In case you didn't read the article that was posted for several weeks on our home page, here's another look at what they are doing on the Left.  Trying to make it appear that this is really a good thing and everyone is on board!!!!  NOT LIKELY!!!


Dear Friend,

Exciting news! Today, the Morrison Institute released a poll showing that Arizona voters overwhelmingly support open, nonpartisan primaries. View the full poll here. [Editors note: Polls can be skewed for a desired outcome]

This comes as no surprise. The results of the Morrison Institute poll are consistent with our own polling, in which by nearly a two to one margin, Arizona voters support the reforms created by the Open Elections/Open Government initiative.

This shows that our movement is building momentum every day but in order to put Open Elections/Open Government on the ballot in 2012, we need to gather 259,213 valid signatures from registered voters across Arizona, and this is no easy feat. Will you help keep our signature drive going strong by pitching in ...?

Open Elections/Open Government will fundamentally change our state's election process, opening it up to more candidates with commonsense ideas who will better represent the people of Arizona.

If you cannot donate at this time, consider volunteering or providing a statement of support for our c.... Every dollar and every boot on the ground supporting our initiative takes us one step closer to getting on the 2012 ballot and to passing Open Elections/Open Government into law.

Please consider donating today to keep our petition drive going str....

Thank you for all that you do.


Paul Johnson, Paulina Morris, and Bill Post
Open Elections/Open Government

P.S. Tonight, Dr. Bruce Merrill of ASU will be discussing the results of the poll on Horizon tune in to KAET, or Channel 8 in the Phoenix Metro Area, at 7pm tonight to listen to the discussion.

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