Do elections have consequences? ... not anymore ... it doesn't matter to criminals.

OK lets play a game show called ... Election Lies ... and the Emmy award goes to .... the Media.

This fire is at the chicken egg producer Hickman Farms is owned by Republican Maricopa County Supervisor Chairman Clint Hickman.  This is of suspicious origin by the establishment, and it seems like it's also ... a National Racketeering Conspiracy against anything Trump.

Watch the video below ... and ask yourself ... Where are the Ballots? .. and who will enforce the Law ???😡 🇺🇸

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So this video conflicts with what Stephen Richer's letter says in a previous post???  So, again who does one believe?  But since the Senate hasn't ASKED for  or even decided WHO was going to do the audit....WHY would the BoS move the ballots out of a scure location???  And why would Stephen Richer conradict this video??  It is so sad that this is the state of affairs in our country today.  There is no trust...only lies!

I think that I'd have to go with Richer on this one.  Not all the supposedly "conservative" media is reliable.  However, I'm with Reagan: trust, but verify.  Let's go see those ballots with Mr. Richer.

Gateway Pundit has a reputation of doing their research.  I would trust they did same on this issue.  Not just that, I was told by staunch conservative who has been a bulldog on this issue that claims to be an eye witness to the dumpsters.  I agree trust but verify but do you believe what the BoS says or the eyes of the witness?  Even if these ballots are voted by the dead or illegal they are not to be destroyed for 2-4 years.  Unvoted ballots fall in that category, too.  There is a chain of custom of all printed ballots and none can be destroyed, voted or not.

I think one thing is certain: we can no longer count on either political party to enforce the law.  Our current two-party oligarchy no longer represents "We the People."





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