[Editor:  Unless you are living in outer space or have been asleep at the wheel for the past few months, you know that the RNC is doing everything they can think of to deny the frontrunner the Republican nomination in the General election.  Louisiana has already launched a re-certification of the vote in order to award more delegates to Cruz, who came in second, than to Trump, who came in first.  This is voter fraud at its worst and we hope that every voter with integrity will stand against such shenanigans.  What it does is invalidate the will of the people.  We are a Republic but we vote democratically.  All of us have decried voter fraud since before 2008.  It's no different now.  It doesn't matter WHO commits voter fraud, it's THAT voter fraud is committed!  More than that, it is a matter of ethics, something the RNC no longer believes is important. Anytime the will of the people have their votes tampered with in any way, that is voter fraud!]

(New York, NY) March 29th, 2016 – Today Donald J. Trump announced that Paul J. Manafort will serve as his campaign’s Convention Manager. Mr. Manafort is volunteering his considerable insight and expertise because of his belief that Mr. Trump is the right person for these difficult times. He will be responsible for transitioning the Trump campaign’s activities as they relate to Mr. Trump's nomination at the convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mr. Manafort’s experience spans over three decades of working on U.S. presidential campaigns, and includes work on conventions for Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush, as well as Republican Presidential nominee, Bob Dole. Mr. Trump will use Mr. Manafort’s years of experience to support his efforts in all aspects of the convention as he closes in on the Republican nomination for President.

Currently, Mr. Manafort is an attorney and founding partner of DMP International, LLC where he has been active in business and international affairs for the last 20 years. Previously, he was a partner at BMS&K for 15 years and worked on dozens of international political campaigns in an effort to bring democratic expertise to foreign countries. He served as a director of OPIC following his appointment by President Reagan, and was on the Investment Policy Advisory Committee at the Office of the US Trade Representative.

Mr. Trump stated, “Paul is a great asset and an important addition as we consolidate the tremendous support we have received in the primaries and caucuses, garnering millions more votes than any other candidate. Paul Manafort, and the team I am building, bring the needed skill sets to ensure that the will of the Republican voters, not the Washington political establishment, determines who will be the nominee for the Republican Party. I look forward to winning the nomination, and ultimately the presidency in order to Make America Great Again."

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Side note:  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon tweeted out last night that the recount in his state is completed and Trump gained 365 more votes confirming that Trump won the state of Missouri.

I'm still puzzled as to what Mr. Manafort's actual job will be. What does a "convention manager" actually do at a convention? I guess we'll soon find out. Maybe.

This is just an educated guess.  It's not unusual for candidates to have a convention manager.  A lot goes on at these conventions.  This year, a lot more will be going on as the RNC is committed to having a brokered convention to keep Trump out of the nomination.  The Convention Manager will keep up with delegates, help assure that delegates are not confiscated.  I'd also think he would try to corral maverick delegates who have been promised rewards for switching sides.  I'm sure there is more to it and you can probably find info online but in this case, my bet is mostly to keep delegate stealing at a minimum - we have already seen the Cruz camp doing that - and negotiating for uncommitted delegates to commit to Trump.  There are enough of those to easily swing the frontrunner into the 1237 necessary delegates on first ballot.

It IS THE Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that runs this GOP convention!  And with that scenario, what happens when The Donald does get his 1,237 delegates?  The current convention rules CAN BE CHANGED before the Cleveland gathering which would create the "chaos" wanted by socialist Demon-crats and establishment Republicans who hate Trump and his candidacy. Currently the rules state that to be nominated a candidate needs to have won at least 8 primaries. So that leaves out all but 2. But the GOPe still wants it's way, so would Trump bolt out?

What bothers me most is that Manafort has .."worked on dozens of international political campaigns in an effort to bring democratic expertise to foreign countries." and most foreign nations are Socialistic. This Republican Establishment has been mega infiltrated by the Democrats and with the 8 years of a "transparent" Obama administration and we the people should be wary. Obama's transformation came and stayed while the Republican party did nothing, and took away the Ace Card of impeachment. For all of those living for the return of freedom and liberty to America, Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz are the only real potential winners we can trust with our national heritage. BOTH candidates should focus on what Hillary and Sanders will DO TO America ... not each other, so pick up the mantle boys and hit them where it hurts.

Double AMEN, John

I am so incensed by what the RNC is up to that I want to depart from

my affiliation with it. If they continue on their current path I believe

it will mean the end of them. I am happy to see that Donald Trump

has hired a man of experience and wisdom to assist him. Donald will

not give in to the organization that pledged to support the front runner

candidate. He owes them nothing since they have betrayed him.

Trump is a candidate because the GOP does nothing to stop the quasi-dictatorial agenda of the socialized, statist, collectivist left. I've had it just as you have, and its time to start hitting these Demon-crat vermin with the brass knuckles of a popular "transformation" against any and all "establishment" morons.  

When I want a lawyer who will work for me, the person who hires him/her, I want the meanest, toughest, in the trenches SOB (pardon my French) person I can find.  This is a war we are in.  I can see that Mr. Trump is again out in front of the curve on what is expected to happen.  He is a very strategic man.  I am not the purist I once was because politics is no longer even pretending to be fair and without corruption.  Mr. Trump is playing his game, not theirs.  We have lived for too long in a defensive posture.  It's time to be on offensive.  I approve Mr. Trump's decision.

Oh and the fight begins.

Oh, I think the fight began when the Koch Bros, the U.S. Chamber, Karl Rove and Reince Priebus cooked up the 2016 GOPe Roadmap to Victory.  Their chosen candidates went down in flames.  Their chosen candidate is now Cruz.  I wish Cruz had said, "no thanks. I will play fair, no cheating and I can win by doing that."  Instead, he embraced the establishment so fast we hardly saw movement.  Trump vs Everyone.  Go Trump

Oh if this convention nonsense isn't enough to make you want to pull your hair out, there's some additional twists in the PA (Caucus) and CO (Primary) which can throw a monkey wrench into all of this.  None of PA or CO's  delegates are bound, meaning that Trump could win both states and still not get any delegates from either state.  Watch here:http://www.dickmorris.com/weird-rules-in-pa-co-could-decide-trumps-...

I remember the good old days when I thought the democrats were the bad guys who cheat. They could learn a thing or two from the republicans.  IMO, if your state voters vote for a certain candidate, ethical action requires them to represent the will of the people. But there is no ethics in politics anymore.  I wonder what Cruz got promised to go to the dark side. All these establishment candidates/operatives suddenly endorsing Lying Ted. I know what a rat smells like and I smell it. Now we are left with one candidate who is NOT sold out to the establishment.  This is why Trump hired this Convention Manager.





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