The improprieties committed on Election Day set the tone for the post-election tabulation.  If you thought there might be more improprieties during the counting, you are right.  Stalin so famously said, "It's not who votes, it's who counts the votes."  Well said, dictator.


These eyewitness accounts were provided by several observers.

  • Instead of the rather surgical manner in which the previous Recorder managed the tabutlation system, this was chaotic and careless.
  • Counting started the Wednesday prior to the election.  By election day, Recorder Andre Fontes and his staff knew exactly where the count stood, who was leading and by how much. This is valuable information for dishonest election department heads.
  • Ballot boxes not kept secure.
  • No security in the tabulation or ballot holding areas.  None for the first few days.
  • Ballot boxes emptied and ballots everywhere.  A pile here and there and everywhere.  Unsecured.
  • It becomes clear that counting will go into the following week.
  • The counting done in a warehouse with very  large rooms full of ballots, computers, machines, people, many untrained.
  • How ballots are voted is clear as ballots are handled by the counters instead of being fed in stacks into the machines.
  • Hand counts: this is a process now known as snagging.  Ballots that are hard to read by machine are laying around awaiting attention.
  • Workers in pairs of different registrations: R with D or R with Independent.  Workers are  sitting at computer screens and looking at the ballots that have extra marks or smudges to determine the intent of the voter.  I know you are envisioning Florida, 200o.  It's as simple as, oh, I think that ballot means this, put it in this stack to go back through the machines.  Oh, I think that ballot meant something else, put it over there.  Totally subjective.  Said one worker, We had to determine how the ballot was intended and not how we thought the ballot should hve been voted."
  • On election day, there are ballots that are put through the machines, ballots that are dropped off and provisional ballots.
  • There were an estimated 800,000 ballots dropped off or votes as provisional.  These need personal handling.  By people.  Trained and untrained.
  • These get opened, separated from their envelope and put through the machines or set aside to be hand counted or stacked or put back through the machines.
  • There are several different servers being used to count.  
  • There are many rooms, up to six but no one can go into all of the rooms.  People are assigned where to go.
  • From Wednesday to Friday, ballots are everywhere, in chaos. People were walking everywhere.  Who were these people?  There was no security in place.
  • In past years, hand counts were done at the Sheriff's office under careful watch.  Now, it's a free for all.
  • A lawsuit is filed to challenge how ballots are being counted. [LINK]
  • After that, people started coming in and observing.  The counting went into lockdown.
  • When the media started to come in, Fontes cleaned up the front room, everything was in perfect order for the cameras.  Media did not go into the back warehouse where chaos still reigned.  Suddenly, there is security everywhere.  Ballots are now neatly secured in their boxes, as it should have been from the beginning.
  • New boxes of uncounted ballots were found days after the tabulation began.
  • Supervisor Bill Gates gets a personal tour of the tabulation area now.  He was NOT taken into the warehouse where things were quite different from the pretty scene now on display in the front area.
  • In times past, the warehouse was used for handling and storing the labeled boxes of ballots in an orderly mannor, each box labeled with the district and precinct.  No longer.
  • In the beginning, workers were sent to their stations but it was clear that something was already going on.  There were already stacks in machines, making it obviouse some counting had already gone on.  Work shifts were staggered and people within those shifts were staggered, making a continuity of effort impossible to track.
  • Neither the media nor the Board of Supervisors ever saw the real tabulation rooms, said one worker.
  • Arizona elections have gone from Election Day to Election Month to Election Season.

All of this is still not the whole story.  There are people out there with different experiences and if you are one and you want to post your story, please do so  in the Comments box below.  Whether what we have been told by those who saw these things is the whole story or not, some things are very clear:

1.  The election department must be moved back to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors where it previously was.  Only a handshake arrangement moved that department to the Recorder's office.

2.  It's not hard enough to keep our elections straight and true.  Oversight is lacking and new layers must be installed.

3.  Early ballots, early voting centers provide atmosphere's easily defrauded.

4.  Voters have no confidence in the election process any more, not just in Arizona but country wide.

5.  The people in every state must step up and take over the call and demand for reforms.  Now.

6.  Without serious changes, we can kiss 2020 goodbye.  it will be over for Republicans and/or conservatives and constitutionals.

See Part I of this report HERE.

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So what? It is obvious that there are fishing things going on. Where is the outcry from anyone (except for the radical fringe A.K.A. people who care)

That is the right question, Harry.  There are things quietly working. We will take that up at a later time.

As Stan Laurel would say "Well, i certainly hope so"

The Republicans are such cowards. AZ GOP Chair was absent and so was Ducey.
McSally was an Air Force pilot but it didn't translate into her being a fighter for the Senate seat. She quickly conceded and Ducey met with Marxist Sinema in less than a NY minute. This is the uniparty. If President Trump created a new political party this would put the last nail in the coffin of the GOP. I am disgusted as the GOP does nothing except to attack Conservatives.

Now there is an intersting idea; "The MAGA Party". I have no idea how that would play out but i would want to have a front seat at that show. I think it's about time



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