Christine Jones, Exposed – Part 2

Yesterday, we drew attention to Christine Jones’ shaky rhetoric regarding her position on amnesty. Her “tough talk” border security plan comes with a whopping $270 million price tag - and, as she forcefully says in her latest political ad,  she will send the bill to President Obama.

Not so fast! Just last night, at her Scottsdale townhall with Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Jones admitted that sending Obama the bill is simply an unrealistic expectation.

‘I’m not as stupid as I look,” she says before tossing her hair and smiling at the crowd.

So we ask, are we as stupid as Christine Jones hopes we are?

Um, the answer is emphatically NO!  But don’t take our word for it. Check out this video for yourself:

[Editor:  AFA had two representatives at that event.  What they conveniently don't tell you is that Jones points out that Arizona now spends $2.8 Billion ($2,800,000,000 ANNUALLY on welfare benefits to illegals: education, food stamps, medical care, etc.  $270 Million  ($270,000,000) is less that 10% of that figure and most of that is a ONE TIME expense.  Sonoran Alliance's credibility is shot with thinking conservatives.  It seems clear this is not an attempt to inform but is an attempt to distort.  Maybe they are closet Democrats.]

Read more and see video taken surreptitiously at Sonoran Alliance

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I was one of the two people there, when Christine Jones and Paul Babeau spoke for 2 hours about what they plan to do on the border. While I still have questions I want to ask, of Chrstine Jones, I remain absolutely elated at what I saw and heard, in Scottsdale. And I urge everyone in AFA who can do so, to make a point of getting to a Christine Jones event and hearing what she has to say. The woman is forthright and open--nothing like the typical politician. It was obvious that she is dead serious about sealing this border.

But Paul Babeau made the most emphatic statement in her favor. I paraphrase:  All of the candidates for governor have contacted me and asked me for my endorsement--except one: Christine Jones. Christine Jones contacted me and asked me what I need to seal the border that she could give me, as governor, what she could give me that would help me get the job done.

It speaks volumes, to me, that Paul Babeau has put his entire reputation on the line, to support the Jones candidacy. He's holding nothing back, but backing her 100%. This was absolutely evident at the event two days ago. I've never heard him speak as he did the other day. That speaks volumes, to me, and I am sure to many of you.

Christine has apparently consulted with everybody who has any firsthand knowledge of the border. She contacted Glen Spencer, down at the American Border Patrol. She liked the inexpensive sensor system he has developed, and she is going to implement it on the border, along with the fence, which she guarantees she will finish building, along the areas most trafficked (not in the less-accessible places, unless, of course, the traffic moves there, after we stop it in the places that are busy, now). How many of you remember how long Glen has tried to get the government to take a look at his sensors? No interest. Having spent a number of days talking to Glen, myself, I see her adoption of his system a pure and clear sign that her head is in the right place.

By the way: Pal Babeau, himself, guaranteed that the border will be sealed tight within 6 months, possibly even less, from the time they begin their operation. Think about the implications of this! Arizona will set an example for the entire country. Arizona will prove that the administration has been dead wrong in its handling of the border. How much easier to close the border than to care for hundreds of thousands of children without parents, children with illnesses, etc.

Let us not forget that Christine Jones plans to use her emergency powers, as governor, to take charge of the National Guard and put them on the border, using Paul Babeau's method of placing 3-5 soldiers each 1/4 mile within sight of one another, all with M-16s at the ready, and with the right to fire them, if necessary, to defend themselves. That means Ms Jones will be actively asserting the sovereignty of Arizona against the government's Progressive agenda. Asserting our state sovereignty will take in many many other issues. Not just the border.

Christine Jones said, the other day, that she wants to make Arizona an example to the other states, of what they should all be doing to set this country back on track. I like the sound of that! This could be the person we've all been waiting for. Let's vet her further and find out! Time is short till early voting. If this is the one, we need to tell a whole lot of other people to vote for her.

Well I saw Christine Jones at the Az Hispanic Chamber of Commerce "debate" and was underwhelmed to say the least.  She danced around issues like she'd spent her life at Arthur Murray preparing for the event.  Admittedly she's no Ken Bennett, who openly supported drivers licenses and tuition aid for "anyone who is in the state".  He at least was honest (as was Andrew Thomas, who was maybe a little TOO honest, but hey, refreshing in a politician these days), but Doucy and Jones softened their edges like they never would have done at a tea party event. 

All of that said, ANYONE would be better than Duval.  We have to keep in mind that in all probability the candidate who wins the GOP nomination will probably only get 25% or so of the vote.  Also, like in Mississippi, we can expect Independents and fake Republicans to flood the primary, voting for the weakest candidate, in hopes of bolstering Duval's chances.  Sure wish there was a way to thin out the pack before the primary.  We are doing ourselves no favor by running 5 conservatives and 1 rino in these primaries. 

You won't thin out the pack this year.  Thomas is running in last place and although I think he's a nice guy, he can't get enough votes to be anything other than a spoiler.  Smith is a socialist and is running right next to Thomas.  Neither of them will drop out and in fact none of them will drop out (good for Melvin BTW) because it's all about them winning even when they have no chance.  I suggest you wipe the dust out of your eyes and open your mind and look at Jones clear headed and unbiased.  She has all the tools to take out Duval and NO ONE ELSE DOES.

Excellent report.  Thanks much.  Jones is THE one.

Having a governor, let alone a politician that speaks what she thinks, is great, reminds me of Reagan.  We must move in a direction to keep the boarder sealed as best as possible.  Many things in government are not easy choices.  If she is open minded enough to look at the problem and not just 'know'.  Without an open mind we could be lost in a past, much changes quickly now.

Sealing our boarder is great, if the Feds would just not bus them in!


"an open mind."  Yeah, that's the ticket.  When was the last time we say someone running for office whose mind was not simply on winning by any lie necessary.  I've heard her many times and this is a woman who NEVER "dances around issues."  I watch that same debate streaming on Ch15 and she gave clear direct answers.  She just did not happen to be the answers Paul Yoder wanted to hear because he already has another candidate, speaking of open minds.  

Like your mind is so open. Give me a break. I haven't made up my mind yet, but after that debate, in which Jones did not distinguish herself AT ALL, mainly because she either mumbled her way through or had a lousy microphone, I couldn't tell which, but if you really think she's such a great candidate, you ought to get her to work on her delivery because it didn't have winner written all over it, and I honestly went into the debate hoping ANYONE would blow me away. Most disappointed in Riggs, from whom I was expecting big things. Just didn't wow me. Want to like Jones very badly. She just didn't close the deal. Sorry. That's honest. Trashing anyone who disagrees with you just makes you look like a lib, btw.

If you really want to like Jones very badly, and I hope that is not just an excuse because you seem to be the Lone Ranger on this particular blog, you should attend another event.  Maybe there is one listed on this site for you to attend.  I have listened to all of them and Jones has never stumbled, danced or mumbled.  In fact, she's quite definite in her responses.  And even if she did or had a bad mic, so what.  It's her qualifications to be the best governor for Arizona that counts.  It's her plan.  Its her straightforwardness.  I know people who won't vote for her because she tells the truth instead of saying what her audience wants her to say.  I hope people will forgive her for having a bad mic or for not "wow"-ing you because she really is the best candidate running.  Not only that, I like her because I detect that she is very thoughtful in her decision making.  I bet she goes to church regularly, too.

Oh, and I too watched that ABC forum and a friend of mine was there.  I thought she distinguished herself very well.  Others did not seem to be sure of their own positions and I point to Ducey in particular.  Riggs says he will do things that are not in his power to do.People should know that.  What's with his determination to stand up for every answer?  That was dumb.  Smith is a socialist.

No one trashed you or anyone.  I just said you should have an open mind.  Don't be so angry.

Not angry at all.  And I have to admit, my raging reservation about Jones might not be totally fair.  I have seen several times, always, admittedly on anti-Jones TV ads, that she gushed about what a wonderful President Hilary would make.  I was told by people at her booth at the debate that this was misconstrued, and I should go to her website for an explanation.  Well, I've been to the website and I didn't find a thing.  I did find something about her being the first girl in some all-boy sports league, which, actually, did not score any points with me at all, but I would love to hear her publicly talk about how she feels about Hilary, and how she thinks she did as SOS and why she said what she said, if indeed, she said it. 

Paul:  I can crack the case on the Hillary question as I have asked for that information directly from the Jones campaign.  To be both fair and accurate, several Gov candidates are going after Jones on all kinds bogus issues.  Strangely you don't see any anti-Smith ads and he's for everything conservatives are against!  What does that tell us?  They fear Jones.  And they should.  We'll be putting out a full 2014 Candidate Review shortly which may explain some things.  In the meantime, about Hillary.

Jones was addressing the issue of comparing Hillary as Secy of State to John Kerry as Secy of State.  As ineffective as Hillary was, by comparison, she was pretty good compared to Kerry.  That is all that was about.  I don't remember the exact words used but, taken out of context as they were, it makes it seem that Jones is giving high praise to Hillary.  In context, it was more like compared to how awful and ineffective and arrogant Kerry is, Hillary was.....!

All us smart people know to ignore hit pieces.  They are never true or put in context but are designed to destroy a fellow Republican in the eyes of voters.  If a candidate can't win on their own ability, they should not be running for office.



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