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April 18, 2018
We are witnessing historical efforts by the Democratic Party, in concert with The Arizona Republic and other local media, to elect one of the most extreme liberals in Arizona to the office of United States Senator. The candidacy of Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is being foisted on us in a typically deceptive manner by the left. She paints herself, and the left joins in the deception, as a “moderate,” someone willing to work with Republicans to “get things done.” Yes, she has done some of that; but don’t be fooled. Sinema couldn’t get anything done as an Arizona legislator then nor as a congresswoman now without taking a few opportunities to work with Republicans. As a member of the minority party, that is all that she could do.
No one has claimed she’s stupid; we’ve only claimed she’s a clever opportunist, willing to put her true beliefs aside when the occasion presents itself to work in her best self-interest. She first ran for office in Arizona as a Green Party member, lost, and figured out she had to be at least a Democrat to win. As a member of Congress, she has been given great latitude by her political soulmate, Nancy Pelosi, to vote for enough Republican bills that were going to pass anyway so she could build that “moderate” label – just enough to fool the voters back home. Don't buy it.
Sinema is no moderate. In 2017, she voted against the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act which would restrict the ability of states and localities to receive federal funds if they refused to cooperate with ICE. A recent Harvard-Harris poll found 80% of American voters believe local authorities should cooperate with ICE. Sinema is certainly in the small minority who believe otherwise. And it’s not just her protection of sanctuary cities that should cause law-abiding American citizens to question her loyalty to the rule of law.
As a member of the Arizona House: In 2007, Sinema authored a bill (HB2286) that would make it a felony if anyone other than law enforcement reported an illegal alien. She also authored a bill (HB2278) that would end the death penalty for murderers and rapists. In 2009, she voted against a bill (SB1253) that adds drive-by shootings to the classification list of felony murders. Thankfully, that bill passed 50-5; again demonstrating how far out of the mainstream she truly is, even within her own party.
When Sinema first ran for office, she bragged she was a defense attorney who defended murderers; then, when called out on it, she claimed that her past work shouldn’t count against her.
Sinema also believes there aren’t enough American citizens willing to work. One of her first acts as a congresswoman was to hire an illegal alien, Erika Andiola, as her “Outreach Director.” Think about that: a sitting congresswoman hired an illegal alien to work for her in her congressional office. Talk about being tone deaf to Arizona citizens – and to the rule of law.
Please notice her currently running TV ad touting her dedication to veterans (an easy sell; almost everyone supports our vets). Sinema doesn’t mention her party affiliation. She’s not stupid, but she is deceptive and conniving and can’t be trusted.
The Watchman
But if the Watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, he is taken in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the Watchman's hand. (KJV) Ezekiel 33:6

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Apt label to lay on  Sinema "deceptive".

I feel confident that those who are members here will NOT fall for the deception.


Our Founders were looking for Moral and Religious individuals to run our government. When your track record shows that you are a follower of Karl Marx, Socialism, and Communism, which are Anti-God,look out. Some people gave her an opportunity to be elected.  It is a shame for Republicans in Arizona who don’t know how to debate her and beat her, there is a problem not only with her, but with us, Republican voters. Her voting record in Arizona is less than double digits. She is dangerous, and Constitutional Conservatives better tell the Rhino’s, we do not want a Senator who is for open borders, the Islamic invasion to America, Gun Grabbing, and a person who is pro-Gay Agenda, Pro- Transgender baloney, and all the other crap that comes with the Progressive agenda, plus where is her husband? Her boy friend, her Fiancée? Moral and Religious American? Make America Great, Moral, and Religous again. Liberty, Guns, Bible, and Trump; that is our LGBT, Get over it.

Ps. Republicans members of Congress who are violating their marriage vows, also are not RELIGIOUS nor are they MORAL!

The Democratic Party is desperately trying to stay alive and is screaming and wailing and accusing just to appear relevant. 

But it is NOT relevant.  It has become the Party for malcontents, for all the people who think the world is picking on them .... the druggies, abortion on demand people, the 'I don't know what my gender is today' people, the Communists, the people who job is to have allot of children and live on welfare off of others, the illegal immigrants, Obama's muslims that he brought in illegally on UPS planes, and Elites who want to bring the population of the Earth down to 500 million. 

It's time we destroyed the Party of Sedition.  Along with their lying Media, their seditious supporters (Soros, Zuckerberg, Pelosi, Hillary and Billary, the illegitimate Kenyan), their Deep State embedded in the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon.  Yes, the Pentagon that was promised to lead the New World Order's military, loaded with holdovers from Barry Soetero's Years when America had no President. 

Now is the time ..... they are desperate because they know this is true and they are thrashing like a cornered bear .... but WE HAVE THE MEANS TO KILL IT ...... THIS NOVEMBER.   IT'S TIME TO HUNT BEAR!   IF EVERY CONSERVATIVE VOTES THIS NOVEMBER, WE WILL HAVE A BEAR RUG THIS WINTER!

Sinema is one of the Awan-hacked Democrats. Not a good keeper of the public trust. 





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