It's distressing to realize that Maricopa County Recorder and Elections Department head, Andre Fontes. had such a big playground for mischief in the General Election 2018.  Last year, he managed a special election for jurisdictions via all mail.  Fontes called it a success.  Mail in ballots are the easiest to harvest, the easiest to vote illegally.  The  harvesting law as written has teeth with punishment as a class V felony for violations.  Proof of harvesting is extremely hard to gather.  

Nonetheless, the Board of Supervisors did not act to remove the Election Department from the County Recorders office, nor, apparently, install extreme oversight on the process at every step.  Enter 2018 Primary and General Elections.  Fontes doubled down.  Here are eyewitness accounts of what was observed in the General Election.  



  • Early voting centers: some workers reported there were a lot of voters that those in the precinct did not recognize.  This is unusual because workers who live in the precinct do get to know voters on sight.  

  • Reports that there was a preponderance of voters from one party at these centers.

  • At least one person reported being in line behind a car whose driver was dumping ballots into the mailbox - ballot harvesting.  No photos were taken.

  • Counting of the votes began on Wednesday before Election Day.  

  • We know when vote tallies are taken early, it opens the door for unusual activity to occur at voting centers, especially those in certain strongholds.

  • Reports that at centers where early counting was going on, floods of voters arrived in the waning days.  The party preference is part of the information on the computers.

  • Reports that early ballots were being counted early and recorded at the Recorder's warehouse tabulation centers.


  • Five "Emergency Voting Centers" were set up after the legally required voting centers must be shut down.

  • Fontes, interviewed on Square Off with Brahm Resnick, claimed the Emergency Voting Centers law was on the books for decades. It was not his job to determine if a voter had an emergency.

  • The emergency has to be due to catastrophic events: fires, floods, weather-necessary closed roads, etc.  Getting your manicure that day is not an emergency.  No such emergency occurred.

  • These centers were in voting areas with one party dominant.

  • The EVC in Scottsdale was in far south Scottsdale was in an obscure location that some residents could not find.

  • Door hangers in these areas urged people to vote, no ID would be required.

  • Reports were that most of these voters were part of the Resistance, were not legally registered, may have voted by mail, may not have been who they claimed to be.

  • The BoS did not immediately close these centers as they should have.


  • Fewer precincts opened late but still, there were too many.  That problem was mostly because the machines did not operate properly.  Again.

  • Some precincts reported that voters were not found in the computer system.  Those who had their voter registration card got to vote.  Others depended on who was staffing the polls.

  • At least one precinct worker familiar with computers was able to define a way to get more accurate voter info on the computer.  Most could not do this.

  • Reports of overly aggressive and disruptive poll watchers.  Inspectors not worried about infractions.

  • Computers we down at polling places at about 11:30.  No one knew what was wrong.  It was later learned that it was so that media could get a preliminary count.  Never been done before in Arizona.  

  • Reported that after that shutdown, things changed. People never seen before were coming in, all holding some type of paper.  The conclusion is that the shutdown actually got a count for the one party so they could rustle up more voters.

  • At least one report that poll closing and breakdown rules were not used.  Ballots casually handled, boxed up without supporting materials included in the boxes.

  • Massive number of early ballots being dropped off at polling places.  Some precincts reported multiple boxes were needed to hold them all, much more than normal.

  • Poll workers reporting that people were coming in to drop off hands full of ballots.  No system in place to assure ballot harvesting laws were enforced.

  • Reports of inspectors untrained or not doing their proper jobs, poll workers untrained and making mistakes on sign-ins.

  • Reports that any person who approached poll workers were allowed to vote even where they did not have proper ID, names not listed on the computer, no voting registration cards, etc.

  • One worker reported that people would come to the desk to vote but had insuffient ID or the ID was  not legible or the photo was not a full front face.  They were instructed to accept inferior ID.

  • One report of two young hispanic males together approached a poll worker. They were asked for government ID. One said to the other in Spanish: which drivers license should I use?  The poll worker spoke Spanish and did not allow them to vote... at that location.

  • Reports of disruptive poll watchers at several locations left unabated by the Inspector.

  • Reports of unverified "poll watchers" at some locations. 


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Drain the swamp

I am not hopeful that all the irregularities in Maricopa County will be addressed nor any head will roll.

Know what I fear most is that Republicans unable or willing to fight the dems will begin to play crooked stuff  themselves.

There is a heavy rancid swamp smell emanating away from Maricopa County.



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