Update on Citizens Petition

As I work on this citizen's petition to the AG to investigate the elections, every corner turned presents another concern for our election integrity.

After attending the County Board meeting to "Canvas the Elections" several of us in attendance had more questions than answers.  We understand the report given by any director, elected or not is a presentation to be positive and tell a story wanting to be heard, not what happened, sharing the truth and nothing but the truth.

We need an investigation now more than when we first started the petition.  The issues grow and no answers to them are going to be given without an investigation. We need to know why the state agrees to an unconstitutional "opinion" saying that despite the 15th amendment's declaratory statement that a Citizen's right to vote shall not be infringed, we follow a opinion by the Supreme Court based on a lawsuit on the state of Arizona, that tell us we can't deny a person's "right" to vote even if they don't have proof of citizenship.  How many "federal ballots" were issued that turned the tide to Krysten Senima?   Do the citizens of Arizona want to accept those Federal ballots without proof of citizenship?  I don't, this violates our civil rights as citizens to have a free and fair election.  Basically, each of these votes cancels one of ours.

The other issue we need clarification and determination on is how many out of state residents got ballots and voted?  Example, I purchased my property from a couple I have known for a couple years from South Dakota, snowbirds.  They spent about 3 months a year in Arizona, yet somehow were able to register to vote here when I know they voted in their home state. This is evidenced by their "Sample Ballot” showing them registered here. How does this happen and how many more were/are there?  How many of them voted? 

Then there is the DACA issue.  They are issued Driver's Licenses as residents here or some other form if ID.  They are eligible to vote in our Federal seats as allowed by the mandate and information on the Secretary of States website.  How many DACA residents voted illegally?

Then again, is the statement by Fontes to explain the "reboot" or reprogramming of the "system" midday due to a "Code" they couldn't explain in the system.  He wasn't sure where it came from but said he was positive it had no impact or influence on the elections.  Now if this were an election with a very different turnout, what would we be hearing?  Russia hacked us again.

Yes, people, we need the AG's office to do an investigation into the entire election process, procedures, ballot handling, security (Or lack thereof) citizens being suppressed in there vote by non citizens which is a violation of our civil rights etc.  There were so many concerns brought to my attention I don't want to get into it here.

Please come to our meeting on the 5th of December at 6:30 p.m. at the:

Paseo Verde Christian Church

7569 W Greenway Rd.

Peoria, 85381

Randy Miller


These were not answered by Adrian Fontes and the people, who are the government have a right and duty to know for this past and all future elections.  Our republic and our state depend on it.



Randy Miller

LD21 Constitutional Republican

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