By now, you all know that Donald J Trump is officially the only candidate with the delegates to become the Republican nominee for President after the Tuesday elections in ND and SD.  There are still states yet to vote so it's clear that Trump's early prediction that he will go to the Convention with 1300 votes was correct.  His later prediction of going with 1400 votes could actually happen,too, but we will have to wait until the final votes are counted on June 7 with all remaining states voting.

We received this email today:

From: Donald J. Trump
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 11:37 AM
To: Trump Committee
Subject: Thank You All!

Trump Team, 
As you have probably heard, it was just announced that we, together, have won the Republican nomination for President of the United States. I could not have done it without you and will never forget what you have done. Let’s celebrate for a maximum of one day and then continue working towards November 8th when we will defeat Crooked Hillary Clinton. Remember, what we have done is said to be a historic phenomenon, but it will mean nothing if we don’t win in November --- we will not be able to bring about all of the many changes necessary in order to Make America Great Again.
Again, thank you, I am very proud, I look forward to seeing you all soon and most importantly, winning together in November! 
Best Wishes, 
Donald J. Trump
To which we say, you're welcome!

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We are overjoyed as we watch Donald Trump surge ahead against

all opposition.  He has such a fine character, determination, and

energy that he is a joy to watch and to hear.  God Bless you

Donald as you continue your fight for the American people.

Betsy Shoemaker

From the beginning it has been the message that has stirred the soul of this great nation.  We cannot allow this movement to die, because if it does, and the Progressives continue to guide us toward total destruction, that will be on us!  This is our moment, and maybe our final moment, if we don't get this man across the finish line.  Yes, it is that dire.

Thank you for the post.  I am so thankful for his leadership; he connects so well with many of us.

Last Tuesday Washington State had their primary in which Mr Trump won 60 to 70 % of the vote and then got all of the delegates. He received his 1237th delegate from ND and announced it during an oil summit, I believe.  On June 7th the following states will have their primaries: CA, MT, NM, NJ, and SD. Then it's on to the convention and November. 

We can do this!





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