Kansas is no longer a reliably conservative state.  Former Kansas Secretary of State and close member of the Trump Team has claimed that the National Voter Registration Act is unlawful.  We know that law as the 'Motor-Voter Registration.'  This law allows people who get a driver's license in any state to be registered to vote.  In some states, and it seems Arizona is one of those states, clerks at the Motor Vehicle Registration locations are now required to automatically register voters when they apply for a driver's license, unless applicants opt-out.  That idea makes perfect sense to some people, primarily democrats.  And now, apparently, judges.

The federal appeals court known as the 10th Circuit has struck down a pleading by Kobach to end the program, calling it unconstitutional.  Kobach's claim is thousands of voters on the rolls in Kansas are not citizens of the United States.  He claims this leads to voter fraud.  He has been defending his position that a law on the books in Kansas, and a similar one in Arizona, requiring federal ID to register to vote is necessary to ensure only citizens vote in our elections.  This is a touchy subject right here in Arizona.

In scouring the Constitution of the United States of America, we find nothing that requires perks be given to non-citizens.  The judge in the 10th apparently disagrees.  It seemed that this judge was hostile to Kobach from the beginning.  The Kansas law simply requires proof of citizenship either by birth certificate or passport.  It's reported that 30,000 residents of Kansas who could not meet that standard were prohibited from voting.  Dems call that "voter suppression."  We call it a legitimate effort to instill integrity into the election process.

Kobach's opponent was the ACLU, a more wily organization would be hard to find.  ACLU lawyers have learned the many ways to bend the law while making it seem the right thing to do.  That appears to have been the case here.  They represented the uber-liberal League of Women Voters, at one time the watchdog for honest elections but now just another shameless organization bent on the destruction of the Constitution.  Their view is the same as Adrian Fontes, Maricopa County Recorder: everyone should be able to vote.  No burdensome proof of citizenship required.

See this for what it is: defrauding the legitimate voters in this country.  The ACLU claimed, and the court agreed, that there is no substantial proof that any such fraud occurs, that there is not a single case that has substantiated such fraud.  Well, of course not.  Most states, like Arizona, don't put enforcement or penalties  in statute.  We call that "So What" laws: violate the statute? So what.  There is nothing to be done about it.  This is and continues to be the achilles heel of Arizona Statutes.  Not quite vanity laws but very close.

As for Kobach, liberal media are having a heyday, accusing Kobach of every racist motive they can contrive.  “This law [requiring proof of citizenship] disenfranchised tens of thousands of Kansans, denying them the most fundamental right in our democracy.”  There they go again: changing the language.  How many times do we have to say: we do not live in a democracy!  That is true, but not for long.  

The dems know how to cheat in elections, in court and even in the court of public opinion.

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AZ Republican leadership (oxymoron) dropped the ball big time when it failed to challenge the Sinema McSally, ballot harvested election. McSally may well have been able to demonstrate voter registration fraud with Judicial Watch help, but she was unwilling to initiate let alone prosecute the complaint. Consequently, the 9th circuit made a similar ruling against our Legislature's bill prohibiting ballot harvesting also with the no evidence citation. 

With Fontes and Hobbs counting the votes and Dictator Ducey closing down the electoral process and with his AZ State legislature approved State of Emergency Arizona will likely "fundamentally transform" into a Bill Gates - Chinese Communist Party controlled Technocracy. 

It's time for some civil disobedience. Ignore social distancing and open the whole market economy now! Damn the fake news COVID-19 statistics full steam ahead! We, the people, should ignore the State of Emergency and get back to work.

Send this attached letter or a similar letter to Ducey now!


Governor Ducey has vested interest in keeping Arizona closed. Big Pharma Vaccine

And Republicans say McSally is a great candidate for Senate. If anyone remembers the Vietnam war protests. They were not Anti-War protests, but Anti-America Protests. The Peace sign which is a communist idea and symbol was used at these protests. THEN TELL ME WHY THE SENATE CANDIDATE MCSALLY IS WEARING A MASK WITH THE PEACE SIGN ON  HER COMMERCIALS?  Great campaign manager! We heard her weak response in November of 2018 after the election results, stating that she would fight hard next time to stop voter fraud. Who is Martha McSally? Is she pro-life, marriage between one man and one woman? Open borders? Globalist? Where is Mr. McSally? What is her relationship to the McCain family. She wont debate anyone and she is like Joe Biden, hiding in the basement. Look out Arizona, she can not win. Kelly's commercials are working. McSally could not even beat Sinema, a Marxist, an immoral women who thinks she is a man sometimes, and voting only 10% for conservative values while in Congress. Sinema fooled the state, Flake fooled the state of Arizona, and others. No Kelly will do the same. Take that communist mask off your face McSally and go get a real job in Tucson. We don't need your fight against voter fraud. Real Veterans don't run, they fight. You don't fight, you run. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! That is our war cry!

There should be Federal Marshals or National Guard troops stationed at every single polling place in America.  Illegal immigrants attempting to vote are breaking the law of the land and should be considered invaders.





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