Below you will find the candidates that AZRA (Arizona Republican Assembly) has endorsed in the Primary.  AZRA, so far as we know, is the only political organization to step out and endorse in the all-important Primary.  Too often, Arizona votes for the establish candidates in the Primary because they don't know the other candidates.


State Senate

Dist. 11

Vince leach

State House

Dist. 2

Deborah McEwen

Dist. 8

Neal Carter

Dist. 11

Mark Finchem

Dist. 11

Bret Roberts

Dist. 11

David Cook

Dist. 16

John Fillmore

Dist. 23

Jay Lawrence

Maricopa County


Stephen Richer


Jerry Sheridan

Pinal County - West Pinal Chapter Endorsement


Douglas Wolf


Michael McCord

Corporation Commission

Eric Sloan

U. S. House

Dist. 1

Nolan Reihead

U. S. Senate

Daniel McCarthy

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I don't know why Wendy Rogers who is a candidate for the State Senate from the district covering Flagstaff was overlooked but I've spoke with her and feel she has the potential to be a good State Senator.

Thumbs UP!

I know lots of people who have worked in WR campaigns once and virtually none that has work for her twice--I was one----all hat no cows  IMO YMMD


My conversations with Danial confirm likewise a great character and doer!! I'm from NH where it all begins having been involved in local, state, and national races in CA, WA, NH, UT  now AZ.  Support Daniel !!!

Character has to be proven through action and a record and there is none. He has been told repeatedly that he needs to prove himself at the lower levels in government. Also the term Demand Daniel a turn off. Its like purchasing a car or an house without knowing the issues and due diligence and the Senate is not an entry level job and he is not Donald Trump. 

Sue Ann, did you ask for Martha McSally’s proven action or record when she ran for the House?  Did you ask her to prove herself in the lower levels of government before she ran for the House? And pray do tell, when did you require diligence and the knowledge of issues from her?  Hum, not an entry-level position? The Constitution is very explicit about qualifications to run for this office. Sue Ellen, point me to just one that you can base your case on. JUST ONE!  You’re right about only one thing here; Daniel McCarty is not Donald Trump. But he’s never made that claim. However, he is just as unique. And before you claim he's called himself unique, he hasn’t. “I” just did!

Agree with you 100%

Me too!

McSally has experience in the military understands the complexities  of the military industrial complex, budgeting, how the government works, also served in combat, represented Arizona in Congress. A track record on performance an we know what she voted for its in the Congressional Record,  UNIQUENESS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PERFORMING IN THE AREANA OF POLITICS NOR THE BATTLE.  This has nothing to do with the Constitution but experience in government and a track record I will not repeat again.

I thought of Obama as the Manchurian Candidate I also apply McSally as one as well.

Sue Ann, 

John McCain, McSally's mentor, he too was in the military. He also understood the complexities of the military-industrial complex, budgeting, how the government worked, was in combat and represented Arizona in Congress. How did all that experience work out for the state of Arizona? Now let's see what just one of the experts who study congressional records are saying about your favored candidate.  They rate on conservatism. After all, that's what the Republican party is known for, right?.... Heritage Action Scorecard says the average Republican Score in that arena is 78%.  Not too good an average, is it? Martha McSally and her cohort, Mitch McConnell, are both rated at 71% for this session. Below the average. Now let's look at the lifetime score.  Both are BAD, but she nails Mitch for the worst. He comes in at  64% and her at 59%. By gosh, that's something to be proud of. As to uniqueness, you started that tic with your attempt at shaming him by saying he was no Donald Trump....And before I sign off, IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE CONSTITUTION. It is the law of the land and she swore to uphold and defend it when she took office. The Constitution protects you and me from those who infringe on our liberties. Check out all of her bills and see how well she's protected those liberties and complied with her oath of office. 

Good post Rose. Yes everything to do with the constitution and those long ago introduced bill of rights as amendments to by the anti federalist, Bless them all.

I was never a fan of McCain. He really held citizens of Az as a mere nuisance.





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