  Supporters of 205 promise that revenues from the sale of the drug will be used for funding of education.  What they don't tell you about are the unintended consequences from the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington - increase in motor vehicle accidents, increase in emergency room visits related to its use, increase in the rate of teen use of marijuana, increase in poisonings of small children from edible marijuana sold to resemble candy (with bright packaging and catchy names).  They also don't tell you that actual revenues for education haven't met up with the promises and the cartels and drug dealers haven't been put out of business!
Prop 205 would be bad for Arizona and would create the same legal, medical, and public safety issues seen in CO & WA.  
Prop 205 is opposed by: Arizona Republican Party, 
Center for Arizona Policy, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Governor Doug Ducey, Congressman Matt Salmon, Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, Former US Secretary of Education Bill Bennett, Arizona Small Business Association, Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association, Arizona State Troopers Association, Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, Arizona Trucking Association, Arizona Manufacturing Council, Arizona Catholic Conference of Bishops, Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, multiple chambers of commerce,  and many other public officials.
Prop 205 is supported by those who will profit financially from the sale of the drug, the Marijuana Policy Project (based in Washington, D.C.), and, yes, the Arizona Democratic Party!
Educate and encourage voters to think beyond their personal desires and vote NO on Prop 205.

For more information, visit:
Please consider financially supporting the organizations that are educating the public about Prop 205, via the first two links above.  
[Editor: You can see the opposing view at posted by Jack Wilborn.
NOTE: The AFA Team is unanimously against this Proposition.]

This is the minimum wage proposition.  We don't believe it's governments business to tell any business how to run their business, how much to pay employees or have to provide benefits of any kind.  That is part of any particular business plan base on the owner's decisions.  Please do not allow government run private small business in Arizona.
McCain has never voted for you and you shouldn't vote for him.  The democrat is not much different than McCain and will be a freshmen senator, will have no important committee assignment to corrupt and will have little influence on votes and deal making.
If you can't bring yourself to vote for Kirkpatrick, vote for the write-in by writing in the name Selena Lopez.  We know nothing about her except that she is NOT McCain.  Or you can opt to pass on that race altogether.  McCain is not just "the most hated man in the Senate," he is hated by voters he's hurt in other states.

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So you want the Democrat to manage the voter rolls?  Because that is now the only other choice.  It's not an endorsement and we made it clear the voters chose the wrong candidate.  But elections have consequences as is often said.  

For those in LD 28 I would like to mention one other:

Kate McGee who is running for the AZ Senate against the notorious Dr. Eric Meyer. 

Kate McGee stepped up after Adam Driggs chose not to seek re-election. 

I have been told that several LD 28 members were involved, in both decisions.  Think what you may about LD 28 Republicans but lots of us are working hard to get rid of the "Demoncrat"  Dr. Meyer.  The Dems work the single shot process very well in this district, single member districts would solve this problem.

Thanks to all of those who are working hard for LD 28 to return to 3 Rs, and ESPECIALLY to Kate McGee for doing her part to help maintain Republican majority in the AZ Senate.

I'll be voting YES on 205. IMHO, there is no real excuse for marijuana to be illegal -

And I'll be voting 'NO' on 205.  There's a provision in this Bill that Marijuana shall not be used as the lone reason for 'driving under the influence'.  That means that someone could be higher than Cloud 9 on Marijuana and not get ticketed.  That's not right!  I would agree with so-called recreational use, if someone wants to throw their life away, who am I to stop them?  But no-one will ever convince me that it's not a gateway drug!  So they can throw their life away.....I'll just let God sort it out with them.

I'm Voting Trump as I think he is our only shot to restore & reform this country and help us get back on track.

Obviously the Establishment Empire wants to crush the last of the Jedi-Patriots.

Wear Red if you go to the polls to vote.

Agree 100% on this opinion piece.  except maybe Water Board. Don't know one thing about that board. I personally voted for 1 Republican and 1 Dem for ACC. They've got a republican old boys club going there now.  A dem would shake them up a bit. So I voted for Mundell

I know all of the candidates running for the AZ Water CAP. The great ones are Mark Lewis, Jennifer Brown and Mike Francis. They are a good team and very educated.

Wasn't there an earlier article here in AZFA, that Prop 205 is involved with GEORGE SOROS. He has helped finance it, and has done so in other states. This should be a red flag all by itself. Legal or not, there is something not right about SOROS funding prop 205. He funds Black Lives Matter and other organizations that are aimed to "divide & conquer."

Yes, Alex.  Soros has put up $1million to get the signatures and then put up the money to advertise it, mailers, signs and all that goes into a campaign.  BTW, he also put up quite a lot of money for Penzone to defeat Arpaio, too.  Latest campaign finance reports out to get the exact amount if you can figure out which IE is his!

Can anyone find info on Selena Lopez. Is she truly a conservative. Does she believe in following the Constitution etc?? 

We found her write-in candidacy being put forward by PCs in Yavapai County.  Other than that, the best thing is that she's not McCain and is a qualified write-in which means votes for her will be counted.  She's an option for those who want it.



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