[Editor: This all may be perfectly true.  But if Trump loses the House, he will face efforts to impeach him.  He is unimpeachable because nothing he has done rises to that level.  Quite the opposite. Dems will be oh, so happy to waste taxpayer money and everyone's time on this useless effort to try to keep the country in a constant state of uproar.  

What that means to all of us is,  no matter which state you live in, think carefully about how you vote in the 2018 Primaries and what end result you will get in the General.  "But I'm loyal to Candidate A and he/she has been my close friend for X years" does not cut it.  It's time to place loyalties with your COUNTRY, not an individual who may not be able to win the GENERAL.  Primary elections are critical to sending a nominee against a democrat who can actually prevail.  Regret, they say, is best eaten cold.  We say, regret is best not eaten at all.  Eyes open to facts, everyone.

This is true for Senate candidates who will decide who gets put on the Supreme Court to control our destiny on critical Constitutional issues for years to come.  It's critical to refuse democrats more power to disrupt the business of the Trump Administration.]

Those already counting out President Trump by counting on upcoming Republican midterm losses should reconsider. Each of the previous three presidents has taken office with his party fully controlling Congress, only to leave office — after winning re-election — with the opposition fully controlling it.

For a quarter of a century, even as America accepted an increasingly strong executive — and presidents willingly increased the presidency's power — voters responded by seeking to check it through Congress.

Last week's Pennsylvania special election result is the latest weather vane pointing to Congressional Republicans running into a headwind this November. Presidential approval ratings and generic ballot polling signal similar warnings.  Naturally, prognosticators extrapolate that bad 2018 results presage bad 2020 news for Trump.

Bad midterms for the President's party are nothing new, rather they are axiomatic. However, just how strong and long the recent wind has blown against presidents is remarkable — and historic. From 1900 to 1988, only three presidents — Taft, Wilson, and Eisenhower — entered office fully controlling Congress, only to lose it during their tenure. Yet this has befallen each of the last three presidents.

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There are so many people who voted based on personality or friendship. I am very concerned that the Dems will regain the House and impeach. The GOP will sit on their hands. They are contribute to this because of selecting poor candidates as was done in Alabama and PA

The polling numbers thrown out like penny candy on a parade day is being used as a political tactic by the parties. The dumb coastal elites were picking up as much candy that was thrown and landed on the street.

I am at this point not willing to accept the GOP will lose the house.

I do worry about the relentless attacks on our President, his administration and his family. The hatred runs deep on the left and we on the right have too few with intestinal fortitude.

Myrna its true the candidates in Alabama and PA, especially AL, not the best choice. In PA the loss was not a slam dunk but a loss none the less. 

The song words "these boots were made for walking" comes to mind and easy for me to say cause I can't walk anymore but hit the streets folks and make calls for candidates.





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