Update on Petition to AG’s office     

We had our Tuesday meeting to inform the group and gather signatures on the petition to demand an investigation on the elections.  I want to thank Clint Hickman for coming and giving his perspective and answering questions from the group.  This is what we expect from our elected officials as a representative of and for the people.  It isn’t always an easy task.

Supervisor Hickman said the county is looking into what happened with these last elections, acknowledging “some changes need to be made” and that there were problems with the efficiency and how they were handled.

For our meeting, we had a good-sized group with good questions.  The determination and energy felt and expressed by everyone is encouraging and motivating for all.  Everyone acknowledges there were major concerns with these elections and with Adrian Fontes’ handling of them, both the primary and general elections.

We have an attorney from the AG’s office that wants to talk to the group; specifically, those that witnessed and experienced serious abnormalities and perceived violations of procedure that may amount to violations of policy and or law.  Have there been long standing practices in place that were changed or ignored during this election?  Also, please read the petition that has been going around regarding our elections and decide if you have knowledge either from experiencing or witnessing the issues outlined in it.  A copy has been left at the West Valley Republican office on 99th and Bell Rd. in Sun City.

I will be posting in the briefs a meeting date and location for those that either worked the polls and/or the ballot counting facility after elections that witnessed improprieties.   This meeting will be to discuss and put in place a focused and factual listing of violations and concerns that need to be our request for the investigation based on what you all saw and experienced.

I hope to schedule this meeting the first week of December and have the signatures presented to the attorney after this meeting.  Representative Tony Rivero will be assisting the people with presenting the petition and sitting in on the meeting.

A request has been sent to one more legislator, I am waiting to hear from her.  Either way, we have great movement, response and turnout.  I have received calls from all over the county and some from other parts of the state.

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Randy Miller

LD21 Constitutionally Reformed Republican

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Thank you Randy and to all who are involved. While I do not reside in Maricopa County what happens there affects my county voters.

Although I was unable to sign the petition I none-the-less wrote a letter to the AG.

The petition is for all Arizona Residents.  As you say, Maricopa county elections affect the whole state.  It's like the Electoral College in a way.  The mass of the state population is in Maricopa, approximately 80%.  So our county decides what you get.  I have people signing from Prescott Valley.  I go to Payson next Tuesday and will get signatures there while doing a presentation on the constitution.

You can sign.



I can sign a copy and forward to you by use of email. All I need is an email address send to. I do not have the luxury to travel to Payson.

Doubt anything will be accomplished. I would not be surprised if AZ GOP endorses Sinema and then appoints Cindy McCain when Senator Kyl leaves in January 2019

Then if you're tired of all this, don't just sit there and feign you have no control.  Do something and join others who are doing something.  It isn't doubt because you don't act, it is a certainty of your own creation.



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