Put a kink in the Lawfare and deep state activities - as they work hard thinking up ways to waylay the forensic audit of Arizona's 2020 election ballots and machines.  They KNOW they are making up stuff with the idea of running out the clock.  But...

you can participate in putting a whiplash in their strategy by volunteering to help make the deadline. Please read below then take action:

I hope you can take this opportunity to serve our community as well as make $15 per hour.

I have been counting ballots at the Memorial Coliseum (1826 W McDowell Rd., Phoenix) for the past week and we sure do need more people to complete the count on time.

The site to go to for signing up to participate in the Forensic Ballot Counting for Maricopa County is: https://fundtheaudit.com/volunteer/

Do not to be concerned about the word volunteer.  They pay everyone $15/hour.

Should you become a counter, you will enter the parking area from the North side of the Coliseum at about 18th Avenue from Encanto Blvd.


We have 5 people to a table or pod.  One puts the ballot on the stand, 3 counters look at the ballot as it comes around in front of them on a lazy Susan table and another person takes it off. 

The 3 counters mark the ballot number and put a mark for which presidential and senatorial candidate was voted for. That is all we are counting.  No other votes are being counted.  Then the table manager checks the three ballot tallies and as long as he has 2 tally sheets that agree as to the president and senatorial races they are on to another count of 50 ballots.  Our table counted 700 ballots last Saturday and we hope to be able to get up to 1,000 per our 5 or 6 hour shift.  Lots of water, coffee and snacks are provided during the day.  Security is very good and parking is in a fenced area patrolled by deputies, police or Rangers.

Everyone undergoes a background check and must supply 3 letters of referral from what I hear.


Please share this with all you know so we have plenty of people to finish the count.

Any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to ask.  No one is allowed to have cell phones at the counting tables, so I will answer any questions after 1:30 PM when my shift ends.


God bless,


Wayne Watson

Cell Tel: 480-0244-7714

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God Bless veterans and patriots like Wayne Watson...

Democrats are doing everything they can to stop this audit.  It will be interesting to see the end result.

Wayne if you're reading this (or if someone knows Wayne, please give him this info) - I post your info on my Minds channel, having removed your cell number to protect your privacy: https://www.minds.com/lawoman11/

You may also consider contacting this group in Tempe to make a documentary or at least film what is possible for first person backup of the audit: https://www.minds.com/principale_studios/

I just started a Rumble to post videos removed by YT, so anyone who needs secure posts of their audit videos can reach me on this website: https://rumble.com/user/lawoman11

To reach me direct with tips or posts you want on sites that don't remove your content: lawoman11@protonmail.com

My Patriot network includes:




New Zealand and Australia


Another PC in LD22 and I were contacted about participation in the audit by StratTech Solutions.  We submitted signed contracts, W9's and applications for background checks.  Do you know how StratTech is integrated with this audit effort?  Their phone call was for participation location at the Fairgrounds and pays $25.  This is different enough that I would feel more comfortable if someone could explain StratTech's role and how it differs from what is described above.

Thank you.

Susan Sigl


I hear the Secretary of State has allowed several Democrat Operatives access to the recounting efforts. What gives her the authority to do so? I thought this was/is a function of or by the Senate of Arizona. Because the SOS and BOS and almost all involved with the original count were so unresponsive and negative in their attitude towards any recount why allow any of them to continue to call any shots in this recount/audit?

We posted this information early this week, John.  Here is the link.  https://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/watching-the-election...





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