A thorough case study of the pursuit of justice once an election has been compromised. Arizona is the most corrupt state in the nation. Pima County has the added distinction of the highest paid county administrator in the nation. What could go wrong? Fatally Flawed can answer that.

Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson gave a specific reason for why his elections operator broke a cabinet security seal and attached an ethernet cable to the elections tabulation computer. We know this because KOLD's Barbara Grihalva stated on October 28th:

"Now we're told the worker had gone into the cabinet yesterday to zero out the machine so real ballots can start to be counted today."

We can deduce that Brad Nelson gave this reason for the breach. Especially when he told Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller the same thing.  The only problem is that the tabulation computer was zeroed out at 10:31 AM, which is just after the Logic and Accuracy test. The election worker broke into the tabulation computer much later that day at 3:03 PM.

ou could see it at the following link:


Should this page disappear, click here for a capture in pdf format.

We welcome any open source style of investigation to reaffirm or disprove what we are looking at.  Feel free to weigh in at the comment section below.

In the interim, enjoy Barbara Grihalva's new low in 'nothing to see here' style of reporting.  She had brushed aside AUDIT AZ's John Brakey (the citizen who discovered the breach in the first place and immediately contacted Brad Nelson) to get her information from Brad Nelson and the two party election observers who never saw it happen. 

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And Gov. Ducey does nothing about fair elections just like all the past Governors. There's ballot harvesting, there's accomplices to voter fraud right at polling places, there's Recorders that make their own laws.
And Gov. Ducey does nothing. Oh wait, he sends out allot of emails so he can get reelected.

Ducey has had 2 years to change the cheating on voting in Arizona.If we can't have fair elections, then we have no Constitutional Republic.  Please read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.....

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

Like the winner in the Belmont Stakes last weekend, Tiz the Law! I predict if Trump wins the election, then we will have a defensive Civil War in America. If he loses, then we will have to go on an Offensive Civil War. There is no way the Enemy will stop attacking our rallies, or voting methods, and our freedom. Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition. We will be Free!

Amen brother!!!

I think that it's time for some real old fashioned vigilante justice in this Country!

Sounds like what was done in the last general election here in Maricopa County. The only difference is the Computers that are used to verify the real voters was reprogramed "remotely" mid election day from down town at the county recorders office. Never got any answer as to why, I reported this to the Attorney General's office, the entire system would be changed mid day in an election but I think it could be something like this. The computer is supposed to check and verify voters id wether Drivers License or Voter ID, it will do both they say, to see if it is in the data base as legitimate ID of someone that is registered to vote. Both Drivers License and Voter ID have an image encoded on them that the machine can read looking like a bunch of squiggle lines that our phones and optical character readers can decode or Read. Now if the reader machine is connected to a system that it is programed to search for say registered voters it will do that and tell the person operating the computer yes that person is a licensed driver or voter or employee. Whatever it is programed to check for. Now lets say someone programs the computer to just give you a read out of what is encoded in the squiggly lines on the back of the supposed ID. The operator thinks the computer is saying this is a registered voter but the computer is just saying what the squiggles on the back are saying and the operator confirms that it is a match and the person is a real voter.

So the question is: How can we trust that the people that walk in to vote are in fact registered to vote? It is all dependent on the honesty of the people programing the computer and those walking in to cast the vote. Looks very easy to manipulate to me if someone in authority has the will and access to the equipment. I think this is exactly what was done in the last general election and mid day the computers all shut down for a 45 minute reprograming after all had been checked and updated the night before on setup at all the voting locations. The use of the computers is the key to vote fraud we must return to paper ballots and voter roll books based upon precinct. No other system will work in my estimation and I have seen this from the inside. Also polls open just so many hours period on election day only no vote centers no mail in ballots no out of state voters for any election in our state, and I can defend this by way of reminder that we have a Republic not a democracy according to the Constitution. All our elections are local regardless of the office being voted for, even the Presidential election is local because in our system we vote for our representatives to cast a vote for US to select our President through the Electoral College. Our Senators and Representatives are likewise elected to represent our state or district within our State. No person from another state should have a say in our Representation in those bodies, Senate or House of Representatives, or Arizona's preference for a Presidential Candidate. I have several other ways to tighten up our elections but won't waste time on putting them all here for now. The main thing is to eliminate the use of computers to verify the voter it must be done as it always was through roll books by precinct with real people verifying the name and signature with a state ID.

John, if you didn't like what happened in 2018, wait to see what is in store for 2020.  We have been told the new machines use sim cards.  Just think about how easy it is to switch sim cards when the processing begins.

The sim is another way to do it but that might lead to them getting caught. During the election all the machines are supposed to be sealed, no changes to any tabulation machine which is what upset me when we had a complete reprogram in the middle of the election. Someone down town changed the entire program mid election through out the county. Don't know if it was state wide but I heard the others in Maricopa County were likewise shut down mid day and reprogramed. If the person that changed the program had told certain people, Antifa, BLM or the Democrat operatives that before or after a certain time the machines would not be able to discern a voter from someone not registered with a false ID. Then they brought in buses full of people from other areas, who had already voted under their real name they would never be denied a ballot at a vote center or precinct in the case of a provisional ballot which I believe they counted all of regardless of provenance. BTW the computers all have sim cards and are run through Sprint cell phone service to check the voter ID. I know because I had to set them up and establish the link to the cell tower to get them to work and program them on setup, all done through the central computers at the County Recorders office. The main thing I don't like is a computer deciding who gets a ballot. That is a hack potentially of all our elections they just need to have a few thousand people ready to drive from one voting place to another and get another ballot to fill up. That and all the ballots we returned unused could also be a problem they should all be "HOLED" meaning drilled through to make them unusable and permanently marked by the holes drilled in them. At the end of voting all unused ballots need to be destroyed in some way to keep them from turning up weeks later with the claim that more were found.





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