We have lost count of the "Recall Your Local Politian" effort.  There were many, some notable like the one to recall the entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors that should have been a slam dunk.  Other lesser ones to recall local council members and others at that level also failed. 

Failures occur for several reasons: too few people know how to conduct a successful recall; it takes a ton of money to succeed in a recall; lack of volunteers to do the heavy lifting and voters just aren't interested or riled up enough to sign petitions are the usual reasons they fail.  What happens when you have a very popular recall against a legislator or other mid-level or up politian who everyone wants to get rid of... or so it seems?

Case in point: take the Board of Supervisors. One would think that would be an easy one because is was based on the failure to secure the election in November.  The number of petition signatures needed are based on the voter turnout in that category the last election they were on the ballot.  With Maricopa being a huge county and with Trump on the same ballot, the turnout was so large that the number of signatures needed to recall the BOS was a giant hill to climb.  Sadly, most voters pay no attention to anything political.  Too fastidious to get into such a brawl as politics... better to let bad actors hold seats of power.

Mark Finchem had a recall against him from Pima/Pinal county, a much smaller number of signatures needed.  That was a failure and Finchem will retain his seat and continue his quest to be elected Arizona Secretary of State.

Another big one is the disappointing one of the bunch.  Lodged against the McDuceyCainite Speaker of the House, Rusty Bowers, was successful in getting sufficient signatures and then some.  Hallelujah, you would think.  You would be wrong.  Even though it was a good effort where there was money spent right and volunteers stepped up to gather the signatures, the self-proclaimed leaders, Steve and Karen Slaton of Show Low [not in LD25], failed to bother with ALL of the rules for recalls.  Who in their right mind would trust Katie Hobbs to reveal all of the data?  A certified copy of the recall effort and why it was being conducted MUST be attached to each page of signatures, even if only one signature was on it.  The point is so signers know what they are signing. Sadly for those of us who really wanted to recall Bowers and who worked for the effort, it is invalidated due to lack of just reading and following the rules.  This is government: there are arcane rules for everything.  These two have been around long enough to know that!

So there will be  no recall of Rusty Bowers, LD25 House and he's prancing around like a peacock, smugly crowing about their loss.  He will continue to be the Republican left voice and vote for Ducey and against us on good bills that McDucey doesn't like and will help make up excuses for why it was not signed into law.  Don't cry for us, LD25!

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That is just sad. I was happy for LD25 but taken away with this news. Get him at the ballot box.

The instructions for the petitions are very clear and are contained in simple English on the SOS website under "Initiatives, Referendums and Recalls" . On the bottom of the application there  are 2 boxes for the person filing for the Serial Number to check.  First one says " That I have read and understand the accompanying Instructions for Statewide Recall, including the Secretary of State's recommended best practices for printing copies of the Statewide Recall Petition to be circulated."
  The second box  says "That at the time of filing, I was provided instructions regarding accurate completion of the electronic Statewide Recall Petition form."

The question is:   was the information that the SOS provided actually accurate as to exactly how the petitions had to be completed?? Did it specifically state that there had to be a "certified" copy of the reason for the recall attached???  Because that is NOT stated on the instructions on the SOS page.  It states on the website application that  "A general statement of not more than two hundred words stating the grounds of the demand for the recall, which will be printed on the face of each petition sheet.  

If the SOS instructions are not complete then the petitions should be declared valid.... the only ones who can answer that are the people who filed for the Serial Number.  I would be very interested to know the answer.....

Bowers shouldn't be crowing about anything because there were enough signatures to recall him and then some.  He may have escaped the recall but he didn't win anything and he should be reassessing what got him in hot water with his constituents to begin with. 

Passion does not equal results; especially when you are up against pure evil

AMEN Harry!





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