Now that we have two primary candidates for the U.S. Senate seat is the policy on neutrality from the republican party during the primary going to be kept in effect?  Has McSalley now or ever has been a client of Kelli Wards consultant firm?  Does this cloud the process?

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Does that policy apply to state races only?

The Republican Party in Arizona has no choice but to honor the Neutrality Policy. When JD Hayworth ran against McCain, if you remember, the NRA endorsed McCain in the primary. We did not get a membership to this group for 6 years. The party has lost a lot of members in Arizona because of the games played in the last 30 years by the Establishment. We are all tired of it. This time we will win (Senator McCarthy) no matter what the Establishment party says or does. His beliefs and platform Trumps anyone else wanting to get into the race. Look for several establishment Conservatives jump in the race to thin the vote. However, it will be hard to find another Candidate to run in the Primary for the Republican Party, who has a track record of success, youth, and Faith in God like Senator McCarthy! God Willing he will be our next Senator. See you at the Voting Box. Sign his Petition as soon as possible. We have the momentum. We just need not to throw arrows at Kelli Ward, but give her the benefit of the doubt for what she is up against. She probably knows the pressure of her position at this time in Arizona History.

Can Joe run as a candidate in 2 races???

Is Joe doing that? Missed it.

This comment just struck me

"Look for several establishment Conservatives jump in the race to thin the vote."  and was thinking about who else they could shove into the race to screw up things.

So, then I was wondering if the Establishment would convince Joe he needs to run again for the Senate while he is running for Sheriff..... hence my question...


McSally has bent us over since 2015 with her appeasement. Time to win.

Nothing like trying to stir the old crap pot. Why don't you just call Chair Ward and ask her?

McSally as a "client of Kelli Ward"?  Don't you remember the rather intense Primary battle between the two?  Dr. Ward was doing well in her campaign, but then the AZ GOPe (Jonathan Lines, Doug Ducey, John McCain and his camp, et al) decided they wanted a more establishment candidate, hence the appearance onto the scene of Rep. McSally.  Point is, I have a hard time grasping that there is a nefarious business link between these two nose-to-nose competitors that were seeking the same Senate position.  

Nothing against Mr. McCarthy, who actually does sound like the best candidate we could hope for, but must we rip our own party apart with such thin allegations?

Instead, let us work toward a goal that maximizes  the GOP's chances of victory.  If that is Mr. McCarthy, great. Beyond great; he does sound like the best person for the job.  But if he is not the most likely general election winner, then let's put to bed this hyped-up Ward-McSally conspiracy theory and support the candidate we do have, as flawed as she is from a Conservative's perspective.

When you wrote such a post, it won't help anything for Daniel McCarthy.  Making unsound assumption hurts the candidate you want to support. 

"Has McSalley now or every have been a client of Kelli Wards consultant firm? Does this cloud the process?"

Statements like this  are hyperbole and totally unsubstantiated by any proven evidence and not relevant to the discussion as presented in the first sentence. 

The issue is now  there is a viable alternative candidate to the establishment chosen one.  The success or failure for Daniel McCarthy to win lies on the shoulders of all those who have been bitching for years about  the establishment choosing who we can and can't vote for.   Now there is a choice. The question is what are you going to do to help him get on the ballot and win in the primary and general.  

Mark Kelly is a classic example of a carpetbagger riding on the sympathy coat tails of his wife.  He is extremely beatable by one on one canvassing door to door.  The Dems do it, the Repubs better start giving their all because we know that the establishment choice has already a great track record of losing elections.  Not a great resume' to fight against Kelly.

If you want a change then McCarthy is it.  If you want to know how it is done read "How to Bag a Rino"The Whiz Kids Who Brought Down House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (The Calamo Press) [Gray Delany, Zach Werrell, Harry Stein].  Cantor spent 30 times more money on this campaign than Dave Brat. Proof that money doesn't matter, votes do.


I had an opportunity  to speak with  Chairman Kelly at the Dobson Ranch republican meeting last night.  She answered my questioned clearly and without pause.   I asked her about the neutrality of the party where there were more than one candidate running for the same office. such as the race for U.S. Senate.  Chairman Kelly stated the the party must  and will stay neutral if this occurs. 

I asked if Martha McSally was or has ever been a client of her consulting firm.  She advised that she was not nor has ever been a client. I also asked it she felt it could be a conflict of interest having a consulting firm when she was the chairman of the republican party. She stated that her and her husband started the firm prior to being elected chairman.  She stated it was used mainly for her own purposes and sometimes they rented out mailing lists.  She also advised that her husband has bees assisting in a few legislative district races where there are only democrats in office and they are trying to get some republican candidates to run.  She did advise that the candidates her husband has been assisting have been advised that if another republican was to enter the primary race her and her husband would have to withdraw any assistance.





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