Below you will find the candidates that AZRA (Arizona Republican Assembly) has endorsed in the Primary.  AZRA, so far as we know, is the only political organization to step out and endorse in the all-important Primary.  Too often, Arizona votes for the establish candidates in the Primary because they don't know the other candidates.


State Senate

Dist. 11

Vince leach

State House

Dist. 2

Deborah McEwen

Dist. 8

Neal Carter

Dist. 11

Mark Finchem

Dist. 11

Bret Roberts

Dist. 11

David Cook

Dist. 16

John Fillmore

Dist. 23

Jay Lawrence

Maricopa County


Stephen Richer


Jerry Sheridan

Pinal County - West Pinal Chapter Endorsement


Douglas Wolf


Michael McCord

Corporation Commission

Eric Sloan

U. S. House

Dist. 1

Nolan Reihead

U. S. Senate

Daniel McCarthy

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Again he has no experience the Senate is not a entry level job we have a contentious election arriving that will the the worst in our history of America and it is at the breaking point. We have twenty one trillion missing from the federal budget equivalent to $65,000 per person. Obama gifted the banks twenty seven trillion robbing pension funds financial genocide. That is approximately $5o trillion missing from the federal budget and FASAB 56 was passed by both parties in Congress where the financial accounting of the federal budget has gone dark. Also the complex issues of the military industrial complex, globalization and all the players. This is not an entry level job. AGAIN WHAT PEOPLE SAY AND DO ARE DIFFERENT. We know McSally and the issues are far more complex versus being a true conservative and what ever that means ideologically versus  the realities of the real world.

I seem to remember another candidate who had NO EXPERIENCE in politics.  A silly old business man thinking he had the chops to be elected.  Well, tell ya what.  Give me a business man any day.  In case you haven't noticed the shambles the country is in from politicians.  Until the gov makes decisions on outdated air force pilots expertise, I will stick to businessmen.

Pat, good question. When will we learn to reject the candidates the RNC pushes down our throats? Some of us have learned but, we're in the minority. More often than not we are laughed at or ridiculed for sounding the bell of truth. Because of that, what we've seen in the last few years is the total obliteration of our Republican way of life and it has not been pleasant.  Perhaps Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said it best when he said; There is nothing more frightful to watch than ignorance in action. 

Sue: Here's a questionnaire I use to vet candidates. I've met both McSally and McCarthy and given them copies. McSally wouldn't answer the questions. McCarthy answered all of them as I would hope as did Wendy Rogers. The question now is will his walk support his talk. I think he's well enough grounded in his faith to follow through. I truly hope so but I'd feel better about getting elected officials to honor their oath if "we the people" had sense enough to unite to insure they do. They will soon have the chance through Friends of Liberty United.


Due to government arbitrarily and unlawfully having declared common law grand juries “obsolete” in 1946 Americans now have but three boxes through which to peacefully regain control of government; the “soap” and “mail” boxes in all their forms and the ballot box. The alternative is the cartridge box. It’s therefore imperative Americans assure only knowledgeable, courageous candidates with integrity be elected. This demands all candidates be thoroughly vetted. These questions can help assure they are.


Dear candidate ____________________: Do you agree:

 The purpose of government is to secure people’s unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity to pursue Happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence? Yes no

 To be lawful government must comply with the principles and policies set forth in our organic Constitution? Yes   No

 Any government Act that’s diminished or destroyed any Americans ability to enjoy a Right is an unlawful Act? Yes  no


“Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution……” as alleged by thirty governors? Yes   No

 The governor’s pledge “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution” should be supported? Yes No If yes will you do so? Yes   No

 The Constitution's 10th Amendment stating "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution .... are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" is incontestable evidence that the only lawful powers of the Federal Government are those specified in the Constitution? Yes   No

 States, via the Constitution, created the federal government as their AGENT and therefore hold the ultimate authority and responsibility for its proper interpretation and implementation?   Yes   No

 Two threats to the Constitution are a Constitutional Convention and bankruptcy of our states? Yes No If yes will you support legislation designed to minimize or eliminate these threats? Yes   No

To fulfill the governor’s pledge the US must control its own destiny. This requires modifying or terminating its U.N. membership, bringing monetary policy into compliance with Art.1, Sec. 8:5 of the Constitution, and ridding America and Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt resulting from the current policy?   Yes   No   If yes, will you introduce legislation dedicated to these changes? Yes   No

 The Emergency Banking Act of 3/9/33 that made Americans official enemies of the Federal government and gave dictatorial powers to the Presidency must be repealed? Yes  No

 Treaties, a purview of the President with the consent of the Senate, cannot lawfully create law as Art. 1 Sec.1 of our Constitution vested all legislative powers in the Congress? Yes No

 By applying doctrines of “interposition” and “nullification,” states can reject Federal legislation with which they disagree. (see South Carolinas 1832 Ordinance of Nullification) Yes No

 The 1946 change to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure denying citizens their Right to Common Law Grand Juries was/is un constitutional and must be nullified? Yes   No   If yes will you introduce or support such action?   Yes   No

 The 17th Amendment was fraudulently introduced and adopted and must be rescinded? yes no If yes will you introduce legislation to do so? yes   no

Very good Walter no surprise that McCarthy would answer and that McSally would not.

I’m wondering why Rep Nancy Barto from D-15 is not mentioned? She’s in a huge battle with the very liberal Heather Carter in the primary race for AZ State Senate - but this time it’s ultra close.  Heather has tons of liberal $$ (even though she’s a RINO), & Nancy’s having a tough time meeting the costs to keep up with Soros backed Heather.  Please support Rep Nancy Barto as she attempts to return to the AZ Senate.  If she is not successful in the primary, you’ll be stuck with an extremely liberal candidate (Heather Communist Carter).

Also, I have a lot of personal knowledge of Martha McSally & she totally sucked as an USAF Officer & “Pilot”.  Her military colleagues were disgusted with her every move & thousands of critical errors, but she was completely protected by Liberal Pat Schroeder (D-Colorado) & her three other liberal cronies in DC when they were forcing acceptance of females into male positions in the military.  Problem with Martha was she simply couldn’t fly & instead of taking her off flight status & giving her a position she could handle, the DC elites forced Martha’s superiors to ignore her potentially disastrous errors.

& before you rail at me, I spent nine years as an NBC Officer (nuclear, biological & chem) in the USA way back in the early 80’s before it was acceptable by society for a female to wear a uniform, let alone that position.  & I have a niece who’s a USAFA grad who flies F16’s - but she actually knows how to fly & received no special treatment.

regarding Wendy Rogers-  could we please just drop her like a hot potato?  I’ve known her a long time & she’s a consummate liar.  Last time she ran in AZ D-1 for US House & yet had no residence in the entire district.  We had a home in Show Low & I offered her our spare bedroom to use when she came for one night gatherings.  Her response was firmly, “No thanks, I’ve got a home in Sierra Pines.” (Development in Show Low).  Except “her residence” was really my other friend’s who had agreed to allow Wendy to use her address as Wendy’s own - in order to fulfill the residency requirements.  Wendy & Hal live & work in Phoenix & she needs to go away, badly. 

Joanne, I think you went soft of both Rogers who lied about her opponent, hateful lies.  Not just that, she blitzed the district with calls and mailers.  At the last minute when no candidate can make a real defense.  Just like dems.  And about McSally.  Both are unqualified to serve and most of us wouldn't vote for a dem but both are just to the right of Sinema.  Neither care about her constituents.  I wonder how a voter could support both McCarthy AND either of these women.  Beats me.

If you are interested in real numbers unadulterated by opinion, go to  There you will get the name and short description of every bill and put in the name of the official you want to look at and go through the list of how the various bills were vote by that official.

AFA, if I may butt in - here is the web address of this valuable resource (I just now looked it up):

Thank you for your endorsements and for suggesting votesmart.

Thanks, Vicki, for the correction.  One might think we never go there but it's really that we go there often and it self-generates so we don't have to remember the address.  You have provided valueable info to our readers.  This site can keep you busy for a long time!

Certainly. Vote Smart isn't one of my go-to sites, so I looked it up. It's a good one, along with Open Secrets and, which are my usual sites.

You are right - it contains crucial information on our politicians.

Be well.





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