Friday and Saturday was filled with campaign events ahead of the March 22, 2016 election that is a winner take all of the 56 delegates.

Cruz's Rally for America took place at Arizona Christian University, strangely run by a liberal Republican from Scottsdale, on Friday evening in Phoenix.  The crowd was estimated to be a packed house of about 4000 stalwart supporters.  Cruz has taken up the issue made substantive by Donald Trump as far back as July: illegal immigration.  He had a man speak about how his son, Grant, was killed by an illegal immigrant.  It was a heartrending account of the problem that we see here in Arizona every day.  Cruz has a new campaign ad out, "Grant."

Cruz took a few potshots at Trump.  Yes, it's the political season and Cruz is well behind Trump in the polls but there are reported to be about 1/3rd of voters still undecided.

Earlier in the day, Cruz took an uncharacteristic tour of the U.S./Mexico border for a photo op.  Cruz has been a Senator from Texas for four years and the Attorney General before that.  Cruz has rarely taken an interest in the border until this election run for President.  Although, there are reports that early in Cruz's political career,  Cruz had a pro-amnesty position.  The Cruz campaign refused to answer how many times Cruz has actually visited the Mexico/Texas border in his years in government service but estimates are it is about six times.  That border is one of the most dangerous and is over 1200 miles long, very porous.  "Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s office on Friday indicated the Texas senator remains open to a path to legal status for undocumented workers, putting him at odds with conservatives who deride such a position as unacceptable “amnesty.”" [Link]

We'd like to see Cruz with a campaign platform that he originated instead of the one originated by his competitor.  He would be more credible even if he actually believes in closing the border.  As a sitting Senator, if illegal immigration is worthy of being one of his main campaign planks, why has he not been stronger on this before?  As a sitting Senator, he was in a position to be strong on this issue and wasn't until now.

We did speak to one attendee at the Cruz event who was wearing a Trump t-shirt.  He was not protesting or making any kind of ruckus, just observing the action on the stage.  Nonetheless, he was escorted out of the building.  There are no reports that protesters were at the Cruz event.

The Trump campaign was in Phoenix, Fountain Hills and Tucson on Saturday.  Friday consisted of a townhall event with Sean Hannity of Fox News attended by about 1000 people, the maximum for the venue. We are told earlier, Cruz was interviewed in a similar townhall with Hannity.  The Cruz interview is reported to be showing on Fox News on Sunday, Trump's on Monday.

Trump was scheduled for a rally in Fountain Hills at 11:00 am Saturday.  He was an hour late arriving for the rally due to a massive number of protesters outside the Phoenix Convention Hall as well as protestors stopping their vehicles in the middle of Shea Blvd, closing all lanes to any traffic trying to get to Fountain Hills from the east or west, creating a dangerous situation.  Sheriff Joe's officers and DPS were dispatched to the scene, arrested the protesters and removed the vehicles.  However, that also slowed down the motorcade for Trump due to the back up of traffic.  Attendees at the rally were undeterred and there were no reports that anyone left but several reports that others could not get to the rally.

Trump also had a mother of a young man who was killed by an illegal immigrant as he has done before at other rallies.  Treasurer Jeff DeWit, Gov. Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe were on hand to introduce Trump.

Trump covered a myriad of topics: illegal immigration and building the wall, bringing companies back to the U.S. from places like China, strengthening our military, wiping out terrorists like ISIS, repealing/replacing Obamacare, cleaning up government, making winning trade deals with countries one at a time, one at a time, one at a time, not a one size fits all deal and creating a winning atmosphere in America again.  And, yes, Trump talked a little about "lying Ted." [Link]

Security was strict at the rally.  Attendees with tickets of about 5,000-6,000, were inside a secure barricade swarming with secret service, sheriff's officers and TSA agents doing bag checks.  There was then a large area that was totally empty barricaded off to keep protesters at a distance so as not to interfere with the "peaceable assembly," and thousands more were sitting on chairs and the grassy hillside outside the barricades.  About 100 bought and paid for protesters were roaming the crowd but the crowd simply chanted, "Trump, Trump, Trump."  One woman was interviewed by a news source admitted that they were sent there by!  Given the officers on horseback overseeing things in that part of the park, the protesters got little attention or reaction from the crowd.

Altogether, estimates of the crowd was about 10,000-14,000 attendees.  It's a large park and it was full with lines of people already in place at 6:00 am.

From there, Trump went on to a rally in Tucson on which we have not yet received any reports.

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Perhaps because Cruz doesn't spew hatred from the Podium?

Sounds like you think stopping free speech is a good thing if you disagree with the speech.  That's exactly what these idiots think.  Then in Tucson the protesters inside the building were wearing KKK garb. They clearly don't know it's the Democrats who are KKK.  They also don't seem to know that started the rumor that the KKK endorsed Trump but that was a lie that the media keep perpetuating.  But the CA Grand Wizard of the KKK actually endorsed Hillary. Don't hear that on the news! We are in great peril when our side starts to agree with the loss of our freedoms little by little.

Perhaps because Trump will cut off their welfare?  Cruz is no threat to these welfare cases and they know it.

Have any of you Trump supporters THOUGHT that it is Congress ... not the President ... who would have to act to get these campaign words put into law???

Think about that ... all these campaign words need Congressional action ... for they are appropriated dollars !!

One thing we can always count on from Cruz supporters is they will insult everyone else.  John, you apparently have not noticed what Congress has been up to the past 7 years?  Or perhaps, you could study how Reagan managed Congress to see how it's properly done.

Facts of an issue are not insults. Congress has its low rating because the GOPe has refused to stand up to the vermin Demon-crats. (I've been following Congress since 1968)  

It is THAT disregard to our Constitution which has given a man named Trump to jump into the DC swamp waters. Learn some facts ...

Don't spread misinformation that Trump is so beyond the pale. Trump can do very little without a Congress supporting him.  So where does Ted Cruz stand on those "welfare cases" ... At the 2012 Republican Nation  Convention speech August 28, 2012 ... "To restore America, to get Americans back to work, we must rein in the leviathan. We must stop spending money we don't have and turn around our crushing debt. Each of you comprises the fabric of our nation. Together, we must revive our many-century love story with liberty and restore that shining City on a Hill that is America."

This irratares me to no end. A very negative report about CRUZ without proof or documentation. Apparently no one has done any homework on CRUZ. This site when written by anoumious should be neutral. Everything is great about Trump and negative about CRUZ. I can send you more than 13 links on Trump's lies and distortions, financial troubles, working with the Mafia, owing 160 million to George Soros, being owned by wall st banks. But no mention here, nada, nothing. Just wait if he is the nominee the liberals will unload what I've found from creditable sources and there is more. So now l will post some links where those who love Trump will see what isn't being reported. It won't change your mind I'm sure but at least you might get some true information on this chameleon. I will post links on CRUZ because none here know how great a candidate this man is. Nor his platform that hasn't changed. He has never stole another's platform. He doesn't need to his colors haven't ever changed. Look into his past he values are the same. PRO LIFE, PRO 2A, has always been against illegal immigration. Defended our constitution at SCOTUS 9 times won 5. What other lawyer has done that ever? Not a one yet so many of you rip him apart. We've been blessed to receive such an honorable man at a time when we need it the most and most of you are going to blow it.
You must all know that the Rino's hate him more than trump and as republicans you should by now know that. So here are the links if you have the fortitude to get informed. Read the last 2 sentences from Trump.
You might not care but this is criminal and the penalty is 2 years in prison but the politicians don't go to jail and get away with crimes, as in Hillary. He record is impeccable.
Just in case you're interested l do have more let's see if anyone will bother to read about the candidates. You can't say no one told you any of this now because here it is.

well said

looks like you have done your research, and making a choice based on facts not emotion

Thank you Daniel!

Once again Gayla you are showing you have done very limited research and only show the parts you like.  I've checked your facts before and find many of them faulty and taken out of context.  I don't think it's a negative report about Cruz or a positive report about Trump.  You know, there are many many other sites that beat up on Trump for getting out of bed every day.  Why can't there be a site where they don't beat up on Trump?  Why does that bother you so much?  Half a story is not research.  You should see the other side - the links I have on Cruz.  But, to each his own.  I'm tired of establishment politicians running this country.  We can't possibly do worse than they have done since the time of Reagan.  As Rush Limbaugh said (yes, I know you will tell me that you wouldn't believe a thing he says because he's for Trump but I don't find that true) there is only one outsider left in the race. Right on, Rush.

Maybe you haven't heard Rush likes Cruz better. I've done that research you claim I haven't. How would you know you didn't ask. Let me guess britebart and drudge they are both in bed with trump. Trump has committed crimes by bribing politicians for their support, but that's ok with you. Give me the facts on Cruz that you have let me check what you claim to have found. I've posted proof you have not. If trump is the nominee the liberals will unleash so much more giving us Hillary. Cruz is the best smartest most gualified to defend the constitution and that's what we need now at the this critical time. The constitution has been shredded. Trump can't defend it he doesn't know it, that's obiviouls when he opens his mouth. So give me what you've got so l can check what you claim to have.



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