Friday and Saturday was filled with campaign events ahead of the March 22, 2016 election that is a winner take all of the 56 delegates.

Cruz's Rally for America took place at Arizona Christian University, strangely run by a liberal Republican from Scottsdale, on Friday evening in Phoenix.  The crowd was estimated to be a packed house of about 4000 stalwart supporters.  Cruz has taken up the issue made substantive by Donald Trump as far back as July: illegal immigration.  He had a man speak about how his son, Grant, was killed by an illegal immigrant.  It was a heartrending account of the problem that we see here in Arizona every day.  Cruz has a new campaign ad out, "Grant."

Cruz took a few potshots at Trump.  Yes, it's the political season and Cruz is well behind Trump in the polls but there are reported to be about 1/3rd of voters still undecided.

Earlier in the day, Cruz took an uncharacteristic tour of the U.S./Mexico border for a photo op.  Cruz has been a Senator from Texas for four years and the Attorney General before that.  Cruz has rarely taken an interest in the border until this election run for President.  Although, there are reports that early in Cruz's political career,  Cruz had a pro-amnesty position.  The Cruz campaign refused to answer how many times Cruz has actually visited the Mexico/Texas border in his years in government service but estimates are it is about six times.  That border is one of the most dangerous and is over 1200 miles long, very porous.  "Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s office on Friday indicated the Texas senator remains open to a path to legal status for undocumented workers, putting him at odds with conservatives who deride such a position as unacceptable “amnesty.”" [Link]

We'd like to see Cruz with a campaign platform that he originated instead of the one originated by his competitor.  He would be more credible even if he actually believes in closing the border.  As a sitting Senator, if illegal immigration is worthy of being one of his main campaign planks, why has he not been stronger on this before?  As a sitting Senator, he was in a position to be strong on this issue and wasn't until now.

We did speak to one attendee at the Cruz event who was wearing a Trump t-shirt.  He was not protesting or making any kind of ruckus, just observing the action on the stage.  Nonetheless, he was escorted out of the building.  There are no reports that protesters were at the Cruz event.

The Trump campaign was in Phoenix, Fountain Hills and Tucson on Saturday.  Friday consisted of a townhall event with Sean Hannity of Fox News attended by about 1000 people, the maximum for the venue. We are told earlier, Cruz was interviewed in a similar townhall with Hannity.  The Cruz interview is reported to be showing on Fox News on Sunday, Trump's on Monday.

Trump was scheduled for a rally in Fountain Hills at 11:00 am Saturday.  He was an hour late arriving for the rally due to a massive number of protesters outside the Phoenix Convention Hall as well as protestors stopping their vehicles in the middle of Shea Blvd, closing all lanes to any traffic trying to get to Fountain Hills from the east or west, creating a dangerous situation.  Sheriff Joe's officers and DPS were dispatched to the scene, arrested the protesters and removed the vehicles.  However, that also slowed down the motorcade for Trump due to the back up of traffic.  Attendees at the rally were undeterred and there were no reports that anyone left but several reports that others could not get to the rally.

Trump also had a mother of a young man who was killed by an illegal immigrant as he has done before at other rallies.  Treasurer Jeff DeWit, Gov. Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe were on hand to introduce Trump.

Trump covered a myriad of topics: illegal immigration and building the wall, bringing companies back to the U.S. from places like China, strengthening our military, wiping out terrorists like ISIS, repealing/replacing Obamacare, cleaning up government, making winning trade deals with countries one at a time, one at a time, one at a time, not a one size fits all deal and creating a winning atmosphere in America again.  And, yes, Trump talked a little about "lying Ted." [Link]

Security was strict at the rally.  Attendees with tickets of about 5,000-6,000, were inside a secure barricade swarming with secret service, sheriff's officers and TSA agents doing bag checks.  There was then a large area that was totally empty barricaded off to keep protesters at a distance so as not to interfere with the "peaceable assembly," and thousands more were sitting on chairs and the grassy hillside outside the barricades.  About 100 bought and paid for protesters were roaming the crowd but the crowd simply chanted, "Trump, Trump, Trump."  One woman was interviewed by a news source admitted that they were sent there by!  Given the officers on horseback overseeing things in that part of the park, the protesters got little attention or reaction from the crowd.

Altogether, estimates of the crowd was about 10,000-14,000 attendees.  It's a large park and it was full with lines of people already in place at 6:00 am.

From there, Trump went on to a rally in Tucson on which we have not yet received any reports.

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Cruz, who was also interviewed by Sean Hannity, likewise covered a myriad of topics, and it was aired live Friday night and repeated 3 hours later for Fox viewers.  Great if the Cruz interview will be aired again Sunday for those who missed it.

Funny that Trump's favorite line is "Lying Ted" when Trump consistently backs Planned Parenthood, the most lying, deceitful organization that the US government funds. 

Speaking of lying, Trump has said over and over and over, he would support Planned Parenthood for the other essential services they provide to low income women IF they give up abortions.  Only if they stop providing abortions.  How much more clear can anyone be?  I do agree on your description of PP.  He's not fool.  He knows that will not happen because they can't survive even on government money w/o abortions.  Very smart.

There are NO essential services Planned Parenthood provides. Trump has not taken the time to research PP's voodoo math, which is surprising since he's a businessman. If he did he would call them liars, wouldn't he? Or does Trump just not do research, says what he wants, and expects everyone to believe him?

PP has him fooled, and/or he's leaving the door open to attract voters like him with the "New York values" he is so proud of.

Peggy, THAT IS the point!  Could you tell me when you talked to Trump about what he knows about PP voodoo math?  You are clearly not a fan of Trump but please don't become part of those who spread false rumors just because you heard them from another candidate.  You err badly if you think Trump is fooled by the likes of PP.  And let me tell you, I lived in NY for a couple of years and they are very nice and helpful people.  Perfect strangers would stop where they were going to help me get to where I was going. You don't even see that here much.  Be careful about judging anyone's values.

Actually I was a Trump fan until he defended Planned Parenthood.  He received a lot of backlash, I gave him a chance to correct himself, and he never did.  It's been weeks.  I let  his statement about single payer healthcare go.  I let a lot of things go and defended him to many people. I quit listening to Beck because all he did was complain about Trump. But his PP defense opened my eyes.

FYI, Trump is the one who said he has NY values,  I didn't say it.  I'm just repeating him.

And my sister's a New Yorker.  I know very well how nice they are.

No, Peggy.  It was Ted Cruz who said that, on stage at a debate and got booed. Trump simply went on to explain the heroic actions of New Yorkers during 9-11, the brave police and firemen who went in to save people and then lost their own lives, etc.  Your facts are wrong and convoluted.  You simply did not really LISTEN to what Trump said about PP, either, or you did not bother to connect the dots. There was no need for Trump to "correct himself."  So don't repeat things that are false.  There is no such thing as NY Values, Mr. Cruz and Ms McLain.  There are just values that independent people decide to adopt.

BTW, I do my own research, I don't listen to other candidates complain about each other. That is a waste of time.

For one to have such "thin skin" when one boasts about their city of origin is a man of an ego driven cloak of fine suits. Beware of the cloak for ... "Better is a poor man who walks in integrity than he who is perverse in speech and is a fool". - Proverbs 19:1

Integrity is upright and whole. Being dishonest is the worst witness you can have for God. Notice how FEW TIMES Trump mentions writings in the Bible, he boasts but doesn't know it.  You are never justified in being dishonest. Integrity (honesty, truthfulness, faithfulness and dependability) or lack thereof is the foundation of your character and it is their character that makes a person worth following ... not the city from which they came.  Walking with integrity is always right and is judged upon by which is Truth, not fiction or emotions.

So which candidate has the most integrity? The one who has FOUGHT FOR our Constitutional rights and Liberties within the halls of Congress, and against the GOPe?  Not the one who has USED government to his advantage. For this Ted Cruz has my vote.  It is the media that made all this a big issue knowing it would get under the skin of an ego driven Trump, and Trump has used them this all to his political advantage.  Will he react this way as our Commander-in-Chief ... I pray not with an emotional quip of pointing fingers "how dare you say that".  Most of us know what Cruz meant .. he called out the vermin liberals in NY politics, and the carpet baggers we know as the Clintons. To take these NY words as a personal attack is immature. Get over it Donald and grow up. 

Hog wash.  I know factually and have for some time that Ted Cruz is a globalist of gargantuan proportions.  The evidence is all over him but those who will not see are the problem.  Before starting this response I noticed the link that Jan posted and it is damning to be sure on this topic.  But it is only for those not willfully blind.  Integrity?  That is a laugh.  Cruz is not an outsider with integrity and never has been.  He's been in some sort of government position his entire work life and he is embroiled in it up to his eyebrows. The reason the establishment doesn't like him is that he has aspirations to push the global agenda 21 issue faster than they want it pushed.  Cruz is no "boiling frog" politician of patience. Cruz IS the GOPe on steroids.  One need only to look at who is financing him to know that except for the willfully blind. And look at his path to where he is today.  It mirror's Obama's. But the willfully blind will not see.   I dare each of you to read that link.  I'm sending AFA a private request to post it.  I know they are right when they have posted similar links before.  I would much rather NOT be right about this but I am right and that is that!

And Trump tried to do WHAT to an old lady and her house?

A word about these "protesters."  There is a network of young people who have set up a network across the country for the sole purpose of disrupting any and all events by republicans.  They started with 20 young men who sent out an invitation to join the network and asked to bring in 20 more.  It didn't take long to get a huge network of militant protestors. The way it works is they get the word that Republican Candidate is having an event - in this case, the candidate they truly fear is Trump.  They send out a call to militant protesters on the network who are closest to the event site.  These protesters are paid by and the action is designed by  If any get arrested, MoveOn pays the bail and other charges and expenses.  This is NOT an organic movement.  It is NOT because Trump is the cause.  It's because Trump is the frontrunner and also because he is NOT politically correct.  The rhetoric of the creeps is written for them by MoveOn - these are kids who are malleable, seeking notoriety.  Think 1960's all over again, but more organized and with paid thugs masquerading as protesters.  Bet they aren't paying taxes on that money!

These thugs are doing nothing but trying to drive Trump supporters away from these rallies.  Working really well.  Maybe they should do same at Hillary rallies to get some people to show up there. They have no beliefs except those they have been told they have.  I understand why Trump says "lying Cruz."  He gets a lot of "pants on fire" ratings from organizations who track such things.



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