On behalf of AZGOP leaders in our state, Sidney Powell just filed a lawsuit against Gov Ducey for certifying the election results.  The lawsuit demands he decertify the certification.

Here are the plaintiffs: AZGOP National Committeeman Tyler Boyer, Nancy Cottle, John Burke, Jake Hoffman, Anthony Kern, Lorraine Pellegrino, Greg Stefan, Kelli Ward, Salvatore , James R Lamon, Luke Scarmardo, Robert Montegomery, Christopher M King , Sam Moorehead and Michael Ward.

HERE is a link to the lawsuit.  

Thanks to Afa Team 4 for this report.

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And Faux News demands Trump concede.  What???? Did hell freeze over today?

Bam Bombshell!!!!!

 BTW: Arrest Katie Hobbs Now would also be nice and serve justice for Arizona..


OOPS! No link for here is to lawsuit.

Sidney Powell is determined to fight for the soul of this republic. Shame on our Governor. He committed a disgraceful act by certifying the election while the hearing was taking place. Hope we all remember this should the "tyrant" run for another office for AZ. 

Thank you Ms Powell. 

 The Math does not lie

 Here is the link below:

The proof is in the math. Arizona got Had


Yeah Baby, That's what I'm talking about.  Ducey's on his way out ....... in disgrace.   Dukey turned on Trump even after President Trump supported him numerous times.  What a sleazebag!  And his buddy, President Crow of ASU, who thought he was so high and mighty being supported by the CIA to become the next Governor or even President sometime in the future will be going down with him. 

What's that ... you didn't know all that other stuff about Ducey and Crow?

VIDEO: See ABC15's "Governor Ducey Sued Over Election Results" HERE.

See Howie Fischer on the story in the Arizona Capitol Times HERE.

See the actual lawsuit HERE.

Where is the link?

It's in three places on this page, Harry:

AZ TEAM 4 just above this message

In a Comment just a bit further up from AFA

In the body of the message where it says "Here is the link" near the bottom of the story.

The link is where you see the word "HERE" highlighted. Just click where you see "HERE" and there you go...

VIDEO: See ABC15's "Governor Ducey Sued Over Election Results" 

See Howie Fischer on the story in the Arizona Capitol Times HERE.

See the actual lawsuit HERE.

Thank God we have Sidney!! Praying she wins!! Also please pray for our President





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