As a candidate, Diane Douglas, running to unseat John Huppenthal as Superintendent of Public Instruction, is making all the right moves.  She's making tremendous progress with her campaign and in delivering her message.  So much so, that Huppenthal has recently changed his own message to sound more like Diane's!  If one didn't follow this race, one would not think that Huppenthal has never liked common core, so much has his campaign speeches changed.  That may be a smart move for Huppenthal but most folks by now know better.

Diane clearly has a real love for education.  She is totally against Common Core, was one of the first to sound the alarm and has put herself out to thoroughly research that system.  She has worked to improve her campaign skills and is really connecting with voters. She is open to suggestions on improving her presentations to better communicate her message and she's putting those lessons into practice quickly.  As the citizen candidate tea parties yearn for, she's made some very critical moves to position herself to win the primary.  She accepts every invitation and does not back down to the incumbent. She’s the anti-Huppenthal!

What worries us about Douglas is that she is a one issue candidate, even though she is extremely knowledgeable about that one topic and says it is THE issue.   She also does not have the proven business experience to run an office as large and complex as this one.  We believe she can overcome that by hiring the right people to help her run the agency like so many others have successfully done. If she does put to work that ability to hire very good people to fill the holes, she will have a very successful term as Superintendent. 

But the best thing we like about Diane, and goes to the prior paragraph, is that she had a treasurer on her campaign that, while a very intelligent guy, was fraught with personality problems that put people off.  That is the last thing any candidate needs in a campaign as tough as this one.  Fortunately and for whatever reason, Diane has swept toxic personalities from her organization so she can focus on the important work of running an effective campaign.

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To Ben F from Florence S:  Common Core was asked for by the governors.  This was agreed to by the states.  No federal money was used to write the standards.  (I don't see any of those 3 things as against the Constitution,) 

Obviously you are not aware that the NGA is a special interest group that does not include participation by all the governors and even it does not purport to represent all the governors across America.  That special interest group is funded by dark money and special interest lobbying organizations that are constantly supporting more federal control and bigger government. 

In fact, since the NGA provided staff and other resources to support Common Core standards and the largest funding source for the NGA is federal grants, federal money WAS used to write the standards.  In addition, much of the staff of the US Department have been intricately involved in the Common Core creation and implementation, which, unless you are privy that they are funded by private industry, adds to the amount of federal financial resources to aid and abet the Obama-Duncan junk.  That means that the taxpayers have been forced to fund another public policy organization that only adds to the national debt and for a purpose that an overwhelming percentage of taxpayers disagree. 

How does that make you feel? 

As to the Constitution, I refer you to a simple thing called the Bill of Rights and the clear proscription for the federal government to inject itself into local education.  Second, I refer you to federal legislation passed during the Clinton Administration that specifically prohibited what is now happening.

Again, tests control standards, standards control curriculum and every federal program ever invented somehow morphs and becomes a federal boondoggle monstrosity of inefficiency and corruption.  We have dozens of examples and should learn from previous bad decisions.

Arizona can do better, as Dr. Stotsky ably and eloquently stated in the Common Core State Standards Symposium last October under the leadership of Senate President Andy Biggs. 

Do your own research.  The education bureaucracy talking points do not do you justice.


To Ben F. from Florence S.:

The actual standards were written by Achieve.  In corresponding with them they told me no federal money had been used in the writing of the Common Core Standards.  I can give you the name and phone number of the man who wrote me if you want to check it out. 


The government is not "injecting itself into local education."  The states chose to do this. 


As for Dr. Stotsky, she seems to have made a career of going around presenting against Common Core.  I would refer you to "Sandra Stotsky's Baseless Common Core Mythmaking" which points out some of the mischaracterizations that she promotes. (  "Stotsky Pounds the Table" also addresses her "misinformation and falsehoods."  (

We know all about the front organization run by Craig Barrett called Achieve, Inc. which was a creation of the Bill Gates Foundation. While there was no DIRECT federal funding - the House would not agree to it  in spite of calls for it by Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. However, as I illustrated above, there were plenty of staff time and federal and state resources diverted to the creation and implementation of the Obama/Duncan program.

I know that you guys don't want to count that as real money, but the fact is that these kinds of activities are contributors to the national debt.  PS, since the Democrat controlled Senate has not passed a budget in five years now, where do you get the budget line confirmation that NO federal funds were expended in this case.

The line staff at Achieve have no comprehension of where their funds come from.  That is way above their pay grade in all organizations.  Many times, most of the executives are not even aware. 

However, the main problem is not where the money came from to create CC, it is where CC will take our education system and how it will be morphed over time under the US Dept of Ed. just like every other federal government program has morphed to the detriment of the citizens.

To:  Arizona Freedom Alliance from Florence:  I can't agree with you that many states are withdrawing because they are looking at it more closely.  What I see happening is more and more people are being told the same falsehoods that Diane Douglas is promoting and believing them.  (Thanks to people like Jane Robbins, Sandra Stotsky, and Terrence Moore who are making money going around giving out misinformation.)  There is nothing in what you say that refutes any of the items I mentioned and besides those I could give another list just as long about other statements that she is making that are just as false.  I have never seen this happen before where conservatives have believed and passed on so many falsehoods. 

Phil responds to Florence on Watching Education.  It was put there because it is of general interest to those who are watching education and because it was too long for this comments section.  Please go here to read the response:

Common Core is to education what the Obamacare is to good health - and they were both born of the same parentage - Socialism, a failed institution.  Florence, are you about out of the Kool-AId yet?

To Ben F from Florence S:  If you think it is socialism, please quote me ONE of the K-8 Language Arts standards that would be your proof for that.  I have asked people to do this dozens of times.  No one has been able to quote one standard.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation going around and few people have actually read any of the standards to see what they are.   

I did not say it was in the language.  Do you have no reading comprehension skills??  Obfuscation and non-germane intentional misrepresentation will not work here.

I said that Common Core and Obamacare are of the same parentage - Socialism or Federal intrusion and control of every phase of our lives. 

I would hate to have you grade students papers for reading comprehension if this sentence is too difficult for you to understand.  It was only one simple sentence - not any big words or anything.



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