We need only watch the democrat candidates for President to understand how our elections have changed.  Each one, with a couple of exceptions, come to the table with a definite personality.  "It's the personality, stupid," might as well be their mantra.  We have seen clearly in the 2018 elections that personality trumped qualifications.  Omar, AOC, Tlaib and on it goes. 

That is where we in Arizona are in big trouble in the U.S. Senate race.  Mark Kelly has a specific personality that he has developed just for this election season.  He's a charming, light-hearted, gun advocate (really?   Since when?).  Martha McSally not only has a tepid campaign going, she is challenged on the personality score.  Perhaps if she would develop an issues-based campaign instead of telling us she is former military, she might move forward.  There is no injection for a lack luster persona and she does not inspire.  We've been warned.

This may be just where Daniel McCarthy comes in.  He's young, successful, wealthy, personable and a bit of a mystery.  He's been on a 'listening tour' since his much awaited phone call where hundreds expected to be the first to hear he would run for the Senate seat.  After leading up to a crescendo finale, he acquiesced and delayed a commitment.  Many felt let down.  They put this on their calendar just like it was a long awaited party for celebrities.

Yesterday, the Senate seat came closer to being saved for the Republicans when Daniel McCarthy announced he would run against McSally in the primary.  That big thunderstorm in the Valley of the Sun that followed his announcement  was likely caused by the uproar among establishment Republicans who, we all know, own that seat.  Like Donald J Trump a few years before him, McCarthy has stepped on every establishment toe, throwing all of them into a hissy fit.  Here is what one McCain/Ducey-loving activist, whose spouse serves in the Arizona legislature (we won't even mention his/her name),  had to say:

"Unfortunately someone (I won't even mention his name) announced today that he will primary Senator McSally. Don't know who is advising him but he's been given really bad advice. I do know that a few wise, experienced, politically savvy people tried to discourage him but unfortunately egos tend to override commonsense and reality. This is really the last thing we need especially in this cycle. But McSally will win, it will just take more money and energy... all which could be used fighting the Democrat."

Well, my goodness, those establishment types sure tend to be.... uppity.  "Wise, experienced, politically savvy people" is politispeak for "Oh, damn.  Now we have to run a real campaign."  We would warn against such arrogance against a guy like McCarthy, but "This is really the last thing we need" tells us they are worried.  They should be.  Like Trump, McCarthy's used to getting what he sets out to get.  On the call, he unabashedly said, "If I run, I will win."  Ok, then.

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Sounds like our kind of guy.

Oddly, to me he sounds a bit like Trump.  One is never quite sure what he's going to do...nor how!  "Establishment" never likes that. :)  Such folks are not easily controlled.

I seriously doubt any candidate will talk about the real issues facing Americans. America has become a post Christian nation in which honesty and integrity have become but a memory. If and when I hear any one of them talk about the need to restore our Republic to where we are being governed in accordance with the policies and procedures cited in our organic Constitution I will have found the one worth of my vote. I won't hold my breath!!

You are probably right, Walter. The truth is someone will win.  While we work to restore the Republic, and you never tell us what you actually do for that effort, we better find the better candidate. I'm open to this guy because I don't want two senators serving for 6 yrs each to represent me because they don't represent me more than any democrat would.

I know Daniel McCarthy and he is the real deal.  He has conservative beliefs like AZ used to have.  We need to get back to the conservative basics that we had when AZ was a real Red State and had vocal conservative voices representing We, the People.  I would highly recommend that the conservatives listen to what Daniel says and it will be like a breath of fresh air in our current tired RHINO Republican Party.  We don't need more wishy-washy Martha McSally's and we certainly don't need the likes of Mark Kelly!

I am totally committed to do all this old lady can do to primary McSally once and for all.



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