If you watched the long video we posted earlier today on this page: https://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/watching-the-election... along with the video of Sen, Farnsworth, you would be certain based on the quality of the witnesses that something was bound to happen.

And it did.  At the end of the hearing, it was clear that the Fulton County absentee ballots were clearly manufactured.  The good news is a man named Jovan Pulitzer is an expert in analyzing documents for authenticity and he offered to audit 500,000 ballots in two hours and come up with a true answer.  Wisely, the Judicial panel voted to accept that offer.  Apparently, they thought it best to avoid a scalping by the public!

As he said, this is no longer about who got the most votes or whether fraud was involved in the elections.  It all comes down to making certain that every ballot is legitimate.  How does he know that?

Every type of paper is unique.  He can tell if all ballots were printed on the same paper or if some were printed before the early balloting started and others printed later on similar but on paper with a different structure.  He can tell if a filled in oval was made by a person or by a machine.  He showed an example of a ballot mark that was by no means perfect, such as a person would make.  But, he claims, it could look at the mark and tell that it is by human or by machine no matter how it appeared. 

Georgia witnesses claimed they observed ballots that had never been folded were put through the machines.  Others on previous hearings said they saw the same ballots being put through the machines more than once.  That changes the structure of the paper and perhaps the ink.  He can detect that with very sensitive technology that will pick up the slightest anomaly.

If he finds markings on ballots that are impossible for humans to make or repeated anamolies, it's all over for Georgia. And the other four states that are in question, including Arizona.  It's reasonable that all states were cheated the same way via a plan implemented as far back as 2017.  We know that these are the states the democrats selected well ahead to be the turn of the worm.

Stay tuned to Georgia.

And by the way, it is rumored (there's that word again) that Mike Pence intended to certify all of the democrat electors and declare Biden the winner.  Why would he do that?  It's also rumored that Pence has made it known that he was tired of politics and wanted out.  Put those two together.  And this is why Louie Goumert sued Pence to keep him for accepting all of the democrat electoral votes.

What happens, then, if Trump is declared the winner via fraudulent elections in five states and Pence doesn't want to be VP or maybe, Trump puts the screws to him to resign given the betrayal Pence had intended?

Here is that process: the Congress will make the final decision who becomes the new VP.  It has happened twice since 1879.  Spiro Agnew resigned when Nixon was president with a democrat Congress.  He nominated Gerald Ford.  It soon became clear the democrat Congress would have to approve the nomination due to the 25th Amendment that gives more power to the VP.  A year later, Nelson Rockefeller was confirmed as VP, again with a democrat Congress.  For the democrats to refuse to confirm a Republican following a Republican would be suicide for their party up and down the ballot in the next election.

Now, the waiting really begins and it will be a brawl worse than that between two siblings haggling over the parent's estate!

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This is one for the history books! You can't make up this kind of political shenanigans.

I will wait not holding my breath of course for the finale.

I think Pence is in it to win it for Trump. He loves Trump. And the "rumors" are just that; rumors. The left gins those up.
I sure do hope you are right. I can't stand the thought of a Biden in the oval office!! Scares me to death!!!

You are so right.  If for no other reason, Biden does not deserve to be president after the way he and Ted Kennedy derailed Robert Bork's Supreme Court nomination in 1987, denying us the services of a man who would have been an incredible Supreme Court justice.  Imagine him serving alongside Clarence Thomas . . . !

Nor does Biden deserve the Oval Ofc after he lead a lynching hearings of now Assoc. Justice Thomas.

Agreed.  Kavanaugh almost fell to those same tactics.  But the Bork denial in '87 sticks in my craw to this day.  I spent a whole Sunday afternoon at the apartment complex where my wife and I lived then discussing it at the swimming pool with a fellow conservative (while my wife was napping).  Really burns me to this day.

"You're not going to ever give that up, are you?" my son chided me today before he went to work.

No, I am not.

Frank the borking of Bork was an unforgettable event.





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