Have faith.... every swing state used the Dominion software, like Arizona.  Every one of them are beeing examined closely.  But Fontes was caught late at night messing with the machines.  Seems he turned off all the cameras - but missed one and he was caught on video!  Now what do you suppored he was doing in the tab rooms late at night messing with the machines.  Dominion software is very easy to manipulate the algorithms if one is trained to do that.  

Question: WHY did the Board of Supervisors, AG and Governor approve this system?  It's been legendary for years and a few updates have not cured the problem.


Countless Americans remain tense awaiting the results of the election, and several undoubtedly feel discouraged upon seeing “official” results in Google and other platforms, which proclaim that Biden has 264 electoral votes.

Since Nevada conveniently has 6 electoral votes and appears to be leaning towards Biden (thanks, Reno and Las Vegas, for that), most Democrats are salivating over the fact that Biden will likely take Nevada and be proclaimed the next President this week.

However, once again, inconvenient facts got in the way of the media narrative. Those facts include the fact that hundreds of thousands of ballots in largely conservative Arizona have yet to be counted. And of those 264 votes that Biden supposedly has, 11 of them are from Arizona.

Despite the Democrats’ most despicable shenanigans in recent memory, a data firm based in Phoenix, Data Orbital, has released highly encouraging information to Trump supporters. Data Orbital has examined the number of uncounted ballots in Arizona with a county-wide breakdown, noting that more than 250,000 ballots remain uncounted in Maricopa.

Even more encouragingly, Maricopa tends to be a Republican stronghold, enhancing Trump’s chances of ultimate victory in Arizona. According to the data firm, the Republican advantage is typically 20 percent.

[Trump is going to pull this out.  Biden scheduled to make a speech tonight.  How embarressed is he going to be when this is over? ;D  ]

Continue reading....

Arizona Supreme Court issues scathing rebuke of Adrian Fontes.

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Please turn off Fox News and local news. Start listening to Breitbartnews.com, hagmannreportlive.com, skywatcher.com, DavehodgesCommonsenseshow.com, carlgallupsfreedomfriday.com. Understand Psalms 91,Romans 13:1-4 that we don’t have a Caesar , we have the US constitution, and we have a choice to go to jail like The Apostle Paul, and Disobey Lord Ducey, Paul Penzone, and the Biden Camp. The election will swing to Trump if you listen to these shows above.The Founding Fathers were Biblical, and the were not afraid to kill the British to keep their freedom and Liberty. We will never be ruled by Marxists and Socialists. We will fight to the end. These are Times that Try Men’s Souls. Put a smile on your face and keep looking up. Trump is on God’s side and so is most of America. Never hold your Peace. Are you gonna cry and give up or are you going to tell the Republican Representatives in Arizona to support Trump or else!  We need strong men and women to fight the good fight. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition, We will all be free. This fight is not against flesh and blood but against the Rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms...Ephesians 6:12

Put on the full Armor of God, we have already won. This is not a political fight but a Biblical one. God Bless America.

Is it not true that the AZ Legislature can choose not to certify our election?





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