More corrupt judges or canny strategy?  It's on these three to  produce proof that is was reasonable to believe the election was stolen.


A Trump-appointed judge ruled on Wednesday that a $1.3 billion lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell may proceed.

Judge Carl Nichols dismissed requests to throw out the junk lawsuit.

Judge Carl Nichols – DC US District Court

Dominion Voting Systems is suing the Trump supporters for their accusations that votes were changed during the 2020 election.

Dominion is under fire since the 2020 elections after the impossible “win” by Joe Biden.

Newsweek reported:

A federal judge Wednesday ordered that three defamation lawsuits of $1.3 billion each filed by Dominion Voting Systems be allowed to continue after allies of former President Donald Trump filed requests that they be dismissed.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s former personal attorney, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and “Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell are all named as defendants in lawsuits that will proceed, alleging that each of these parties made claims without evidence that Dominion Voting Systems had rigged the results of the 2020 presidential election by manipulating voting numbers.

United States District Court Judge Carl Nichols, who is a Trump appointee, wrote in a 44-page memorandum opinion, where he dismisses requests to block the lawsuits, that “Dominion alleges that each Defendant made defamatory statements about its role in the 2020 election,” according to court documents seen by Newsweek.

The document says “those statements are too numerous to summarize in their entirety.” But Nichols cites several examples of standout defamation allegations without backing as grounds for why the defamation suits should be allowed to continue.

“On the day of the presidential election,” Nichols wrote, “Powell appeared on One America News Network and declared that Democrats were trying to “steal the vote” from President Trump and that “they ha[d] developed a computer system to alter votes electronically.”

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And so it is exactly as Sydney Powell declared!  Grab your popcorn, folks.

Judges appointed by Republicans and conservatives often betray us, as evidenced by ACB recently.  Liberal, Democratic judges are far more dependable for their side.  And it has always been this way with one notable exception: Clarence Thomas.  A second would have been Robert Bork were it not for Senators Biden, Kennedy, and others back in 1987.  (I'd love to hear what he would have said after seeing Biden fraudulently "elected" president . . . !)

www.frankspeech.com The election was stolen by a group of foreign adversaries.

We cannot absolve the Supreme Court of blame also for refusing to hear cases regarding this before, during, and after the election.  And the GOP, basically, sat back and did nothing.

Those so-called Republicans are not supporters of their Oath of Office, nor the citizens, and there is only silence as we are INVADED by opposition forces through our borders and to our Republic form of government. Yes, there are strong GOP members out there but they are outnumbered by the political "McCain turncoats" who only want to SPEND future generations prosperity as we slide into a Communist collectivism. The faces of the FRAUD is seen as the faces of those who voted FOR the Trillion Dollar "infrastructure bill" ... that leads us into amnesty for all in a budget bill very soon. This is a Spiritual War for the soul of our "creator given" nation.

Since the #ElectionIntegrity challenge as plaintiff to the 2020 election was denied by federal court Dominion's suit names the challengers as defendants. Either way, evidence can now be entered. Discovery should be fascinating. The question is: if the jury finds for the defendants, will Dominion appeal?            

The problem is that the case will drag out for years and discovery will not happen. 

Which suits the Deep State left just fine, unfortunately.

This is the reveal of facts behind the Curtain of Oz ...  https://rumble.com/vl12q1-mike-lindell-cyber-symposium-behind-the-e...

This is a website all should get ... Tierney's Real News ....






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